25 Jul 2013

Commute Guide To Manila Based On Bus Ban Ordinance

  • 25 Jul 2013
  • Lagalag

  • Attention: All commuters and passengers. To make sure that the bus you will ride is allowed to traverse Manila, look for the tagging sticker which must be attached in front of the bus. The sticker has white background and black text. Written are the following: Body number, plate number, and Vice Mayor Isko Moreno's signature over his printed name. According to Mayor Joseph Estrada buses are now allowed to enter the city provided they have the stickers which are given to ten buses per (bus) company. Loading/Unloading zones are strictly enforced. The following are the only places you can ride and alight: Quirino cor Taft Ave, Rizal Park Taft Ave, Park&Ride Lawton, UST below Pedestrian Overpass. To avoid hassles and inconveniences, please be guided accordingly. This first paragraph of this article is an update. The original article starts on the second paragraph. Watch for more updates as the situation in Manila's on-going modification of bus ban ordinance is improving. This update will be edited to keep you posted. So make sure to check this post from time to time. (end of update)

    The new city ordinance of Manila which bans and prohibits all city buses as well as provincial ones from entering the city border creates displacement among passengers and commuters. Most of them get confused as to where and what route to take from where the buses stop to the location of their respective destinations within the city of Manila.

    Unexpected Drop-off kilometers away from destinations

    Buses from south of Metro Manila that take Roxas Blvd have to end their trips at Gil Puyat corner Roxas Blvd in Pasay City. They shall make a U-turn and take the opposite lane that goes back to their point of origins. Bus routes affected are those from Alabang, Las Pinas, Bacoor, Paranaque, etc.

    Meanwhile, provincial buses are allowed to enter the city up to Pablo Ocampo aka Vito Cruz only. They shall turn left onto Pablo Ocampo and left again onto RoXas Blvd to take the route back to their provincial terminals.

    Buses from north of Metro Manila that take Quezon Ave have to end their trips at Welcome Rotunda in Quezon City. They shall use the Welcome Rotunda roundabout to return to their point of origin. Affected buses are those with "Fairview to Quiapo" and vice versa route. The usual route of these buses was up to Quiapo only. They don't have any terminals in Manila. As such they use small roads as their U-turns back to their origins. These roads could only accommodate light vehicles like jeepneys and cars.

    How to commute from Welcome Rotunda to your destination in Manila

    Route #1 - to PRC Morayta, Lerma, UP Manila, PWU, PGH, Quiapo, Pedro Gil Taft, UN Ave Taft, Manila City Hall, SM City Manila and other destinations nearby.

    Take a jeepney with any of these signs: "Pasay Taft", "Pedro Gil PGH", "Lerma Morayta", "Quiapo". All jeepneys bound for your destination in Manila come from two directions: Cubao and Fairvew. Those from Cubao take E Rodriguez Sr Ave while those from Fairview or Philcoa take Quezon Ave. So, if you find it too hard to ride a jeepney with vacant seats, you might want to go to E Rodriguez Sr Ave where some passengers are also getting off the jeep.

    Route #2 - to Mabini Ermita, Del Pilar Malate, UN Ave Mabini or Del Pilar, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Roxas Blvd, Pedro Gil Mabini and Del Pilar area, Robinson's Ermita, US Embassy and other areas nearby.

    The sign of jeepney that you must ride is "Baclaran Mabini" or "Vito Cruz Mabini." Most of these jeepneys come from E Rodriguez Sr Ave so you may go there if the ones that pass by at Welcome Rotunda are already full.

    How to commute from Roxas Blvd-Gil Puyat to your destination in Manila

    The spot where you alighted at Roxas Blvd cor Gil Puyat is nearer to a U-Turn of Gil Puyat where jeepneys headed to "Guadalupe" and PRC (Philippine Racing Club)" pass through. Walk to that area and take any of these jeepneys and alight at Taft Ave where you will ride another jeepney to your destination. Go to loading area along Taft Ave near cor Gil Puyat Ave.

    Route #1 - To Carriedo, Sta Cruz Manila, Recto Avenida, Escolta and other destinations nearby.

    Ride a jeepney with "Monumento" sign and get off the jeep at Sta Cruz. Walk to your destination. If your destination is at Recto, alight at the corner of Avenida and Recto Ave.

    Route #2 - To Quiapo, Lerma, Morayta, PRC Morayta, UST, Espana, Lacson Ave and other destinations nearby.

    Ride a jeepney with "Cubao UST Espana" sign. Ask driver to drop you off at your destination. If you are in a hurry and there is no jeepney of this sign, make a two ride - to Quiapo and then to Espana Blvd.

    Route #3 - To La Salle Taft, PWU, UP Manila, Pedro Gil Taft, PGH, UN Taft, Philippine Normal University, Manila City Hall, SM City Manila and other spots nearby.

    Take a jeepney with any of the signs in Route #1 and Route #2 and alight at your destination. Ask driver to drop you off.

    Route #4 - MH Del Pilar, Mabini, Roxas Blvd, Harrison Plaza, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Robinson's Place Ermita Pamantasan ng Lungson ng Maynila and other areas nearby.

    From where you got off the bus at Roxas Blvd cor Gil Puyat, walk along Gil Puyat toward Taft Ave until you get to the corner of Harrison St which is very near. Ride a jeepney with any of these signs: "Divisoria Mabini", "Monumento Mabini", "Quiapo Mabini." Ask driver to drop you off at your specific destination.

    Emotion of unruly and disruptive bus drivers

    Manila bans city and provincial buses
    Lots of bus drivers reacted to this city ordinance implemented by the honorable mayor of Manila, former Pres Joseph Estrada. The bus drivers are claiming that their income is badly affected as half is now gone. These are the same persons who didn't have any consideration for others as they stopped in the middle of Espana Blvd to load and unload passengers. These are the same individuals who had no mercy on other motorists as they blocked, side by side, the entire southbound lane of Taft Ave cor Pedro Gil and remained there even if the traffic lights were already green for them. Up to the last minute, their only concern is their own welfare. Hope they utter words of cooperation like observing traffic rules from now on in exchange of allowing them to traverse Manila thoroughfares again.


    1. Hi. Is PVP Liner (Ayala-Quiapo/v.v route before the bus ban in Manila) still operational? I can't find any info. online. I'm going to Manila next month and I'm used to taking that bus, but with the bus ban ordinance I'm wondering if they're still operational. Thanks in advance.

    2. @ 14a8cd36-a4f6-11e3-a73d-000bcdcb2996. If you can not find a PVP Liner along your way. you may opt for 2 rides in commuting to Quiapo from your location.