11 Jan 2014

Comet E-Jeepney Is The New King Of Philippine Roads

  • 11 Jan 2014
  • Lagalag

  • Move over PUJ jeepney, COMET E-Jeepney is here. Yes! And it's taking your place as king of the road in Metro Manila. Packed with hi-tech features for the riding public, the new electrically powered public transportation vehicle for the masses hits the road this March.

    Beginning of a new era

    COMET E-Jeepney
    The forthcoming start of operation of the City Optimized Managed Environmental Transport (COMET) E-Jeepneys marks the beginning of a modernized public transportation system in the Philippines similar to the ones already existed in our neighboring Southeast Asian countries for so many years now.

    For starters, fare is charged and paid through card. No ticket booth lines, no fare collection on board. Next, there are designated loading and unloading areas at which boarding passengers should wait and alighting passengers should get off. Now that's civilized way of commuting. These coupled ways of commuting, card payment system and loading/unloading only in designated areas, has long been the rule enforced and observed in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Among the contemporaries, the Philippines is the only country that is still primitive in the area of moving its people through reliable, efficient and fast public transportation.

    Moving forward, the COMET E-Jeepney is environment friendly as it doesn't emit fumes which caused polution.


    COMET e-jeepney schedule
    Each unit of COMET E-Jeepneys has wifi connection, flat screen tv, built-in camera for passengers' security and above all it utilizes a technology called 'air suspension' which enables the vehicle to drop and load disabled persons fast, safe and conveniently by lowering the platform in the door area and automatically moving it back up again to floor level of the vehicle. Definitely a good news for persons with disabilities. Lastly, the hi-tech e-jeep is capable of passing through flooded areas. That's what I've heard. Just want to see as to what extent. Very interesting! Let's just see come rainy season.

    More economical to the old PUJ jeepney

    Compare to regular jeepney, comet e-jeepney is cost efficient as it only needs to be charged for 5 hours in 220 volts that would amount to Php 400 to 500. With the same distance both types of jeepney take, traditional PUJ consume diesel that costs drivers and operators money amount to the tune of Php 1,200. Even with the impending power hike, electric consumption needed to charge COMET jeepney is way too low.

    Initial Route

    The first batch of COMETS numbering to 30 units is scheduled to open officially this coming March. They will serve the riding public from North EDSA to EDSA Ortigas and vice versa. Existing jeepney fare rate applied and charged through the card.

    Let's welcome the arrival of COMETs!


    1. Fantastic! I hope this gets to Cebu soon :)

    2. @ Mustachio. Comets jeepney will look great in Cebu.