4 May 2014

Pasig River Ferry Commute Guide

  • 4 May 2014
  • Lagalag

  • Getting to your destination by ferry boat is a good alternative if you hate traffic and crowded trains. But if commuting by boat is new to you, then this post is ultimately the solution. Discussed in this article are valuable pieces of information such as departure schedules, approximate travel time, next ride from ferry station, etc. We will be updating this guide so if the information you sought is not answered, my suggestion is to always get back here to check out. Below are the questions answered in this guide, click each one for particular answer.

    What are the stations served by Pasig River Ferry and where are they located?
    How much is the fare?
    What are the schedules of departures for all the stations?
    How long does it take to travel by ferry from one station to another?
    How to take a BGC Shuttle Bus from Guadalupe Station to Bonifacio Global City?
    What are the jeepneys I can take to my destination from Guadalupe Station?
    What are the places near to Mexico Plaza and how to get there?
    What are the places near to Escolta Station and how to get there?
    What are the places near to Guadalupe Station and how to get there?
    What can you say about Pasig River Ferry?
    Any updates?

    Pasig River Ferry Boat leaves Guadalupe Station

    Ferry Terminals and locations

    Plaza Mexico Ferry Station - Riverside Drive, Intramuros, Manila

    Plaza Mexico Ferry Station

    Escolta River Ferry Station - exactly located next to Jones Bridge where jeepneys bound for Divisoria and Binondo pass through.

    Escolta Ferry Station

    PUP Station - located in Sta Mesa within the complex of Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

    PUP Ferry Station

    Guadalupe River Bus Ferry Station - located very near to EDSA and Guadalupe Commercial Complex Bldg which is attached to MRT-3 Guadalupe Station.

    Guadalupe Ferry Bus Station for Pasig River Ferry Boat

    Pinagbuhatan - Pasig City

    Pinagbuhatan Ferry Station

    Pasig River Ferry Fares

    Pasig Ferry Ticket and Fare

    The interim fares for a ride of Pasig River Ferry are Php 25, 32, 35 and 50 as what written on the ticket. Free ride is extended for this week. Watch for update on which fare is for what station destination.

    Pasig Ferry Free Ride Ticket

    Departure Schedules of Pasig River Ferry

    Departure Schedules of Pasig River Ferry

    As of this writing the only station that has departure schedule is Guadalupe Station. For some reason, other stations or the people in-charge of each station can't post the schedule of departure of ferries as they are dependent on the time at which the ferry from Guadalupe would arrive. Below is the departure schedules of ferries from Guadalupe bound for Pinagbuhatan Station in Pasig and Mexico Plaza in Intramuros.

    Guadalupe to Plaza Mexico via PUP

    6:45 am
    7:45 am
    8:45 am
    9:45 am
    10:45 am
    Mid-day break
    2:45 pm
    3:45 pm
    4:45 pm
    5:45 pm

    Guadalupe to Pinagbuhatan

    6:45 am
    7:15 am
    7:45 am
    8:15 am
    8:45 am
    9:15 am
    9:45 am
    10:14 am
    Mid-day break
    2:45 pm
    3:14 pm
    3:45 pm
    4:14 pm
    4:45 pm

    If you are going to take a ferry from a station that don't have departure schedule, the thing to do is look at the departure schedule of Guadalupe Station and make a time estimate of what time the ferry would arrive to your station. Factors to consider are:

    1.) Travel duration of one ferry differs from the others as they are not of the same size and speed.
    2.) Travels are interrupted always because they have to stop the motor every time some garbage get stuck on the propeller and clean it all up.
    3.) Pasig River ferries have to give way to small boats that taking people across the river from one bank to the other and the most number of small boats crossing the river at one time is three, so expect traffic there.
    4.) The boat from Escolta Station have to go to the Coast Guard ship so that an escort can get on board as required every time a ferry passes through Malacanang.

    small boats crossing Pasig River slow down Pasig River Ferry boats

    Pasig River Ferry Travel Time

    Travel time varies. One time I boarded at Escolta, it took 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Guadalupe Station. Much of the delay on that one was when the boat had to stay a while at a Coast Guard ship and then had to make a return path to another Coast Guard ship where the escort finally got on board. It was a bit longer that it should and I know it happens on occasion. You see it's not as simple as berthing the ferry and the officer hop in. Coast Guard job is to protect the passengers so there is a lot of checking like if there's an engine man which is vital for the safety of all passengers. The man steering the boat and always at the helm who is the one to board the Coast Guard ship to report is asked on some important matters and at times get reprimanded if at fault. Meanwhile PUP to Guadalupe station clocked at 27 minutes when I have timed it and heading to Pinagbuhatan from Guadalupe took longer than the return trip which was only 34 minutes. Apparently, there were lots of times that junks got stuck on the propeller on our way there.

    Pasig River Ferry is slowed down by junk getting stuck in the propeller

    There's one more thing. When registering your name and waiting for a ferry to arrive are added into the equation, the time involved would be more longer that what you might think. Having said that, it will be at your convenient to expect that you wouldn't arrive at your destination on schedule.

    Let's just be thankful that we have another way of commuting. One that showcases the sin we made to our "beloved" Pasig River which has now become stinky and looked more like a dumping site for all kinds of waste.

    Pasig River has become dumping site for different factories that operate nearby

    BGC Shuttle Bus from Guadalupe Station to Bonifacio Global City

    BGC bus from Guadalupe ferry station to Bonifacio Global City

    The shuttle bus owned by BGC with its signage on its outer body has its own terminal just outside the Guadalupe Station. You will immediately see it even if the boat is still far from the station. It would be more convenient for you to use this bus in going to your destination inside BGC. The bus takes EDSA on its way to BGC Bus Terminal located in EDSA/McKinley/Ayala intersection, specifically at Shell Gas Station in the corner of McKinley and EDSA.

    There are times that the bus stops over at this terminal to pick up passengers then proceed to BGC. Other times, you need to get off the bus and transfer to another bus. If you don't know what Bus Stop to alight inside BGC nearer to your destination, you can take a look at our directory of buildings and destination in BGC, just go to Commute Guide to Buildings & Attractions inside BGC...

    There are times that BGC Bus is not available. In that case take a jeepney to Market Market. Details below.

    Jeepneys from Guadalupe Station to different directions

    To Market Market BGC - across Guadalupe Station is jeepney queue. Ride one with "FTI C-5 Market" sign in the front and ask driver to drop you off at Market Market.

    To Pateros - same jeepney queue, look for Pateros sign. Or go to Guadalupe Commercial Complex, the building attached to MRT-3 Guadalupe Station. At the back of the building is terminal of jeepneys bound for Pateros.

    To Pedro Gil Taft - walk towards EDSA, the third road perpendicular to the left is where these jeepneys pass and they turn left onto JP Rizal which is the road where Guadalupe Ferry Station stands. The sign of these jeepneys are "Pedro Gil Taft Herran PRC Delpan."

    To Landmark Makati - jeepneys with "Landmark" sign pass by in front of Guadalupe Ferry Station but they are always full. But one time, in an afternoon, I happened to flag down a "Landmark" jeepney, with only 2 passengers, right in the front of the ferry station. Try to walk away from the ferry station and wait for this jeepney in a part of the road where they can conveniently load passengers.

    Destinations & Spots near to Mexico Plaza

    Intramuros is the destination itself on Mexico Plaza Ferry Terminal. But from Mexico Plaza, you can also get to South Harbor Pier, Manila Hotel and Rizal Park. Of course, you need to take a jeepney ride. Just read on and I will show you how.

    Inside Intramuros, you can walk to the following:

    Manila Cathedral - just follow the direction of the public jeepneys or if you don't want to hike just take one of them. The name of the main road through which jeepney pass is Soriano Ave. It's a bit wide compare to other roads inside Intramuros. You won't get lost if you just walk and take that road. Soon you get to see Manila Cathedral, on your left.

    Fort Santiago - located just opposite Manila Cathedral and on the right hand side of Soriano Ave with you coming from Mexico Plaza.

    San Agustin Church - located along Gen Luna St, the road next to Manila Cathedral. You need to hike from Manila Cathedral to get to San Agustin Church.

    Palacio del Governador - huge building next to Manila Cathedral. You won't miss it, the signage is big.

    BF Condominium Intramuros - just a stone's throw away from Mexico Plaza. You get to see it right away while walking along Soriano Ave and its signage is very visible, too.

    National Press Club - located by the Pasig River along side Mexico Plaza. Just walk towards Jones Bridge. The signage that reads "National Press Club" is easily seen from the ferry as it approaches Mexico Plaza.

    Bureau of the Treasury - is the building at the left of Soriano Ave immediately before Manila Cathedral.

    Bureau of Immigration - is the building opposite Mexico Plaza station. You need to get around the building to be on its front.

    COMELEC - located on the right of Soriano Ave before you get to Manila Cathedral.

    Jeepneys headed to "Pier" or "Pier 15" pass right at Mexico Plaza. Take one of these jeepneys if your destination is listed below. The sign of the jeepney that you must ride must be any of the following: "Proj 6 Quiapo Pier", "Pagasa Quipo Pier", "Monument Sta Crus Pier", "Cubao Quiapo Pier."

    Pier - just get off the jeepney in the exact location of your destination in the South Harbor.

    Bureau of Custom - ask driver to drop you off there.

    Manila Hotel - get off the jeepney before it turns left onto Burgos Ave from Bonifacio Drive.

    Manila Ocean Park - walk from Manila Hotel towards Manila Bay.

    Rizal Park - alight at Burgos Ave and walk to Rizal Park or Luneta.

    If your destination is not in the list, you can use the comment form below to ask me.

    Destinations & Spots near to Escolta River Ferry Station

    Sta Cruz Church - Ride a jeepney in front of the tall building which is AIC. It is located at the corner of Jones and Escolta, the road paralleled to Pasig River. The jeepney comes from Pier and stops at Sta Cruz Church on its way back to Pier.

    LRT-1 Carriedo Station - If you're going to ride a train to your destination, use this train station. Take the same jeepney mentioned above that stops at Sta Cruz Church. Walk toward McArthur Bridge and look at your left, you will immediately see the train station.

    Carriedo - If you're shopping and want to check out Carriedo Stalls and shopping centers, it's beneath Carriedo train station.

    Quiapo Church - it is located at the other end of Carriedo Street which starts right beneath LRT-1 Carriedo Station. The church is easily seen from the train station.

    Post Office Building - it is the magnificent building located at the opposite bank of the river. Use the Jones Bridge and walk towards it. Or you can ride a public jeepney and alight at the other end of Jones Bridge.

    Manila City Hall - Go to the foot of Jones Bridge and cross Jones. Take a jeepney with any of these signs: "Pedro Gil", "Taft", "Mabini", "Baclaran", "Pasay Rotunda", "Manila City Hall", "SM City Manila". Alight at Manila City Hall. It's near so watch for it.

    SM City Manila - located at the back of Manila City Hall.

    US Embassy - The jeepney to ride must have a "Mabini" and "MH del Pilar" wordings on its signs. Ask driver to drop you off at US Embassy.

    Bay Walk/Roxas Blvd - if your destination is located along Roxas Blvd, just take a jeepney with "Mabini" and "MH del Pilar" signs and get off the jeepney right at the spot nearer to your destination. For detailed directional guide in going to buildings and places along Roxas Blvd, go to Commute To Roxas Blvd Buildings & Destinations Malate-Ermita Districts.

    Lucky Chinatown Mall - Read Route #7 of the article on how to commute to Lucky Chinatown Mall, just go to How To Commute To Lucky Chinatown Mall.

    Divisoria - Use the route (Route #7 of commuting to Lucky Chinatown Mall). But don't alight at Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz. Instead, wait until the jeepney takes Juan Luna St and traverse the whole road up to CM Recto Ave. Note: During peak hours, jeepneys cut their trips and the make detour. In that case get off the jeepney along Juan Luna and walk your way to Divisoria area.

    CCP Complex - There's a CCP Complex shuttle that serve passengers to anywhere inside CCP Complex. First, cross Jones. That means, you must go to where Jones bridge ends and then cross the road. Ride a jeepney with either "Mabini MH del Pilar" or "Pasay Taft" secondary signs on both sides of its body aside from the main sign of its destination, i.e., "Baclaran", "Pasay Rotunda", etc. For next ride which is the CCP Shuttle, go to How to get to CCP or Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex.

    Destinations & Spots near to Guadalupe Ferry Station

    MRT-3 Gudalupe Station - you can get to your destination along EDSA from this train station.

    BGC buildings & Bonifacio High Street - you can go to your destination inside BGC from here. First, you need to ride the BGC Bus outside Guadalupe Ferry Station. For direction to your destination inside BGC, read Commute Guide to Buildings & Attractions inside BGC.

    Rockwell Center - one jeepney ride from Guadalupe, just take the jeepney bound for Taft I mentioned above. Ask driver to drop you off there.

    A Venue - you can go to A Venue Mall from Guadalupe Ferry Station by taking a jeepney with "Landmark" sign. It will pass right there. Or jeepney bound for Taft, alight at Makati Ave. Ride another "Ayala" jeepney and alight there.

    Robinson's Pioneer - you can cross Pasig River via Guadalupe Bridge and be in Robinson's Pioneer in minutes, just on foot.

    If you have any destination that you want to be given direction from Guadalupe Ferry Station, just use the comment section below.

    What I saw and experienced on board Pasig River Ferry

    Earlier, I have pinpointed the elements that cause the delays of Pasig River Ferry from one station to another. With all those mentioned, I can say that Pasig River Ferry will not be on your side if you have your schedule cut-out and that you have to be on time for your appointment such as meeting, seminar, etc.

    But if riding a Pasig River ferry boat is for purposes of jaunting in Intramuros or Escolta, going to either Manila Cathedral of Quiapo Church for a mass, dining in Chinatown, shopping in Carriedo among others, then the Pasig River Ferry is the ultimate means of transportation just to avoid the traffic and the jam packed trains. Another thing, I don't think that those salaried government employees from MMDA are happy to serve. Not all of them, though.

    Well it happened on May 2, 2014. I arrived at Escolta Station around 2:40 pm to board the ferry which was still at dry run and riding is free. They didn't allow me to sign my name which is the SOP. I was told that last trip was 3:45 pm and they said I might not be able to get on board. In asserting myself I was given ticket. Lots of commuters arrived soon and were told the same, no ferry after 3:45 pm. Then someone from commuters side talked to a personnel and I heard something like, "Does Tolentino knows about this you're posting a 'Last Trip 3:45 pm' on your ticket window..." something to that effect. The guy continued and showed the departure schedules from Guadalupe and in soft voice he said that if those boat left Guadalupe at 3:45 pm then there are still ample time to fetch the people "here." Suddenly, they (MMADA manning the station) posted another piece of paper with a note that read "Last Trip 4:45 pm."

    Another boat arrived for 4:45 pm schedule and all those who waited got on board. The question that's been boggling my head is "What if no one stood up among the commuters side and talked to those MMDA employees that's running the show?" "Who would have ridden the 4:45 pm trip to Guadalupe if that guy didn't speak up and those commuters just left the station?" Anyways, I happened to glance at a man wearing a shirt with MMDA printed on his back like the rest of his co-workers. He was talking to a woman and other companions outside the station. It seemed to me they were all related. Yes, they looked like a family and dressed up and all that.


    I will post updates about Pasig River Ferry in this section. At the moment, the free ride of Pasig River Ferry is extended. So, if you want some joy ride, get down your nearest station and hop in.