27 Jan 2015

BGC Bus new EDSA-McKinley Terminal across MRT Ayala Opens

  • 27 Jan 2015
  • Lagalag

  • Commuters going to Bonifacio Global City can now breathe a sign of relief. BGC Bus, the fleet of two-route buses that served East and West of the business and financial district has opened this January 5. The big terminal building is just a few meters across the stair of northbound exit of MRT-3 Ayala Station. For almost two years, commuters have trekked the distance of BGC temporary terminal that was located farther north of the big Shell Station across McKinley Rd. It was quite a long walk for both regular workers and visitors who also needed to wait further before crossing McKinley as there's no pedestrian bridge and motorists have to be prioritized. Now going to any building or destination located inside Bonifacio Global City, simply called BGC, is a breeze. If you don't know how to locate or walk to the building you are headed to in BGC, you can check it out on this post -> Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station


    The new BGC Bus Terminal building is located at the south corner of EDSA and McKinley Rd. Commuters' entrance and boarding area is located at the service road which runs right from the foot of the MRT staircase and bends leftward towards McKinley. See transfer from a MRT train to BBC bus has not been easier this time around. For direction to your destination to BGC building from MRT Ayala Station, go to -> Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station for detailed direction from a BGC bus stop (unloading station) to your destination.

    As of this writing, a convenience store is already opened in the new BGC Bus terminal building. But the way the facade of the building is being finished, there will be more stores and shops in it, like fast food restaurants, snack stalls, coffee shops, flower shops, boutiques and more. But that's only my observation. We'll see in the coning moths. That's all folks. Hope this new development is a good news to you!

    Ops! By the way. There are some folks specially long timers who still called or referred to the entire Bonifacio Global City as The Fort. I think it is no longer applicable. And it's wrong nowadays to use that term. It creates confusion if you're giving direction. The Fort is a strip and only a spot within the BGC. The Fort is not the BGC. Cheers!


    1. Can i ask ,i'm coming from dasmariƱas cavite,and i'm planning to go to 9th avenue,bgc for an event this saturday. I'd like to take a bus ride,how am i supposed to get to bgc? And where to drop exactly?kind'a need some help. Thanks in advance!

    2. @ Arcybelle Cruz. You can read the direction on how to get to 9th Ave from MRT Station via BGC Bus by clicking the link to the guide I provided on this post. It's the link with anchor text that reads "Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station."