23 Jan 2014

Where To Stay In Legazpi City?

  • 23 Jan 2014
  • Lagalag

  • Now that you know your way around Legazpi City's Attractions which you have learned from my post entitled How To Commute To Legazpi City's Tourist Spots, it's time to dig the city for places where you can stay. Whether you are a penny pincher or a spendthrift, this article would definitely help you in finding a place fit for your budget. Before we continue, for those who don't read the first and second articles that supplemented this guide, please go to How To Commute To Legazpi City's Tourist Spots and What & Where to Eat in Legazpi City, respectively.

    Moving forward, listed below are hotels and inns chosen to be recorded here for variety of reasons such as: their proximity to the city center of Legazpi, easiness of finding them, their being along jeepney routes and of course you can just walk to them if you want. I myself, had only walked from Legazpi City's Central Bus Terminal to my chosen hotel. Albeit not all the way, because I had to have a fast snack at Dunkin' Donut, which is located along the way, to use their free wifi.

    Catalina Lodge
    Dream Inn & Café
    Ellis Ecotel
    Great Pacific Inn
    Legazpi Tourist Inn
    Magayon Hotel
    Sampaguita Inn
    Twilight Zone

    Along Your Way From City Bus Terminal

    We start this guide as you head towards Legazpi City proper from Central Bus Terminal where you have gotten off the bus from Manila. You will need the maps embedded in our post about Legazpi City's Attractions. So, to open that article in another tab or window for easy shift of reading between two articles, please open How To Commute To Legazpi City's Tourist Spots now. Then click the tab of this article on your window to get back here and vice versa.

    As you exit Pacific Mall aka Gaisano Mall on its end fronting Imperial Street, the first hotel you get to see is Dream Inn & Café. It is the building about 4 or 5 storey located across Imperial St opposite Pacific Mall entrance. See first map on How To Commute To Legazpi City's Tourist Spots?

    Dream Inn & Café - is a newly renovated economy hotel which I think is also a decent one. I have entered the lobby and talked to the reception desk officer on duty at that moment and the way our conversation went, their rooms are all air-conditioned, wifi is available only at the lobby, rate is Php 500 and yes they have just done the facelift of the hotel. Judging on the way their lobby and reception area are looking at that time, I will assume that each of their rooms are clean and nice. But don't take my word for it. See a room first and then make a decision.

    As I walked down Imperial Street from Pacific Mall toward Rizal St, I came inside Dunkin' Donut upon seeing the sign that reads Free Wifi attached at the door. Dunkin' Donut is situated at the right corner of Imperial and Rizal streets.

    Great Pacific Inn - is just nearby as Google Map had indicated to me when I opened the map app on my tablet. It is only less than 500 meters to walk from Dunkin' Donut and located along Rizal St. Here's the direction: From Dream Inn & Cafe, walk along Imperial St and then turn right onto Rizal St. Walk further until you see Great Pacific Inn on the left side of Rizal St.

    A notice that read "Closed for the Holidays" was paradoxically attached at the front of the building. It's December and a lot of guests should be coming in. I think it's not ordinary for a hotel business to be closed during holiday season. Anyways, I just continued walking along Rizal St and I saw the big sign of "Sampaguita Tourist Inn."

    Sampaguita Tourist Inn - is located not on the roadside of Rizal Street. Instead, there's an open space next to Great Pacific Inn and the elongated building of Sampaguita Tourist Inn is situated at the back of that open space. So, if a new building is now erected at the time you're reading this, you wont see the building of Sampaguita Inn unless you go to the back of that newly constructed building. Nevertheless, a huge but discolored and washed-out Sampaguita Tourist Inn sign is hanged above the sidewalk.

    Sampaguita Tourist Inn is for unfastidious travelers. If you are not picky then you wont have any problem with cockroaches crawling on the floor, a rusty shower that's also broken, taking a bucket bath with a help of a water dipper, unclean toilet window screen full of dust, not working tv, and a bit of slimy tile floor in the toilet. But not all in this hotel are bad. The window curtain is immaculately clean. Just don't take a look beneath that curtain. Or else you might puke. Rate is Php 300 for fan room and Php 475 for air-conditioned room. If you're asking, "Yes, I've checked in one of those rooms." Actually, I switched to another room because TV in the first one was not working. And they transferred me to another with broken rusty shower. That's where I trampled a cockroach to kill it. Now if your need is a decent signal of wifi notwithstanding those not-so-pleasant-amenities, you have a big reason for not choosing this hotel. Why? You will be connected but you can not open a site. Even if you're in the lobby which is where wifi is "available" as you will be told. Other than those I mentioned, this inn is a safe place to stay the night.

    Twilight Zone - is located next to the open space I was talking about a while ago at the frontage of Sampaguita Tourist Inn. I happened to see it on the last day of my visit to Legazpi City, poor me. If I had known it's there, I would have chosen that hotel. I saw it by chance when I tried to walk forward along Rizal St waiting for a jeepney. Most of the time I walked to the "Centro", as Bicolanos referred to the city proper, before heading out to Legazpi City destinations. I had not carried heavy stuffs except my camera and a small single strap bag during my trips to spots I visited. But this time I have my backpack full of gear and everything. The sign of Twilight Zone is not conspicuous. You have to be at the frontage of the vertically erected building to see the signage. The building is a bit newer than that of Sampaguita. I didn't check out this hotel because I was rushing up.

    Legazpi Tourist Inn - is located along Quezon Ave near corner Lapu-Lapu Street. A sign that reads Legazpi Tourist Inn is placed at the corner of that two roads. If you're riding a jeepney to either Embarcadero or Penaranda St, just alight as the jeepney turns right onto Quezon Ave from Lapu-Lapu St. You will immediately see the hotel main signage on the right side of Quezon Ave. Refer to my directions on your other tab (How To Commute To Legazpi City's Tourist Spots?) to see a map and learn how you can get there directly from the City Bus Terminal.

    Legazpi Tourist Inn is a kind of hotel frequented by foreign travelers. As I climbed down from the reception area located in the third floor of the building, I passed five Caucasians carrying huge backpacks and had just gotten off a trike. Although, the hotel is located up in the third floor and there is no elevator, the hotel lobby looks good to me. It's like a 3-star hotel that was built in the '80s but very well-maintained and managed. I am sure with no doubt that this one is a decent hotel with standard accepted by international clientele. Rate is Php 700, with hot & cold shower, and wifi is available only at the lobby.

    Ellis Ecotel Embarcadero de Legazpi City
    Ellis Ecotel - is for opulent travelers, those kind of people with a lot of money to spend. Rate is Php 1,200 per person. Inclusive are: free breakfast, free spa and free airport transfer among others. Coming to Legazpi City by plane? Use this hotel for a more enjoyable and complete stay on Legazpi City.

    Located inside the crowd-drawer attraction of Legazpi City which is Embarcadero, you are just a few walks away from scores of dining destinations some of which have decks that give unobstructed view of the bay and the Mayon Volcano. There's also a popular fast food chain and a big supermarket. Duty Free Philippines is located at the second floor of Embarcadero. For commuting directions in going to Embarcadero where Ellis Ecotel is located at the third floor and can be accessed via escalators in the activity center, please read my other post which you opened in another tab of your browser.

    Catalina Lodging House - is another penny pincher friendly place to stay in the city proper. Located along Penaranda Street before the prominent building of Albay Doctors' Hospital. All jeepneys that pass through Penaranda Street also pass by Catalina Lodging House and Albay Doctors' Hospital, respectively. The jeepney will first pass by Rizal Plaza which is on the left side. Watch for Catalina Lodging House on your right. If you miss the lodging house, you wont miss Albay Doctors' Hospital. Alight there and then walk back to get to Catalina Lodging House. Since it's near to Plaza Rizal, you can refer to my post on commuting to Legazpi Tourist Spots, and read how to get to Plaza Rizal by walking from Imperial Street if you want to get there on foot. You can also take a jeepney from the area of Sampaguita Tourist Inn and Twilight Zone by riding a jeepney with Penaranda on its sign. Ask the driver if he will enter Penaranda from Quezon Ave.

    Magayon Hotel - is a bit far from city proper but within walking distance from Plaza Rizal. To get there by jeepney, ride one with either "Loop 1" or "Loop 2" sign. The jeepney will cross Ramon Santos St which is after Albay Doctors' Hospital. Watch for Magayon Hotel on the left side of Penaranda St. Refer to the other post in another tab (How To Commute To Legazpi City's Tourist Spots?) for guide on riding a "Loop 1" or "Loop 2" jeepney.

    Another post on commuting in Legazpi City - Legazpi City's Jeepney & UV Express Terminals

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