21 Jul 2017

2 Jeepney & Van Terminals Bound to East of Metro Manila near MRT Shaw

  • 21 Jul 2017
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  • For all commuters that have been affected by the removal of the terminal of jeepneys and Urvan Express vans in Mayflower inside the Greenfield District, this directional article is for you. The terminal that formerly occupied a block called Mayflower within the new central business district of Mandaluyong had been expunged. I think it happened for quite some time now. And I only learned about it recently. So for you, commuters, especially those coming to Ynares Center Antipolo, Tektite Towers, etc, here are different routes to guide you on how to get to your destination from MRT-3 Shaw Blvd Station.

    2 jeepney & van terminals headed to Antipolo, Cainta, Pasig, etc by the MRT Shaw

    1. Along Shaw Blvd just outside Greenfield District:

    Just around 15 to 20 meters approx walk from MRT Shaw northbound exit. Take the north exit of MRT which means you should get down to the northbound lane of EDSA. You also must use the concourse located at the south end of the MRT which means if you're from Taft, walk towards the tail of the train and exit there, that's the side of Greenfield District. If you're from North, walk towards the front of the train from which you alighted and take the elevator/stair to exit. Get down to EDSA, walk to the corner of EDSA-Shaw, turn right on Shaw, walk further, cross the perpendicular road there and you're already in the mini Terminal of jeepneys and vans. Wait for jeepneys there and get to the corresponding queue. There are barkers whom you can ask for a particular destination. Tip: This terminal is located opposite Shangri-La which is at the other side of Shaw.

    In the table below are some of the destinations of jeepneys and UV Express in this mini terminal. These routes are also served by jeepneys and vans from the main terminal. If your particular destination is not listed, please ask a driver or the barker for that information.

    Pasig Palengke

    Ynares Antipolo

    2. Main terminal of jeepneys and vans located along Shaw Blvd:

    This big terminal of jeepneys and vans headed to Antipolo, Cainta, Pasig and other areas in the eastern part of Metro Manila is located along Shaw Blvd around 20 meters away from MRT Shaw Station southbound exit. You need to exit MRT station via south exit which means you get down to the southbound lane of EDSA. And it is important to exit through the concourse located at the south of the entire MRT Shaw. You must take the stair which goes down directly to Shaw Blvd. Once in the ground, walk straight along Shaw Blvd until you get to the big terminal. This terminal is complete in terms of routes to the east of MM because this terminal is in large complex compare to the one outside Greenfield District which only can accommodate 2 jeepneys and 2 vans, so you have to wait for a particular jeepney headed to a particular destination there, and the queues are lengthy. Once you get to the big terminal, ask a barker or a dispatcher for the location of jeepney or van that you need to ride in going to your destination. Definitely, there's a jeepney headed to Ynares Center Antipolo. Just look for a jeepney with "Antipolo Simbahan" signage. Tip: This big terminal is located opposite Star Mall which is located on the other side of Shaw.

    The destinations listed in the table above are also served by jeepneys and vans in this terminal. Below are other destinations included in the routes of jeepneys and vans in this big terminal. So, if your destination are any of the listed below, head down this terminal and board a jeepney or van that either passes by or stops in your destination. Most of the below destinations except Ynares Antipolo are very near. So, be attentive to driver or better yet ask him to drop you off at your destination. For those going to Tektite Towers, or any building located along San Miguel Ave in Ortigas Center such as Jolibee Center, etc, the sign of jeepney to take from here is "Ugong Tektite."

    Meralco Ave
    Pasig Palengke & Kapitolyo
    San Miguel Ave
    San Miguel Ave Ortigas Center

    Ugong Pasig
    Ynares Center Antipolo
    Ynares Sport Complex Pasig

    So whether you're headed to faraway Ynarez Center in Antipolo or the closely located Tektite Towers in Ortigas Center, go to any of the two terminals. In big terminal, look for your jeepney. In Greenfield District, go to the queue, wait for a jeepney bound for your destination and hop in. Soon you'll get there. Meanwhile, if your destination is Ynarez Sports Arena which is situated near that area along Shaw Blvd, just take a jeepney bound for Pasig Palengke. Ask the driver to drop you off at Ynarez Sports Arena. For those who are headed to any buildings located along San Miguel Ave, please go to Commute To Ortigas Center Buildings From MRT Shaw Station. Remember that "Ugong-Tektite" route jeepney turns left onto San Miguel Ave. Use the guide in that post so that you know where to get off the jeepney. Again, if your destination is not listed in the two lists above, please ask any of the following: dispatcher, barker, driver. Hope this guide will help you in getting to your destination.

    Below is the map where the two terminals are pointed by two markers.

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