25 Nov 2010

Sidcor Weekend Market in Centris Walk

  • 25 Nov 2010
  • Lagalag

  • There's now a good reason to shun supermarkets and groceries during Sundays in Quezon City. Sidcor Weekend Market is now in Centris Walk every Sunday from 6 am to 2 pm. Guaranteed fresh fruits and vegetables can be bought at very low price. So you are assured that you get to buy nutritious agricultural products fresh from farms that fits family budget.

    You can also find complete array of seafood from shrimp, crabs, and tuna to snails, sea cucumber and abalone.

    Even your favorites in Department Stores are sold here like bags, shirts and sundresses. But the items you should not miss are the ethnic hand-woven dresses.

    Imported accessories from Bangkok and Hong Kong are also displayed. These include keychains, fans, carved wooden crafts and batiks.

    Pinoy native products are also available. You'll see Vigan's famous bagnet and longanisa, Laguna's white carabao cheese and milk, and all time favorite bagoong balayan from Ilocos.

    Meanwhile, garden section are complete with both fruit-bearing and flower-bearing plants. If you are on the look out of a rare plant specie, chances are you can find it here. You can also ask for seeds of a plant you want to grow in your own garden.

    Enjoy food in various eateries in food section with wide variety of sumptuous meals.

    Everything you need in Sidcor Market every Sunday. Parking is free but you need to come early to get available slot for your car. This is now a major destination especially this season so manage your time in coming here.

    How to get to Centris Walk? Just click here


    Directions to Centris Walk

    By Car

    Route #1

    Coming from Commonwealth Avenue, take Elliptical Road towards Quezon Avenue. On Quezon Avenue, go straight but avoid the tunnel. Turn left on BIR Road then turn right onto NIA Road. Turn right onto NIA Northsite Road. Finally, turn right onto EDSA staying to the innermost side of the road but make sure your right signal light is on to avoid apprehension if ever because at this time you are driving on the bus lane. Entrance to the Centris Walk is visible momentarily.

    This is the best route if your main concern is to avoid the perennial traffic of EDSA and Quezon Avenue intersections and U-Turns.

    Route #2

    From Mindanao Avenue, turn left on North Avenue then turn right onto Agham Road. Drive all the way crossing Quezon Avenue. You are now driving on BIR Road, Agham Road ends up in Quezon Avenue. Follow directions given in Route #1.

    This is the less congested route compare to EDSA from your location anywhere in Mindanao Avenue. This route can be taken by car drivers from Novaliches and Project 8 as well as from Bulacan, Pampanga and the rest of Northern Luzon.

    Route #3

    From San Juan and Sta Mesa Area, take G. Araneta Avenue, turn right onto E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue then turn left on Tomas Morato Avenue. Drive all the way to Eugenio Lopez Street, this is where ABS CBN Headquarters is located. Turn left on one way Eugenio Lopez Street. Go straight pass by Pinoy Big Brother House that can be seen on your left. Go straight to Scout Albano Street then turn right onto Quezon Avenue. You must turn right onto EDSA so avoid going onto the tunnel. Upon turning right onto EDSA, you must immediately make a U-Turn onto Quezon Avenue again. This is where the bottleneck builds up heavily so be patience. The U-turn is right under the EDSA flyover, be careful not to overlook. After the U-Turn you must turn right onto Quezon Avenue but stay to the right turning lane, do not take the wide main Quezon Avenue that will bring you way too far and lost your way. Finally, turn right onto the next service road at the back of the Eton Centris Building also known as Centris Station, which is located at the corner of Quezon Avenue and EDSA. Up ahead is the parking entrance of the Centris Walk.

    Route #4

    From Sampaloc and Espana area, take Quezon Avenue all the way to Timog. Turn right onto Timog Avenue to avoid heavier traffic on the area. Turn left on Panay Avenue, drive all the way to Sgt. Esguerra Avenue. Turn left on Sgt. Esguerra then turn right onto Quezon Avenue, then follow the rest of the directions on Route #3.

    By Train

    If you are coming from Marikina and Pasig area, commuting by train, take LRT Line 2 and get off at Araneta Center Station. Take MRT-3 North bound. Get off at Quezon Avenue Station.

    If you are coming from Caloocan, commuting by train, take LRT-1 and get off at Roosevelt Station. Take a bus to North Avenue Station of MRT-3. Take another train ride to Quezon Avenue Station.

    If you are commuting by train coming from Recto Station of LRT-2, get off at Araneta Center Station and take another train ride on Farmer's Station of MRT-3 North bound and get off at Quezon Avenue Station.

    Finally, if you are coming from Makati, Pasay, Mandaluyong area, take MRT-3 train at the nearest station and get off at Quezon Avenue Station.

    By Bus and Jeepney

    All buses plying the route of Edsa stops on Quezon Avenue except bus stop on the South bound lane from Monumento is too far that taking a train is much more convenient.

    With regards to passenger jeepneys, some of them stop exactly at Centris Bldg which is exactly where the Centris Walk is near. Jeepneys bound to Quaipo from Fairview and vice versa that pass by Centris are those with sign MRT HIGHWAY. You have to be very careful in taking ride as jeepneys without this sign go straight through the tunnel.

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