27 Nov 2010

U-Turn Slots Along Quezon Avenue

  • 27 Nov 2010
  • Lagalag

  • You already know the significance of familiarizing ourselves to locations of U-Turns on our major thoroughfares, most especially to those who drive. My unpleasant experience last Monday on the road after heavy rains encourage me to create this post about locations of U-Turn slots along Quezon Avenue. You don't need to remember them in complete details but if you drive in going places, it's helpful that you have knowledge as to where to turn when making a detour is inevitable.

    On the map below are U-Turn slots along Quezon Avenue from Welcome Rotonda to EDSA. Each U-turn has the corresponding destinations. Click placemarks to see establishments that can be reach in a perticular U-Turn. Drag map towards left-bottom to view all U-turns along the whole stretch of Quezon Avenue up to EDSA. Green placemarks indicate they're turning back onto Welcome Rotonda, Espana area while red placemarks indicate they're turning back onto EDSA.