22 Dec 2010

How To Get To Manila Ocean Park From LRT or MRT

  • 22 Dec 2010
  • Lagalag

  • If you're near or one jeepney ride away from an LRT or MRT station, going to Manila Ocean Park is very easy. Even if you're a little bit far, taking a taxi to bring you to a station of LRT or MRT is more practical than consuming energy both on gasoline and your natural energy in driving your car all the way to Manila Ocean Park. It's more faster too. So how are you going to go to the Manila Ocean Park by riding LRT or MRT?

    There are three ways to reach Manila Ocean Park from LRT and MRT. One way is to walk from the LRT station, the one near to Manila Ocean Park. Another way is to ride a taxi from LRT and let the driver take that short distance from LRT to Manila Ocean Park. The third way is to ride a jeep from the LRT station to the nearest drop off of jeepney route plying along the way of Manila Ocean Park.

    Here's how to do it:

    How to get to Manila Ocean Park from LRT by walking?

    1. From your origin, ride a jeep or taxi or a tricycle if available to the nearest LRT or MRT station. LRT-2 Santolan Station is near to you if you're coming from Marikina, Antipolo and Northwest parts of Pasig. Project 4 is near to Katipunan Station. If you knew your location then it would be very easy to get to LRT or MRT. There are stations of LRT-1, LRT-2 and MRT-3 in almost all locations of central Metro Manila.
    2. Buy train ticket or paypass card that will bring you to the last station of LRT-2 or MRT-3. The last station of LRT-2 is Recto Station. The last station of MRT-3 is Taft Avenue Station. This is the case if you are riding LRT-2 or MRT-3. But if you're riding LRT-1, get paypass card that will get you to U.N. Station. It's always important that you know what line of LRT you are going to ride even before you take a ride. To make it more easy, just remember the colors of the different lines of LRT/MRT. LRT-1 is the Yellow Line, LRT-2 is the Purple Line, and MRT-3 is the Blue Line.
    3. LRT-1/Yellow Line passengers get off at U.N. Station or United Nations Avenue Station. LRT-2/Purple Line passengers get off at Recto Station and then use the crossway that links LRT-2 to the LRT-1 and get paypass card ticket going U.N. Station.

      You must cross the LRT-1 and get to the south bound lane or the lane going to Baclaran Terminal. Use the stairs, escalator or elevator. MRT-3/Blue Line passengers get off at Taft Station, use the crossway that links MRT-3 to LRT-1, and get a paypass ticket up to U.N. Station. You must be in the north bound lane, the lane going to Monumento or Roosevelt. Now get off at U.N. Station - the next station after the Central Terminal or Arroceros if you're riding the train coming from Monumento or Roosevelt and if you transferred from LRT-2 in Recto, and the next station from Pedro Gil Station if you're riding a train coming from Baclaran and if you transfered from MRT-3.
    4. Walk your way to Luneta Park and then from there you can walk the whole stretch of Luneta or Rizal park from the east to the west where the Manila Ocean Park is located. It's at the back of historic Quirino Grandstand. If you've chosen to walk to the Manila Ocean Park, it would be more enjoyable because you get to see the whole area of the national park of the Philippines.

    How to get to Manila Ocean Park by taxi from LRT-1 U.N. Avenue Station?

    After getting off the train at U.N. Station, go to T.M. Kalaw Street. That's the street bordering Luneta park to the south. It's more convenient to flag down a taxi there. Besides there are lot's of taxi waiting for passengers along that street.

    How to get to Manila Ocean Park from LRT by a public transportation called jeepney?

    1. Follow the directions given in topic "How to get to Manila Ocean Park from LRT by walking?" above. But instead of getting off at U.N. Avenue Station, get off at LRT-1 Carriedo Station. It's the third station from U.N. Avenue if you're coming from south or Baclaran Terminal and the station before the Central Terminal or Arroceros Station if you're riding a train from the north or Monumento and Roosevelt.
    2. Walk your way to Santa Cruz Church where jeepneys ply the route of Monumento-Baclaran. Make sure that the jeepney sign read "Baclaran Mabini" and not "Baclaran Taft". The bottom line is there must be the word "Mabini" on the jeepney sign that you're going to ride. Mabini is the street nearest to the Manila Ocean Park open for public transportation. Meanwhile, you can get to Santa Cruz Church by walking to the west side of Carriedo Street between Plaza Fair and Philtrust Bank, then turn right on the next corner. The church is up ahead.
    3. Tell the driver that you're going to the Manila Ocean Park and that he drop you off in the corner of T.M. Kalaw Street and Mabini. The jeepney will pass through Luneta Park, But don't get off there if you want your walk to be shorten. Wait until you reach the corner of Kalaw and Mabini before you get off the jeepney. Always remind the driver, some of them are forgetful.
    4. Now, walk toward Manila Bay. Carefully cross Roxas Boulevard and continue walking until you see the historic Quirino Grandstand to your right. Behind the Grandstand is the Manila Ocean Park. Taking this route will cut the distance of the walk from U.N. Avenue Station by 50 percent.
    That's all folks. Hope you enjoy your trip.
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    1. lagalag, please tell the regular taxi fare from hotel H2O to PhilAm building at UN ave. thanks

    2. Based on my research at http://www.topgear.com.ph/news/taxi-fare-in-metro-manila-to-go-up-on-january-20, flag-down rate is 40 pesos, plus additional 3.50 for every succeeding 300 meters.

      On my estimate, the travel distance between H2O Hotel and Philam Bldg is approximately 1,130 meters.

      Can you please do the math? I'm not good at it. LOL.