21 Jan 2011

Direction Bytes: Direction To Malate From Taft Avenue

  • 21 Jan 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Now, here's the quick guide. The heart of Malate is Remedios Circle. Once you're feet is on Remedios Circle you can walk to all bars and clubs surrounding this mini-park. You can get to places like Forbes Grill, The Library, Cafe Adriatico, Cafe Havana, Padis Point and many others. If you're commuting along Taft Avenue, get off at Remedios Street. Drivers know this street so ask them to drop you off. From corner of Taft and Remedios walk toward where the sun sets until you see Remedios Circle. Well, it look's like a rotonda or a roundabout in technical term with park inside and surrounded by bars and clubs. Once there, you can explore different places with some kind of bar-hopping. If you're driving from Taft Avenue, take Nakpil Street, it's the street that borders PWU or Philippine Women's University to the south. Let's say you're in PWU, along Nakpil, which is one way going to Malate, cross Taft Avenue and drive all the way up to Adriatico Street, where Nakpil ends. From Taft Avenue, count the streets intersecting Nakpil with the Street next to Taft as the first. The sixth street is M. Adriatico. Turn left on M. Adriatico to get to the Remedios Circle where you can look for open parking with some "back-up" boys guarding your car while you're enjoying the night away.

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