13 Jul 2011

How To Get To Buildings Along & Near Ayala Avenue From MRT IV

  • 13 Jul 2011
  • Lagalag

  • In the photo is Ayala Tower One. This post answers the question "How to commute to Ayala Tower One, Philippine Stock Exchange, Makati Stock Exchange, The Enterprises Center, Bank of Commerce, SGV & Company, SGV 1 & 2, and the Bankmer building from MRT?"

    In the first part of this series entitled "How To Get To Buildings Along & Near Ayala Avenue From MRT?", walking direction from MRT Ayala Station to the terminal of jeepney that you must ride to get to any buildings in Ayala Avenue is discussed in complete details. From the terminal, the jeepney crosses EDSA and take the whole stretch of Ayala Avenue. Strict ordinance on loading & unloading areas is also tackled in our fist post.

    In the nutshell, the direction to any building in Ayala Avenue involves a walk to the jeepney terminal and getting off the jeepney at the precise designated unloading zones from which you will walk to your building destination. Not abiding the ordinance will cause you Php 500 fine. For that reason, commuters' guide on where to alight and what direction to take is a big help. You can browse this topic from the very start by going to "How To Get To Buildings Along & Near Ayala Avenue From MRT"

    Now, to get to any of the buildings that I've mentioned here, e.g. Ayala Tower 1, Philippine Stock Exchange and The Enterprise Center, you must get off the jeepney at the second unloading area which is after the jeep crosses Paseo de Roxas.

    Here are the complete list of buildings in both sides of Ayala Avenue between Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas that you can get to from unloading area located between Paseo de Roxas and V.A. Rufino Street:

    Allied Bank Center
    Ayala Tower One
    MSE Building (Makati Stock Exchange)

    National Life Building
    Philippine Stock Exchange
    SGV II
    The Enterprise Center

    Note: L.V. Locsin Building which is situated at the corner of Makati Avenue and Ayala Avenue in the unloading zone is nearer to first unloading area opposite Rustan's. Locsin Building is opposite Makati Shangri-la Hotel and alongside Ramon Cojuangco Building in Makati Avenue. A BDO occupies the ground floor of the building.

    After you alighted from the jeepney, walk towards Paseo de Roxas and use the pedetrian underpass to get to those buildings which are all located in the loading zone of Ayala Avenue. To get to Ayala Tower One, just go down the pedestrian underpass and walk straight up to the opposite corner of Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenue. It's on the same side of Ayala Avenue where you got off. You just go to the other part. The tall building at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenue is Ayala Tower One which is also the home of Philippine Stock Exchange. The old building next to it along Ayala Avenue is Makati Stock Exchange Building or MSE.

    The Enterprise Center is situated to the other side of Ayala Avenue, exactly at the corner of Ayala's EDSA bound lane and Paseo de Roxas Street. So, as soon as you get to the underpass, go right to get to the other side of Ayala Avenue, then follow the arrow pointing to Makati Avenue and take the exit to the left that exactly goes to the front of The Enterprise Center. Next to The Enterprise Center is iAcademy, followed by National Life Building. Next to National Life is SGV and then SGV II. Next is Bankmer which is followed by Allied Bank Center.

    Next, we'll discuss the buildings located along Ayala Avenue next to Rufino Street formerly Herrera Street. In the same manner, you must also get off the jeepney at the unloading area between Paseo de Roxas and Rufino streets. Stay tuned.


    1. would you know how to commute from san juan to greenhills via UV express or FX? Or in any other route near greenhills or mandaluyong area? Your help will be very much appreciated!

    2. @ mo. You can try to wait for a FX or UV Express along N. Domingo. If none, you might like to take one of the aircon buses that ply Ortigas Ave route and alight at Greenhills.

    3. How to get to bankmer building from tayuman?

    4. @ Kaori. Train to Gil Puyat+Ayala bus.

    5. Hi! Is there a uv/fx that can take me from mrt north edsa station to ayala tower one? Where should I get off? Can I be dropped off right at ayala tower one if I ride a private car? I plan to take mrt on the way back to north edsa, how do I go to the nearest mrt station to ayala tower one aside from riding a jeepney? I hope you can provide me with enough details as I am very poor when it comes to directions. Thank you very much in advance!

      1. You can take taxi to and from MRT Ayala or Buendia. There's terminal of UV Express at MRT North, you may ask them for that route.

    6. Hi! How do I commute to SGV without using the MRT? Thank you :)