16 Jul 2011

How To Get To Buildings Along & Near Ayala Avenue From MRT VII

  • 16 Jul 2011
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  • In the previous posts of this series, commuters are taught how to commute to any buildings on both sides of Ayala Avenue from MRT Ayala Station. Now that we've completed the directions to all the buildings along the main thoroughfare of Makati Financial District, it's time to locate other important institutions and buildings within the concrete jungle where Ayala Avenue runs through.

    Institutions like Makati Sports Clubs, Lyceum of the Philippines College of Law, Veterans Bank, Medical Towers, Jose Cojuangco & Sons and other corporate habitats in Makati that you don't normally heard of should also be included in your personal directory for future needs.

    In this article which is still a part of our topic on how to get to the buildings along and near Ayala Avenue from MRT, being the seventh chapter, I will give you directions (walking directions) from an unloading zone in Ayala Avenue to medium rise corporate offices situated behind those modern skyscrapers and art deco inspired buildings on the opposite sides of Ayala Avenue.

    In this post, we'll cover the buildings accessible from unloading zone between Paseo de Roxas and V.A. Rufino Street in Ayala Avenue. The road to take from the unloading zone is V.A. Rufino Street. I repeat, the following buildings can be reached by walking from unloading area in Ayala via V.A. Rufino Street formerly known as Herrera Street.

    These are the buildings:

    Antel 2000 Corporate Center
    Chatham House
    Citiland Herrera Tower
    Easton Place
    Globe Telecom
    Heart Tower
    Island Plaza
    LPL Manor
    Lyceum of the Philippines College of Law
    Makati Executive Center

    Makati Sports Club
    MJ Plaza
    PCCI Corporate Centre
    PDCP Bank Centre
    Ponte Salcedo
    The Nobel Plaza
    The Valero Tower
    Valero Plaza
    Y Tower II

    How to get to these buildings?

    From MRT Ayala Station, walk to the jeepney terminal located at the back of Shell Gasoline Station EDSA corner McKinley Road, click here for complete guide on how to take a jeepney that passes through Ayala Avenue from MRT.

    Get off the jeepney at the second unloading zone from EDSA which is after the jeepney crosses Paseo de Roxas. Walk along Ayala Avenue past pedestrian underpass towards the next intersection with traffic lights. That intersection is V.A. Rufino Street where PBCom Tower is situated. Go right and take V.A. Rufino Street. To make it easier for you to quickly get the directions discussed here, I suggest to look at the map at the bottom of this post.

    The next street that intersects Rufino Street is Valero Street. The building situated at the corner of V.A. Rufino Street and Valero Street is Citiland Herrera Tower which is next PBCom Tower along V.A. Rufino Street from Ayala Avenue.

    Now, you're at the corner of Valero Street and V.A. Rufino Street. The building opposite Citiland Herrera Tower, to the other side of Valero and at the corner of V.A. Rufino and Valero is Easton Place.

    If you go right onto Valero Street, the next building to Citiland Herrera Tower is Antel 2000 Corporate Center. There's no other building after Antel 2000. The open space is designated for parking area. You need to turn right at the corner of Antel 2000 to get to the entrance.

    Next to Easton Place along Valero Street to the other side is Ponte Salcedo, followed by The Valero Tower, and next to it is Valero Plaza.

    If you go left from corner of V.A. Rufino Street and Valero, the only building to your left is Globe Telecom located approximately 90 meters from V.A. Rufino. Globe Telecom is situated at the back of Smart Tower which is along Ayala Avenue. Click here to learn how to get to Smart Tower from the designated unloading zone.

    Just to check if you do follow, Globe Telecom and Citiland Herrera Tower are on the same side of Valero Street, only way too far from each other. There's no building at the left corner of V.A. Rufino Street and Valero Street from Ayala Avenue.

    Now, to the other side of Valero Street, the building to the other corner of Valero and Rufino, opposite Easton Place is Chatham House. While you go left on Valero from Rufino towards Globe Telecom, you get to see The Nobel Plaza building next to Chatham House. Next to The Nobel Plaza is Heart Tower, followed by MJ Plaza.

    Going back to the corner of V.A. Rufino Street and Valero Street, facing the other end of V.A. Rufino Street, Lyceum of the Philippines College of Law building can be seen from afar. Just walk straight up to get to the institution.

    Check if you do follow, Easton Place is to the right corner of Valero and Rufino while Chatham House is to the left corner if you're facing Lyceum of the Philippines. Next building to Easton Place is Makati Executive Center. Next building to Chatham House is PDCP Bank Centre. But there's a small road that intersects V.A. Rufino between Easton Place and Makati Executive Center as well as Chatham House and PDCP Bank Centre. This road is San Agustin Street.

    PDCP Bank Centre and Makati Executive Center are the last buildings on V.A. Rufino Street. The road ends up right there, in the road called L.P. Leviste Street. Lyceum of the Philippines is just a walk across L.P. Leviste from the corner of V.A. Rufino Street.

    The building along L.P. Leviste, to the left of Lyceum of the Philippines is Island Plaza. Y Tower II building is to the right of Lyceum of the Philippines.

    If you go right on L.P. Leviste Street from the corner of V.A. Rufino Street where Makati Executive Center is situated, you'll get to LPL Manor, the next building to Makati Executive Center. The building that followed LPL Manor is PCCI Corporate Centre.

    To the other side of L.P. Leviste Street, Makati Sports Club is situated at the corner of L.P. Leviste and Gallardo Street, opposite Y Tower II.

    In the upcoming article, walking directions from the unloading zone to the buildings located to the other side of Ayala Avenue, behind the buildings along Ayala Avenue.

    Building Map of the vicinity from Unloading Zone between Paseo de Roxas and V.A. Rufino

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