4 Feb 2013

NAIA Bus From MRT/LRT To T-3 & Vice Versa Still Operational

  • 4 Feb 2013
  • Lagalag

  • The bus that serves as NAIA Shuttle from Taft in Pasay Rotunda to Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport still operates. Take it from me as I have done the thing that others don't and that is to check it myself. To get the real score, I went to Pasay Rotunda on board a MRT-3 train on the afternoon of Feb 3, 2013, Sunday. I've seen two buses as they entered the Genesis Bus Terminal in Pasay Rotunda one after another with an interval of around 30 minutes. I was on the second floor of Chowking, having a fast meal, and the buses went past below me. There are only some changes. So, it's important to read this article for your convenience in commuting especially from T3 to Pasay Taft Rotunda where you can ride a train to distant location of Metro Manila in a breeze.

    Taking The Shuttle To T3

    After my snack, I went inside the terminal and there the two buses are, as usual, being filled with passengers. I got on the bus and soon a conductor collected Php 20 fare.

    What Are The Changes Then?

    There are just some major changes on the way the bus operates. Here they are:

    1. For passengers from Taft To T-3: The bus no longer takes airport bound passengers inside NAIA-3 ground. Instead it stops at designated area on the sidewalk of Circulo Del Mundo Andrews Ave roundabout which is near the gate of NAIA Terminal 3. The driver announces Terminal 3 and you shall see this mammoth sculpture monument. From drop-off, you just enter the airport gate and walk towards the airport building.

    Note: Circulo del Mundo was demolished, the structure in the photo no longer exists.

    2. For passengers from T-3 to MRT/LRT Stations in Taft: No more buses bound for Taft from bus bays inside Terminal 3. But you can still ride the bus to Taft. You just need to walk from arrival exit to the Circulo del Mundo Andrews Ave roundabout. As soon as you come out of the terminal building, go left, walk past Bay 4, 3, 2 and 1 until you're outside of the terminal complex. Wait for the bus and as soon as it arrives, ride. Say to the driver "MRT Taft". It's understood. Important: I am not sure if this is temporary. So, if I were you check first the former location of Bus Stop at T-3 ground. Look at the photos below. If you see the first photo, then go to Andrews Ave roundabout. If you see the second photo, then you can wait for the bus to arrive. You see they just covered the original sign with a white material.

    Things To Remember

    1. Don't be impatient while waiting the bus at Circulo del Mundo Rotunda Andrews Ave roundabout. You might wait for 30 minutes or longer. Important thing is, it will arrive.

    2. The bus from Circulo del Mundo Andrews Ave roundabout will not go directly to Taft. It will make a stopover at its terminal in Newport City. If you come to think of it, the bus is no longer called NAIA Shuttle but Resort World Manila Shuttle from Taft as there are a lot of passengers getting off the bus at Newport City. Maybe that's the reason they removed terminal at T-3.

    3. If you're in a hurry to get to your destination in Metro Manila upon your arrival, don't take the bus. But if you are a budget traveler, still this bus is the most convenient yet economical transport from T-3 to train stations at Pasay Rotunda. Not to mention safe.

    4. If you are a flying passengers and want to use this bus from MRT/LRT, you must allocate ample time allowance so that you don't get late on departure time.

    5. If you don't want to walk from Arrival Exit, you can also ride the NAIA Shuttle bus bound for NAIA terminals 1, 2, and 4 which is just outside Arrival Exit. If you choose this, you will be dropped off at Petron Station where you will ride a jeepney bound for Pasay Rotunda. This is just an alternative. But if I will be asked, the bus from Circulo del Mundo Rotunda Andrews Ave roundabout is much better - for safety and convenience.