17 Apr 2013

Distance to a LRT-2 Station from Another

  • 17 Apr 2013
  • Lagalag

  • By now, you get to know the distance from a MRT Station to another regardless of how many stations are between them. That is if you have already read Distance to a MRT-3 Station from Another.

    We use LRT-2 train to transfer to either LRT-1 or MRT-3 on our way to destinations. If your current location is a LRT-2 station between LRT-1 and MRT-3, and your destination is Pasay Rotunda, which line are you going to use as your second train ride - Line 1 or Line 3? This is where the knowledge of distance comes in. You must use the line which is nearer to you, right? So, here's the complete information of distance between two LRT-2 train stations. Remember, distances here are not only computed between a station and its next station but from one station to all other stations.

    LRT-2 Araneta Center Cubao Station Map
    Now in deciding which Line to use as second train ride, walk distance involved must also take into account. From LRT-2 Recto Station to LRT-1 D Jose Station, it's 345 meters approx. From LRT-2 Cubao Station to MRT-3 Araneta Center-Cubao Station, the walk is around 455 meters approx.

    Approximate Distances Between LRT-2 Stations

    Vice Versa

    Santolan StationKatipunan Station1.94 km
    Santolan StationAnonas Station2.88 km
    Santolan StationAraneta Center Cubao4.28 km
    Santolan StationBetty Go-Belmonte5.48 km
    Santolan StationGilmore Station6.56 km
    Santolan StationJ Ruiz Station7.48 km
    Santolan StationV Mapa Station8.73 km
    Santolan StationPureza Station10.10 km
    Santolan StationLegarda Station11.48 km
    Santolan StationRecto Station12.52 km
    Katipunan StationAnonas Station0.89 km
    Katipunan StationAraneta Center Cubao2.30 km
    Katipunan StationBetty Go-Belmonte3.51 km
    Katipunan StationGilmore Station4.57 km
    Katipunan StationJ Ruiz Station5.51 km
    Katipunan StationV Mapa Station6.76 km
    Katipunan StationPureza Station8.11 km
    Katipunan StationLegarda Station9.50 km
    Katipunan StationRecto Station10.52 km
    Anonas StationAraneta Center Cubao1.38 km
    Anonas StationBetty Go-Belmonte2.58 km
    Anonas StationGilmore Station3.65 km
    Anonas StationJ Ruiz Station4.58 km
    Anonas StationV Mapa Station5.83 km
    Anonas StationPureza Station7.18 km
    Anonas StationLegarda Station8.56 km
    Anonas StationRecto Station9.60 km
    Araneta Center CubaoBetty Go-Belmonte1.16 km
    Araneta Center CubaoGilmore Station2.23 km
    Araneta Center CubaoJ Ruiz Station3.16 km
    Araneta Center CubaoV Mapa Station4.41 km
    Araneta Center CubaoPureza Station5.76 km
    Araneta Center CubaoLegarda Station7.13 km
    Araneta Center CubaoRecto Station8.18 km
    Betty Go-BelmonteGilmore Station1.04 km
    Betty Go-BelmonteJ Ruiz Station1.97 km
    Betty Go-BelmonteV Mapa Station3.21 km
    Betty Go-BelmontePureza Station4.57 km
    Betty Go-BelmonteLegarda Station5.94 km
    Betty Go-BelmonteRecto Station6.97 km
    Gilmore StationJ Ruiz Station0.90 km
    Gilmore StationV Mapa Station2.15 km
    Gilmore StationPureza Station3.50 km
    Gilmore StationLegarda Station4.86 km
    Gilmore StationRecto Station5.90 km
    J Ruiz StationV Mapa Station1.21 km
    J Ruiz StationPureza Station2.56 km
    J Ruiz StationLegarda Station3.92 km
    J Ruiz StationRecto Station4.96 km
    V Mapa StationPureza Station1.32 km
    V Mapa StationLegarda Station2.68 km
    V Mapa StationRecto Station3.72 km
    Pureza StationLegarda Station1.33 km
    Pureza StationRecto Station2.39 km
    Legarda StationRecto Station1 km

    Hope you could use this article. Thanks for giving me your feedback. If you need distance computation, you know I am here to help you out. Take care on your daily commute :)

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