31 Mar 2011

How To Get To SM City North EDSA From Greenhills

  • 31 Mar 2011
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  • For Driving Directions to SM City North EDSA from different locations, go to Driving Directions To SM City North EDSA.

    Here's the best way to take to get to SM City North EDSA from Greenhills both by driving and commuting. You only need one jeepney ride and one bus ride to get to SM North from Greenhills.

    By Car

    The short cut and the best route to get to SM North from Greenhills is to take Ortigas Avenue. Take the lane going towards LRT-2 which is in Gilmore. So it's the reverse of going towards MRT-3 which is in EDSA. You drive away from EDSA.

    Stay to the middle of Ortigas Avenue and cross intersections of Roosevelt, Madison and Santolan Road. After you cross Santolan Road, street name changes to Granada. Ortigas Avenue ends up in Santolan Road.

    Drive on Granada and after crossing few small streets and a bridge, you will get to see a main road intersecting Granada where from the distance a tall building is visible standing at the right corner. This road is N. Domingo Street. Granada ends up in N. Domingo and its opposite road is Gilmore. Don't cross N. Domingo and don't pass through Gilmore because Gilmore is one way from the opposite end which is in E. Rodriguez and the traffic goes towards Granada.

    Turn right onto N. Domingo Street. The road that serves as the opposite lane of Gilmore going to E. Rodriguez is Dona M. Hemady, which is next to Gilmore, to the left of N. Domingo. Turn left on Dona M. Hemady Street, cross Aurora Boulevard where LRT-2 elevated track passes through and drive all the way to E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue, the busy street where public jeepneys that ply Cubao-Quiapo route pass through.

    Upon approach to E. Rodriguez, you must change lane to the right because a lot of vehicles on your lane would turn left. Turn right onto E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue. At this point, your next turn to the left would be Tomas Morato Avenue.

    Tomas Morato doesn't intersect or cross E. Rodriguez. It only begins to the left of E. Rodrigues. That means Tomas Morato Avenue is perpendicular to E. Rodriguez. And the distance from the corner of Dona M. Hemady and E. Rodriguez up to the corner of Tomas Morato and E. Rodriguez is approximately 143 meters only.

    So, after about 80 meters, you can change your lane to the left in preparation for the left turn to Tomas Morato. Upon approach to this junction, you will immediately see the traffic lights from the distance.

    Turn left on Tomas Morato and drive all the way up to the opposite end which is perpendicular to Eugenio Lopez Avenue. Before you get to Eugenio Lopez, you will cross intersection of Kamuning and other small roads before you reach the rotonda of Boy Scout Circle. Pass through the Boy Scout Circle, then turn right back to Tomas Morato, drive on and after crossing small intersections of Scout Madrinan, Scout Borromeo and Scout Bayoran, turn left on Eugenio Lopez where ABS CBN Headquarters is located to your right.

    Driving on E. Lopez, you will pass by Pinoy Big Brother House to your left before you get to the next junction where you must turn right onto the next street of Mother Ignacia Avenue. From Mother Ignacia, turn left on the next street which is Sgt Esguerra Avenue. In Sgt. Esguerra, cross the next intersection of Panay Avenue, then turn right onto Quezon Avenue.

    In Quezon Avenue, next intersection is EDSA. As you can see, this is a crossing of two main thoroughfares of Metro Manila. So expect traffic here especially where EDSA and Quezon Avenue meet. Turn right onto EDSA and immediately turn left on the first U-Turn slot next to Quezon Avenue, just beneath the EDSA-Quezon Avenue flyover. Complete the U-Turn to get back to EDSA, this time on north lane. Cross Quezon Avenue intersection, stay on EDSA and drive all the way up to North Avenue where Trinoma is situated at the corner of EDSA and North. Turn right onto North Avenue but immediately change lane to the left and turn left on the next left turn going to SM City North EDSA. Follow direction to the Car Park building or to the open parking located to the opposite end of the road.

    By Bus/Jeepney

    From Greenhills Shopping Center, go the opposite side of Ortigas Avenue via pedestrian overpass. Ride a jeepney with "Robinson Galleria EDSA" sign or take the aircon G-Liner bus bound for Taytay. Both jeepney and bus will cross EDSA. Alight after the they cross EDSA and stop at the unloading area in Robinson's Galleria. Walk towards the bus bay or loading area along EDSA near corner Ortigas in front of Robinson's Galleria entrance.

    Ride a bus with any of these signs: "Monumento", "Malanday" and "Novaliches"
    Tip: Look for bus with additional information written at their sign that read "Cubao Ilalim". If you ride a bus with "Cubao Ibabaw" wording on its sign, you spend longer time on the bus as it will stand longer in Cubao to fill the bus with more passengers. Besides, traffic there is so heavy you might get irritated. So take Ilalim (e.g. Monumento Cubao Ilalim).

    The bus will take approximately 8 kilometers distance to SM North EDSA where it will stop by SM North EDSA Bus Bay.

    By MRT

    Alternatively, you can take MRT. Walk your way to Ortigas Station of MRT-3, ride a North bound train and alight at the last station of North Avenue. Enter Trinoma Mall and follow direction to the other door and from there use the footbridge that connects Trinoma to SM North EDSA.

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