9 Mar 2011

How To Commute To Midland Plaza

  • 9 Mar 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Midland Plaza is not only hotel but also location of offices of various work-abroad agencies.

    From Buendia, let's say your location is in Taft Avenue corner Buendia which is now known as Gil Puyat Avenue and where Gil Puyat Station of LRT-1 is located, ride a jeep or walk towards Harrison Street. You can ride a jeep near JAC Bus Terminal. Ride a jeep with any of these signs: Evangelista, PRC Taft or Guadalupe LRT Taft. Get off at Harrison Street and ride a jeepney with any of these signs: Quiapo Mabini, Pier Mabini, Monumento Mabini, Cubao Mabini. Get off at Santa Monica Street in Mabini. As what we always do if we're not familiar with a location, ask the driver to drop you off at Santa Monica.

    Don't go across Mabini when you get there. Just walk from the corner of Mabini and Santa Monica towards M. Adriatico where Robinson's Place Manila is located. The moment you get to M. Adriatico, you will immediately see the big building of Midland Plaza hotel across M. Adriatico opposite Robinson's Place Manila.

    From Quiapo, Monumento, Carriedo, Cubao and Welcome Rotonda, just ride a jeepney with any of these signs: Baclaran Mabini, Vito Cruz Mabini and EDSA Mabini. Ask the driver to drop you off at Santa Monica Street corner Del Pilar. Cross Dei Pilar towards the opposite side of Santa Monica, walk from there along Santa Monica, pass Mabini Street, until you reach M. Adriatico where you will immediately see Midland Plaza.

    The nearest LRT station to Midland Plaza is Pedro Gil Station. From Pedro Gil Station, walk towards Pedro Gil Street, turn right on Pedro Gil, continue walking along Pedro Gil, pass Saint Paul University to the left and Robinson's Place to the right, until you get to Adriatico Street. Turn right onto Adriatico, walk on up to Santa Monica where you will see Midland next to Robinson's Place Manila, to your right.

    But the most practical way to get to Midland Plaza via LRT-1 is to get off at U.N. Avenue station. Walk towards Padre Faura Street. Ride a jeepney along Padre Faura near corner Taft, get off at Adriatico and walk the short distance between Faura and Santa Monica where Midland Plaza is located to the left before Robinson's Place Manila. The jeepney signs here are: Paco, San Andres and Santa Ana. You can ride any of them. Just ask driver to drop you off at Adriatico.

    There's no jeepney from Pedro Gil going to Adriatico or near Midland Plaza, so you need to walk far if you get off at Pedro Gil.

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