25 Jun 2011

New Driving Direction To DFA From NLEX

  • 25 Jun 2011
  • Lagalag

  • I've just learned that the new road that runs from Roxas Boulevard towards President Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay City has been completely open to all motorists for quite sometime now. Last time I saw it, east lane was still closed and both west and east bound vehicles had to squeeze in the narrow west bound lane.

    I am referring to Bradco Street, the road that borders Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Office of Consular Affairs to the south. DFA is bordered to the west by President Macapagal Boulevard. To it's east is the S&R Membership Shopping building. And to the north is Shell Station.

    Because of this new development, a new driving direction has also opened for those going to DFA by car from north of Metro Manila as well as those coming from Northern Luzon provinces, e.g. Bulacan, Pampanga, Subic, Zambales, etc.

    You see, ever since Macapagal Boulevard had been opened, large chunk of motorists bound for south that used to take the entire stretch of Roxas Boulevard had shifted to the new eponymous road. What happened is Roxas Boulevard became less-traffic. The way I see it, Macapagal Boulevard is now heavier in traffic than Roxas Boulevard. The bottleneck in EDSA and Macapagal Boulevard intersection is the major cause of the congestion. On the other hand, traffic in Roxas Boulevard is free-flowing, thanks to the two flyovers in EDSA-Roxas Blvd and Gil Puyat-Roxas Blvd intersections.

    Here's the new driving route from NLEX to DFA Office of Counsular Affairs:

    From NLEX, go straight past EDSA overpass to take A. Bonifacio Avenue, the road that continues NLEX. Stay on A. Bonifacio all the way to its opposite end which is in Blumentritt Street. Turn right onto Blumentritt, change lane to the leftmost and drive past Dimasalang up to Aurora Boulevard. Make a sharp left turn to take Aurora Boulevard, then turn right onto Dimasalang.

    Cross Lacson Avenue and take Laon Laan. Stay on Laon Laan up to its other end which is in Alfonso Mendoza Street aka Quezon Boulevard.

    Turn left on Alfonso Mendoza aka Quezon Boulevard and drive past Quezon Underpass up to Quiapo. Take Quezon Bridge to cross Pasig River. Stay to the middle of the road. The road bends to the left and road name changes to Padre Burgos. Change lane to the right, cross the next intersection with traffic lights, avoid Lagusnilad Underpass by taking the rightlane. Padre Burgos bends to the right and separates from Lagusnilad.

    Stay on Padre Burgos and drive all the way to Roxas Boulevard, crossing three intersections with traffic lights - Finance Road, General Luna and Palacio Street. Turn left on Roxas Boulevard.

    Stay to the middle of Roxas Boulevard's south bound lane all the way to Baclaran, passing through the two flyovers, Gil Puyat-Roxas Boulevard and EDSA-Roxas Boulevard, respectively.

    Bradco is the first T-intersection to the right of Roxas Boulevard after passing through EDSA-Roxas Boulevard flyover. Turn right onto Bradco and park your car at the "Pay Parking Area" located to the left corner of Bradco-Macapagal Boulevard intersection.

    Stay tuned for New Directions to DFA from Different Parts of Metro Manila.

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