18 Jun 2011

Quezon Ave-Araneta Ave Underpass: Alternative Routes

  • 18 Jun 2011
  • Lagalag

  • The construction of Quezon Avenue-Araneta Avenue Underpass project begins on June 20, 2011. Public buses and jeepneys that ply the route of Quezon Avenue from EDSA to Espana and vice versa will not be greatly affected as only two inner lanes of Quezon Avenue will be closed for the construction. Jeepneys and buses will take the remaining outer lanes of both south and north directions of the road.

    Most affected are private vehicles that pass through Quezon Avenue as they will be directed to designated alternate routes. There are already Traffic Advisory signs in strategic locations along Quezon Avenue to keep public informed. Alternate Route signs are also displayed conspicuously. Prime-time news on major TV channels have their own telecasts specifically on these alternative routes. Both news telecasts and Alternate Route signs on the roads have the same content, i.e. "if you're going to Manila, turn right on West Avenue, left on Del Monte Avenue, left on A. Bonifacio, right on Blumentritt and left on Dimasalang." Problem is, you can't turn left on Dimasalang Street from Blumentritt as it is one way from Aurora Boulevard to Blumentritt. Dimasalang is two-way only from Aurora Boulevard to Lacson Avenue. So, if you're not familiar with the roads down there, you might get lost or worse, be apprehended by traffic enforcers for making some wrong turns. Worry no more.

    Enter Lagalag's detailed direction guide.

    In the first part of this guide, we're going to stick to the alternate routes on the advisory. Only with important details so that you find it easy to take the direction even if it's your first time to drive on these roads. In the second part, I will give you alternate route based on my own driving preference which I find much better and faster. This post tackles alternative route as our authorities suggest to take from EDSA to Quiapo. If you want to know the alternate routes from Espana to Quezon City as our authorities suggest, please go to Quezon Ave-Araneta Ave Underpass: Alternative Routes Part 2. If you want to take the shorter alternate route via some side roads, then you can read my article on how to get to Quiapo or Espana from West Avenue or Quezon Avenue via side roads. Please go to Quezon Ave-Araneta Ave Underpass: Alternative Routes Part 3

    Now, back to our topic. From Quezon Avenue, turn right onto West Avenue. It's the road where jeepneys with "Project 6" sign pass through. West Avenue runs from Quezon Avenue in a reverse diagonal T-intersection. You'll notice as if you're going back to EDSA, which is actually true. So, in a sense, you're consuming more energy on this first phase of the whole route, that is, if you're coming from areas of Centris, Philcoa or UP Diliman. You might find it more practical to take the route I prefer. That's gonna be on the second part of this direction guide.

    Next turn along West Avenue is Del Monte Avenue, a T-intersection with traffic lights to the left of West Avenue. Go turn left on Del Monte Avenue.

    Del Monte Avenue is approximately 3.6 kilometers from West Avenue up to A. Bonifacio Avenue where it ends. Before you get to A. Bonifacio Avenue, you must cross major intersections with traffic lights. These are Roosevelt Avenue and Gregorio Araneta Avenue, simply known as Araneta Avenue, the one intersecting Quezon Avenue in which the underpass will be constructed.

    Turn left on A. Bonifacio Avenue. I must remind you that Del Monte and A. Bonifacio is a junction of three major roads - A. Bonifacio Avenue, Del Monte Avenue and Mayon Avenue. Mayon Avenue is perpendicular to the left of Del Monte. So, don't make a sharp left to avoid getting onto Mayon. Instead, make a bending left and take the wide road with center island, that's A. Bonifacio Avenue.

    A. Bonifacio Avenue ends up in Blumentritt. Approximate distance from Del Monte to Blumentritt is 1.3 kilometer. Turn right onto Blumentritt. Change lane to the left of Blumentritt and drive past Dimasalang, a T-intersection left of Dimasalang, towards Aurora Boulevard road sign that you will immediately see. It's approximately 300 meters from A. Bonifacio to Aurora Boulevard.

    Make a sharp 'left turn' onto Aurora Boulevard. Avoid Isagani Street, a road that starts in the middle or in the corner of Aurora Boulevard and Blumentritt. Aurora is a wide road and it's one way from Blumentritt towards south. Almost all vehicles from Blumentritt go left on Aurora Boulevard. But I must repeat don't mistake Isagani Road as Aurora Boulevard. Aurora Boulevard is the one perpendicular to Blumentritt while Isagani is diagonal from Blumentritt. See map below.

    In Aurora Boulevard, change your lane to the rightmost. Next intersection with traffic lights along Aurora Boulevard is another junction where four roads meet - Dimasalang, Maceda, Retiro and Aurora Boulevard.

    If you cross the intersection and go straight up, you're going to Maceda. If you turn left, you're going to Retiro. If you make a sharp left, you're going to one way Dimasalang which is going towards north and back to Blumentritt. The only road to the right of Aurora Boulevard is the two way Dimasalang which runs towards south. Turn right onto Dimasalang. Again, I must remind you that you must be on the rightmost lane of Aurora Boulevard to take Dimasalang. There are three islands at this intersection and if you're on the wrong lane, you can't change it at the last minute.

    Next intersection along Dimasalang is Lacson Avenue, another main road and a wide street with big center island. Dimasalang runs diagonal to Lacson Avenue where it ends. Opposite Dimasalang to the other side of Lacson is Laon Laan which intersects Lacson Avenue in cross intersection.

    Here are your choices while waiting for green signal on Lacson Avenue. If you turn left on Lacson Avenue, you'll be heading towards UST, Espana Boulevard and Nagtahan Bridge, in that order. If you turn right onto Lacson Avenue, you'll be heading towards Tayuman Road, SM San Lazaro, Rizal Avenue and LRT-1 Tayuman Station. If you cross Lacson Avenue and turn right onto Laon Laan, you'll be heading towards Quezon Boulevard and onto Quiapo, Quezon Bridge, Lawton, Intramuros, Manila City Hall, SM City Manila, Ermita, Rizal Park, Manila Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstand, Manila Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, etc.

    Assuming you're going to Quiapo, go cross Lacson Avenue and take Laon Laan which is also wide and with center island. Approximate distance from Lacson Avenue to Quezon Boulevard is 340 meters. You will easily notice Quezon Boulevard because first, it's a main road, second, it's wide. Important reminder: You will not see any Quezon Boulevard signs in the supposed Quezon Boulevard road. Instead, what you'll see are road signs that read Alfonso Mendoza Street. Well, I can say that Alfonso Mendoza Street is Quezon Boulevard. Let's put it this way, if you turn right, it's Alfonso Mendoza, if you turn left, it's Quezon Boulevard. There's a Caltex Station at the right corner of Laon Laan and Alfonso Mendoza Street.

    Now, turn left on Quezon Boulevard, stay to the middle and drive straight up to get to Quiapo. You'll pass through Quezon Underpass and, from the distance, LRT-2 elevated track is visible.

    That's the end of the Alternative Route as authorities want you to take. Only, here, in complete details to help you travel stress free and with no fear. Just relax, be attentive to traffic signals, and follow these directions while driving and you'll be alright. I just took this alternative route from Centris Walk yesterday. Only with a little variation. It's on the second part of my direction guide on this particular alternative route.

    Here's the second part. If you just come from EDSA and you turn right onto Quezon Avenue or if you come from Elliptical Road and you pass through Quezon Avenue-EDSA Underpass, there's no need for you to get to West Avenue. It's way too far. You'll be getting back towards the direction of EDSA to get to Del Monte anyway, so, why don't take the short cut.

    How? Take Examiner Street. You can turn right onto Examiner anytime. There's no traffic light. Examiner is perpendicular to Quezon Avenue. It's a T-intersection to the right of Quezon Avenue although there's a road opposite it to the other side of Quezon Avenue which is Scout Albano. Approximately, Examiner Street is 550 meters away from EDSA.

    Stay to the outermost lane (rightmost) of Quezon Avenue so that it would be easy for you to turn right onto Examiner. A Bank of Commerce branch is situated at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Examiner. At the opposite corner is a Citibank branch.

    Drive on Examiner Street all the way to the other end which is in West Avenue. Turn left on West Avenue and drive on the outer lane (right lane) and turn right onto Del Monte Avenue, approximately, 310 meters from Examiner. From there, take the rest of directions I mentioned on the first part of this guide.

    Hope this guide helps you in any way. If it does, you can Like DirectionsOnWeb on Facebook..

    Watch out for my upcoming articles about roads, driving directions, alternative routes, commuters' directions, etc.

    Oh! Don't forget to see the maps.

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    Route Map from A. Bonifacio to Dimasalang

    Route Map from Dimasalang to Quezon Boulevard

    Route Map from Quezon Avenue to Del Monte via Examiner Street


    1. I discourage anyone to take Del Monte Ave as an alternative route. It's not a narrow road and aside from the fact that it's the favorite alternative route by the following vehicles; PUJs, Tricycles, Heavy Truck, and Container Van. You will prove me right once you're there so good luck.

    2. Thanks for your message of concern. Yeah you're right about PUJs on Del Monte Avenue. But as far as I know trucks and container vans are not allowed to pass through Del Monte. Besides, MMDA is the one who planned "Del Monte-A.Bonifacio-Blumentritt-Dimasalang" alternate route. So, I think they know better.