19 Jun 2011

Quezon Ave-Araneta Ave Underpass: Alternative Routes Part 2

  • 19 Jun 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Surely, it wouldn't be easy to shift to a different route when you're already accustomed to a very familiar one. There's a sense of apprehension over uncertainties like traffic situations on the new routes, safety, next turns at the end of the alternative routes, etc. Some people, especially women are not that innovative when it comes to driving. They stick to the roads they were born with. Fear grips them when the need to drive to very unfamiliar streets arises. Especially when Alternative Routes signs and news telecasts give notice as vague as this: "From Espana to EDSA, right turn on E. Rodriguez Sr. going to EDSA-Cubao interchange, and left on EDSA". Now, this advisory refers to only one direction.

    Motorists that pass through Quezon Avenue's east bound lane which is from Espana to EDSA head towards different locations, e.g. Timog Avenue, West Avenue, Philcoa, Elliptical Road, UP Diliman, etc.

    Enter Lagalag's Quezon Ave-Araneta Ave Underpass Alternative Routes' Guide Part 2

    Here, we're going to put in details the route you need to take to get to your particular destination. This post only tackles alternative route from Espana towards EDSA. Detailed alternative route from EDSA to Quiapo is discussed in previous article entitled Quezon Ave-Araneta Ave Underpass: Alternative Routes.

    From Espana Boulevard, turn right on E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue. This is the T-intersection that runs diagonal to the right of Espana where Mabuhay Rotonda or Welcome Rotonda monument is situated. This is the road to take if you're going to Araneta Center Cubao which is situated next to EDSA. Approximate distance from Welcome Rotunda in Espana to EDSA is 5.37 kilometers.

    If you're going to Timog, Tomas Morato, Kamuning, GMA-7 or ABS CBN, here's the route to take: From Espana, turn right onto E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue, stay to the middle and drive all the way to Tomas Morato Avenue. Tomas Morato Avenue is the only main road with traffic lights which is a T-intersection to the left of E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue. Approximate distance from Mabuhay or Welcome Rotunda to Tomas Morato is 3.4 kilometers. There are five intersections with traffic lights from Espana to Tomas Morato Avenue, namely Tuazon which is very near to Welcome Rotunda, Banawe Avenue, Araneta Avenue - the one intersecting Quezon Avenue in which the underpass is to be built, Gilmore Avenue - a T-intersection to the right, and Dona M. Hemady Street. You will also pass by Saint Lukes Medical Center, situated to the left of E. Rodriguez Sr approximately 527 meters before Gilmore.

    Turn left on Tomas Morato. First intersection with traffic light along Tomas Morato is Kamuning, a T-intersection to the right. Turn right onto Kamuning to get to Kamias, Project 2&3 and Sikatuna Village. You will cross EDSA in Kamuning-EDSA intersecion.

    If you'te going to Timog Avenue, cross Kamuning intersection. Next intersection with traffic lights is Roces Avenue. Turn left on Roces Avenue if you're going to Amoranto Stadium - just drive straight up and you get to see Amoranto to the left of Roces Avenue, Sogo Hotel - situated at Quezon Avenue corner Roces Avenue, and Scout Chuatoco - drive on Roces Avenue and turn left on Scout Reyes and the next street is Scout Chuatoco, which is the road going to Quezon Avenue area where Pegasus, Bureau of Fisheries, Kremlin, and U-turn of Roosevelt are located. Just turn right onto Scout Chuatoco to get to Quezon Avenue.

    After crossing Roces Avenue in Tomas Morato, next intersection is Timog Avenue where Boy Scout Circle is located. Go right in Timog if you're going to GMA7, left in Timog if you're going to MTRCB and go straight up along Tomas Morato if you're heading to ABS CBN, IL Terrazzo, etc. Of course, you need to pass through the Boy Scout Circle so just go with the traffic flow.

    If you prefer to pass through EDSA-Quezon Avenue Underpass on the way to UP Diliman, Philcoa, Fairview, Elliptical Road, Quezon Memorial Circle, Visayas Avenue and North Avenue instead of the "E. Rodrigues left to EDSA" route, you can take this direction: From E. Rodrigues Sr Avenue turn left on Tomas Morato Avenue. Drive on Tomas Morato all the way to its opposite end which is in Eugenio Lopez Avenue where ABS-CBN Headquarters is situated. Turn left on one way Eugenio Lopez. You get to see Pinoy Big Brother House to the left of Eugenio Lopez before you reach the intersection of Mother Ignacia, another road that borders ABS-CBN. As you would notice, Eugenio Lopez is diagonal to Mother Ignacia. I need to say that because, you need to cross Mother Ignacia and take the road perpendicular to Mother Ignacia. This road is called Scout Albano, and it ends up in Quezon Avenue where you turn right to get to EDSA-Quezon Avenue Underpass. See the map below. In Scout Albano, cross Panay Avenue, turn right onto Quezon Avenue, immediately change lane to the left and pass through the underpass. Now, you're on your usual track.

    If you prefer to follow the alternative route given by the authorities, stay to the middle of E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue and drive all the way to EDSA past Tomas Morato Avenue. But read this first:


    You need to pass through Aurora Boulevard first before you get to EDSA. You will pass though a small tunnel under Aurora Boulevard's Sta Mesa bound flyover. This flyover consists the interchange the authorities refer as EDSA-Cubao Interchange. If you look at the map below, E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue merges with Aurora Boulevard. You will take Aurora Boulevard and then from Aurora Boulevard, you will turn left onto EDSA.

    Reminder: Aurora Boulevard and EDSA intersection is a bulwark of public jeepneys from different locations heading to far distant location east of Metro Manila. So, expect heavy traffic in that area. Drive on the leftmost lane even if you're still far from the tunnel to avoid being stuck in the traffic.

    In EDSA, you can take East Avenue to get to Fairview, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City Hall, Elliptical Road, UP Diliman, Ayala UP Technopark, Visayas Avenue, North Avenue, etc. Avoid getting onto EDSA-Kamuning flyover and take EDSA Service Roads, then turn right onto East Avenue.

    Route Map from Tomas Morato Ave to Quezon Ave-EDSA Underpass

    Route Map from E. Rodriguez Sr Ave to EDSA


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