2 Jul 2011

Behind The Posts: Travel To Bicol From Tutuban to Naga Via Bicol Express

  • 2 Jul 2011
  • Lagalag

  • I'd always thought of the traffic situation in Divisoria. I was not comfortable with the way traffic enforcers managed the traffic flow in the area particularly in the intersection of Recto Avenue and Abad Santos Avenue.

    This blog is about directions. I must be accurate on what I publish. And I owe it to the readers that the directions I write to a particular place not only exist but they must be the easiest route to take.

    Divisoria is notorious for being one of the most traffic congested districts in Metro Manila. Being the premier market and shopping district, crowd that flock here daily become the major factors that cause vehicular traffic in the main roads. Shoppers, illegal and sidewalk vendors, pedestrians and stubborn pedicab drivers seem to form webs that blockade the moving vehicles and cause them to a halt. The result is a bottleneck that looks forever to extricate.

    Most people would go to Tutuban Mall to get to PNR Tutuban Station. If they're riding a jeepney bound for Divisoria, they'll wait till the jeep gets near the mall, then they'll alight and walk to the station which is more than half a kilometer from where they alight.

    Here's what I've done to make sure I would get the accurate directions for commuters going to PNR Tutuban Station.

    I took a taxi at Recto-Avenida, it headed towards Divisoria. I saw some improvement in the area, e.g. pedestrian overpasses in all sides of Recto and Abad Santos intersection. There's no crossing for all vehicles at Abad Santos towards Divisoria. Vehicles must turn right onto Abad Santos. Now, this is new. Before, all jeepneys could cross Abad Santos towards Divisoria. Today, they either make a U-turn or instructed to go right on Abad Santos. All you see to the other side of Recto are thick crowd from different directions - all kinds of them. If you walk from here to Tutuban Station, it's going to be almost 800 meters.

    We just turned right onto Abad Santos Avenue. I instructed the driver to go and take the innerlane of Abad Santos and see if there's a major intersection with left traffic signal. Until I saw Mayhaligue. We took that direction and we got to PNR Tutuban Station at no time.

    I've been using Jose Abad Santos Station of LRT-1 everytime I go to Divisoria even before. For me, it's more convenient to pass here compare to Doroteo Jose if you're going there by jeepney. Yes, you will walk a bit far before you get to ride a jeep, but the thing is, I've never experienced being stuck in the traffic as much as in Recto.

    But the most revolutionary way of getting to PNR Tutuban for me is the one I discovered via LRT-1 Doroteo Jose Station. Just a few meters form the stairs of the station is the terminal of pedicabs and motored tricycle where you can ride one that will take you right in front of the main entrance of PNR Tutuban Station in a breeze. It's the nearest LRT-1 Station to Tutuban Station. If I'm carrying a heavy luggage, this route is good for me.

    I discovered this direction, when I saw a tricycle just outside the door of PNR. It's about to rain so I quickly got in and asked the driver where's the nearest LRT-1 Station. He quickly answered "Bambang". He charged me 50.00 and took me to Bambang Station real quick.

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