17 Jul 2011

How To Get To Buildings Along & Near Ayala Avenue From MRT VIII

  • 17 Jul 2011
  • Lagalag

  • In our article dated July 16, 2011, scores of corporate buildings and institutions located to the right of Ayala Avenue from EDSA are given walking directions from the unloading zone between Paseo de Roxas and V.A. Rufino Street. That's the second unloading area from EDSA. If you want to know the location of the first unloading zone along Ayala Avenue from EDSA, click here. Because in Makati CBD, t's important that you know where to get off the jeepney or bus to avoid a lot of inconveniences.

    In this post, our subjects are the counterparts of those offices to the right of Ayala Avenue. These are the old buildings located to the left of Ayala Avenue (from EDSA), particularly those medium rise buildings behind those wall to wall huge corporate offices along the left side of Ayala Avenue. Speaking of those, you get to familiarize yourself with all the buildings on both sides of Ayala Avenue in Part III, Part IV and Part V of our topic on how to get to the buildings along and near Ayala Avenue.

    Before we cut to the chase, here are the names of important buildings that we will tackle today:

    Angela Plaza
    Basic Petroleum Building formerly DAO II
    BSA Suites
    Cattleya Gardens
    Citiland III
    Corner Exchange
    Cypress Gardens
    Dolmar Gold Tower
    Dona Angela's Garden
    E&M Lopez II Building
    Electra House

    Feliza Building
    Glass Tower
    Greenbelt Park Place
    Jose Cojuangco & Sons
    Medical Towers
    OPL Building
    Plaza One Hundred
    Sage House
    Spirits of Communication Center
    Sterling Centre
    Veterans Bank

    After you got off the jeepney from EDSA at the second unloading zone which is located between Paseo de Roxas and V.A. Rufino Street, there are two ways to choose from: Walk towards V.A. Rufino Street and use the pedestrian underpass to get to the other side of Ayala or walk towards Paseo de Roxas and use pedestrian underpass there to get to the other corner of Ayala and Paseo de Roxas.

    Use the pedestrian underpass in V.A. Rufino if you're going to any of the following buildings: Cypress Gardens, Sage House, Feliza Building, Angela Plaza, Plaza One Hundred, Veterans Bank, Medical Towers, Citiland III, Electra House, and Sterling Centre.

    Use the pedestrian underpass in Paseo de Roxas if you're going to any of the following buildings: Jose Cojuangco & Sons, BSA Suites, Dolmar Gold Tower, E&M Lopez II, Cattleya Gardens, Glass Tower, Greenbelt Park Place, Dona Angela's Garden, Spirits of Communications Center, Basic Petroleum Building, and OPL Building.

    In V.A. Rufino pedestrian underpass, cross Ayala Avenue. There's two exits when you get to the other side. One exit has a sign pointing to Paseo de Roxas. Another exit has a sign pointing to Gil Puyat. Take the exit with the sign pointing to Gil Puyat. You're not going to Gil Puyat. It's just a sign that means that exit is towards Gil Puyat. Now, go to the corner of Ayala Avenue and V.A. Rufino and walk along V.A. Rufino Street until you get to the next intersection which is Dela Rosa Street. Veterans Bank is situated at the opposite corner of Rufino and Dela Rosa. Next to it is the Medical Towers, followed by Citiland III. Between
    Citiland III and Medical Towers is a narrow street. After Citiland III is a road called Esteban Street. At the corner of Esteban and Rufino streets is the old building called Corner Exchange. Next to Corner Exchange along Esteban Street is Electra House. These buildings are all to the right side of V.A. Rufino from Dela Rosa.

    Located to the left side of V.A. Rufino Street from the corner of Dela Rosa are these buildings: First building which is at the corner of Rufino and Dela Rosa - Plaza One Hundred. Followed by Angela Plaza. Third is Feliza Building, followed by Sage House, and next to it is Cypress Gardens.

    Sterling Center is along Dela Rosa Street next to Veterans Bank.

    Now, see the building map below. Red pins represent the buildings. Click each pin to see the name of the building. The walking directions to the other buildings on the list above which are accessible from Paseo de Roxas pedestrian underpass will be tackled on our next post.

    Building Map

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