31 Jul 2011

Walking Directions To Ortigas Buildings From MRT Shaw Station

  • 31 Jul 2011
  • Lagalag

  • This article shows you the walking directions from MRT Shaw Station to the important institutions and buildings located to the south-west part of Ortigas Center. Below are the names of these significant places. Check if your destination is listed here, then read the directions that start at the train station. If your building destination is not listed here, visit other chapters of how to get to the buildings in Ortigas Center, click HERE.

    Citiland Shaw Tower
    Crossing Department Stores
    EDSA Shangri-La Hotel
    Lourdes School of Mandaluyong
    Medical Plaza
    One San Miguel Avenue

    Richmonde Hotel
    San Miguel Properties Centre
    Shangri-La Plaza Mall
    SM Mega Mall Building B
    St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church
    The Alegro @ Sonata
    The St. Francis Shangri-La Place

    Here's how to get to any of these buildings from MRT Shaw Station:

    MRT Shaw Station is big. If you get out via wrong exit, you'll get to the wrong side. And it's long before you get to right directions because you need to wait for pedestrian green signals, it's a long wait because this is a crossing of two busy main thoroughfares. So, if you want to get to your destination real quick, follow this: If you get off the train from Taft Station, use the escalator located towards the front of the train. If the train you're riding comes from North Station, the escalator to take is the one near to the rear of the train. From the turnstiles (exit machines), go right. That's the side going to Ortigas Center south-west area.

    Shaw Station is connected to Shangri-La Plaza Mall, just go straight and enter the mall at the end of the walkway. Crossing Department Store is inside Shangri-La Plaza. Just go down to the lobby, take the hallway that goes south east and walk past National Bookstore. Crossing Department Store is to the other end of the mall.

    Going to SM Mega Mall Building B, where Cyberzone is situated at fourth level, take the stairs to the left of MRT walkway. In the ground, just walk and cross Internal Avenue (you'll see the road sign) until you get to the open parking space that leads to the entrance of SM Mega Mall B.

    From the foot of the stairs, go right at the corner of Shangri-La Plaza building. Walk along the edge of the mall past main entrance until you see the signage of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel to the left of Internal Avenue. Use the pedestrian lane to get to the side entrance of the hotel down the slope. The St. Francis Shangri-La Place also known as The St. Francis Shangri-La Towers 1 & 2 is situated next to Shangri-La Plaza Mall along Internal Avenue. Just walk past the sign of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel and towards the end of Internal Avenue until you get to the tall twin tower skyscraper which is exactly situated at the corner of Internal Avenue and Saint Francis Street. That's St. Francis Shangrila-la Place.

    St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church is just across St. Francis Street opposite the corner of Internal Avenue. Now, if you go right from Internal Avenue corner St. Francis Street, you get to Shaw Boulevard where Citiland Shaw Tower stands next to St. Francis Shangri-La Place. The entrance of Lourdes School of Mandaluyohg is just across St. Francis Shangri-La Place.

    If you go left on St. Francis Street from Internal Avenue, you'll see San Miguel Properties Centre building from the distance, situated to the right of St. Francis Street. To go there, you need to cross St. Francis Street first from the corner of Internal Avenue. Walk along St. Francis, cross Lourdes Drive, to get to the building. The Alegro is situated right at the corner of Lourdes Drive and St. Francis Street, just before the San Miguel Porperties Centre building. Richmonde Hotel is situated to the other end of Lourdes Drive. Just walk along Lourdes Drive up to San Miguel Avenue. Richmonde Hotel is across San Miguel Avenue, to the other corner. Medico is opposite Richmonde Hotel to the left cornner. And Medical Plaza is next to Medico along San Miguel Avenue.

    If you're going to One San Miguel Avenue building which is situated at the corner of Shaw Boulevard and San Miguel Avenue, follow this: From the turnstile, walk towards the entrance of Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Before you get to the mall entrance there's stairs to the right of the walkway that leads to the ground where EDSA and Shaw Boulevard intersects. Take that stairs to get to the corner, go left on Shaw Boulevard, walk past Shangri-la Plaza, cross St. Francis Street until you get to San Miguel Avenue where this skyscraper stands. It's only 8 to 12-minute walk and the distance between EDSA and San Miguel Avenue is approximately 492 meters. If it's way too far for you to walk, then read the article that explains how to commute to the buildings located along San Miguel Avenue from MRT Shaw Station. Click HERE.

    Click the red pins to see the building names.

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