7 Dec 2011

Christmas Lanes 2011: From EDSA To Baclaran

  • 7 Dec 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Here's how to get to Baclaran via new Christmas Lane also known as Mabuhay Lanes.

    Take EDSA's southbound lane and drive all the way past Magallanes to Pasay driving on lanes under "Baclaran" road signs. Take the "left turn flyover" next to Magallanes flyover. This flyover is bound for NAIA and Domestic Airport and will take you to Aurora Blvd (Pasay) also known as Tramo. Drive all the way to the other end of Aurora Blvd and turn right onto Airport Road also known as Andrews Avenue in which Aurora Blvd ends. In Airport Road, drive all way past Domestic Road, a main road perpendicular to the left and then cross Quirino Avenue, a major intersection with traffic lights, and then turn right onto the service road of Roxas Blvd.

    Now, you're headed to Redemptorist Church and Redemptorist Road. Turn right onto Redemptorist Road and head towards the gate of Redemptorist Church, make right and park your car right there.

    Here's a tip. Parking your car inside Baclaran Church is safe alright, but getting out is a headache because of traffic. What I do every time I go to Baclaran to buy some stuff is to park in front of McDonald's. I would have some snack, leave the car there, do some shopping and bring them all back to my car. I sometimes hired pedicab when I have too much to carry. That way, getting out of Baclaran is a breeze. I just take either service road of Roxas Blvd and turn right onto EDSA or take Roxas Blvd on my way home to QC.

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