7 Dec 2011

Christmas Lanes 2011: From EDSA To Greenhills

  • 7 Dec 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Christmas Lanes are alternate routes created by MMDA to help private motorists get around Metro Manila to avoid traffic during Christmas Season. Also known as Mabuhay Lanes, these alternate routes are also used all year round.

    Here's how to get to Greenhills from EDSA via one of the Christmas Lanes. Take southbound lane of EDSA and turn right onto Connecticut. If you're not familiar, here are the landmarks. MRT-3 Santolan Station is the nearest train station. Drive past MRT-3 Station. First road to the right of EDSA next to MRT-3 Station is Annapolis Street. Drive past Annapolis Street and turn right onto the next street which is Connecticut. There's a Caltex Gasoline Station at the right corner of EDSA and Connecticut. Opposite Caltex, at the left corner is KFC. Approximate distance between Annapolis Street and Connecticut Street is 550 meters. Drive on Connecticut up to the next junction. Connecticut makes left while a short road appears to the right. You can take Connecticut all the way to its other end which is in Ortigas Avenue. Turn right onto Ortigas Avenue. Keep driving straight and turn right onto Wilson Street and look for a parking entrance. What I do is to take Club Filipino which is past Wilson Street. In Club Filipino I turn right onto the next street to Ortigas Avenue inside Greenhills Shopping Center Complex and immediately right there is the parking area. Back in Connecticut, you can also make right at the road to the right that I've mentioned earlier. Then make right and them left towards Greenhills Shopping Center and follow the road where a lot of Parking Buildings are located along the street.

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