9 Dec 2011

Christmas Lanes 2011: To Quiapo Via Ayala Blvd

  • 9 Dec 2011
  • Lagalag

  • This Christmas Lane can be used by private motorists from Roxas Blvd, Mabini, T.M. Kalaw, Padre Burgos and Taft Avenue. Christmas Lanes are known also as Mabuhay Lanes and can be used as alternate routes anytime of the year to avoid bottlenecks in main thoroughfares.

    Ayala Blvd is the road next to T.M. Kalaw if you're driving on Taft Avenue's northbound lane. That means you're coming from Pedro Gil and U.N. Avenue.

    From Taft Avenue - Turn right onto Ayala Blvd.

    From Roxas Boulevard - Turn right onto T.M. Kalaw, turn left on Taft Ave (LRT runs above Taft), then turn right onto Ayala Blvd.

    From Mabini Street - Right to Kalaw, left on Taft and turn right onto Ayala Blvd.

    From Padre Burgos Street - Take the lane under road signs that read "Malacanang", "Finance Rd" and "Ayala Blvd" which is to the right of Padre Burgos. Keep driving straight and cross Taft Ave.

    Drive on the middle of Ayala Blvd all the way, cross Pasig River via Ayala Bridge. Immediately change lane to the left and turn left on Carlos Palanca Sr Street, the first intersection with traffic lights.

    Carlos Palanca Sr goes directly to Quiapo. Check if you can park your car along Carlos Palanca before doing so. It might be "Tow-Away Zone" by now. Or you can turn right onto the service road headed to Quezon Blvd where a Pay Parking compound is situated somewhere before pedestrian overpass. What I do whenever I go to Quiapo is to park at customers' parking of Andok's Restaurant, which is located past pedestrian overpass before C.M. Recto Avenue. I would have some meal then I walk towards Quiapo Church.

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