14 Oct 2012

LRT-1 Quirino Station Routes & Destinations

  • 14 Oct 2012
  • Lagalag

  • There are so many maritime corporations and seaman-hiring companies as well as POEA accredited recruitment agencies located around LRT-1 Quirino Station. Some of them have their own buildings while others are housed in multi-story buildings. I created this guide for job seekers that don't know how to get to their respective recruiter's address here. Aside from OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) destinations, scores of restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs are also accessible via this train station. By commute, it's much nearer to use Quirino Station if you're headed to Remedios Circle as there are jeepneys you can take to Adriatico St and other paralleled roads from which Malate's nightlife attraction is a stone's throw away. You can also get to Malate Church faster from this station, just take jeepney with "Dakota Harrison Plaza" sign with its loading bay located right below the station.

    Marc 2000 Tower
    It's always best to get to where you're headed as fast as you can. Especially if you're from outside of Metro Manila, e.g., Pampanga, Bulacan, Tarlac, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Quezon Province, etc. After a bus route to Manila, nothing compares to taking a LRT train to get to your destination. In this article, I will guide you to buildings and institutions that can be reached on foot or a short jeepney ride from LRT-1 Quirino Ave Station.

    Check if your destination is listed below and then read the rest of this article to guide yourself in getting there. Important: If your destination is listed, please read the whole article until you get to the part in which your destination is given direction. I created this to help you out so please be patient while reading. Use the maps I created for your convenience and to help you even more. There are eight maps in this guide including the zoomed out version where you can see how far a building is from LRT-1 Quirino Station.

    Adriatico Executive Center
    Amf Puyat Bowling
    AMF-Puyat Bowling Inn
    Ang Bistro sa Remedios
    Apotolic Nunciature
    Aurora Quezon Elem School
    Bureau of Plant Industry
    Casa de Antonio Pension Inn
    Club Socialista
    Commission on Filipinos Overseas
    COMPASS - Competent Maritime Professionals & Sea Staff
    Cowboy Grill Remedios
    Diamond Rose Human Resources & Services Corp
    Dona Felisa Syjuco Bldg
    Dona Mercedes Bldg
    Dulo-Zobel Roxas bound jeepneys
    E-Games by Philweb
    Eligardi Building
    Estrella Condominium
    FBIC Reefer Center
    Felisas Building
    FFW Bldg
    Forex Building
    FSR Building
    Full Speed
    Garden Brew Pension Inn
    Green Residences
    Guieb Building
    Ideal Placement
    Jollibee San Andres
    Junnil Building
    Korean Palace
    Leon Guinto Townhomes III
    Leonis Bldg
    Lolo Dad's
    M&M Placement Int'l Inc
    Malate Bayview Mansion
    Malate Crown Plaza
    Man Maritime Inc
    Manila Int'l Recruitment Services Inc MIRSI
    Manila Zoo

    Marc 1971 Taft Ave
    Marc 2000
    Marlow Navigation Dormitory
    Medbulk Maritime Management Corp
    Mercury Drug
    Metro view
    Minerva Marine Agency Inc
    NAESS House
    NICFUR Building
    Ninoy Aquino Stadium
    Only You Bar & Music Lounge
    Our Lady of Remedies Catholic Center
    Our Lady of Remedies Parish aka Malate Church
    Our Lady of Remedios School
    Pearl Grace Ship Management Inc
    Philippine Academy of Family Physicians
    PRC-Zapote and Guadalupe bound jeepneys
    Puregold San Andres
    Remedios Circle
    Rosario Reyes Health Center
    Royal Medicheck Inc
    Ruby Ann Building
    RVA Building
    San Andres bound jeepneys
    San Andres Market
    San Andres Sports Complex
    San Marcelino Medical Clinic
    Sherwood Plaza
    SMS Valesco Strategic Manpower Solutions
    Stardust Bar & Resto
    Stargazer KTV Bar
    STI College
    Sunway Int'l Manpower Services Inc
    Taft Business Center
    The Hue House Massage
    The M-Bay Health Spa
    Tropical Harbour Bar
    V-Zone KTV
    Vegetarian Food Center
    Vellagio Tower
    Victoria Manor
    Zigo Bar & Restaurant

    How To Get To Buildings And Institutions Around LRT-1 Quirino Station

    Commission on Filipinos Overseas
    Below is the vicinity map where LRT-1 Quirino Station is located. As you can see, it's the intersection of Taft Ave and President Quirino Ave.

    The two main thoroughfares intersect each other in letter X form. San Andres St served as strike-through of letter X intersection. So you're looking at a letter X (Taft and Quirino avenues) with a horizontal line (San Andres) through its center.

    Walk or ride a jeepney along San Andres St to get to these places:

    Along San Andres St from Taft Ave towards Manila Bay (west of Taft Ave)

    San Andres Sports Complex
    San Andres left side from Taft: Bureau of Plant Industry, followed by San Andres Market which followed by a commercial building where a Mercury Drug is situated. San Andres Sports Complex is next and Dona Mercedes Bldg followed it.

    Malate Crown Plaza - Man Maritime & V-Zone
    San Andres right side from Taft: Marc 2000 Tower is at the corner of Taft and San Andres, followed by an open space and a building then Antonio Vasquez St. Another property of Bureau of Plant Industry and next to it is Aurora Quezon Elem School. Luis Maria Guerero St and at the corner is Puregold San Andres. Take Guerero St to get to Medbulk Maritime Management Corp which is located at the unfinished twin towers tall building you see from afar. Malate Crown Plaza (Man Maritime and V-Zone are located here) is the tall building that you see towards the other end of San Andres but located exactly at the left corner of Adriatico St. You can ride a jeepney in getting there if you hate walking, the sign of jeepney is "Dakota Harrison" and it will ultimately pass by Manila Zoo, ask driver to drop you off there. Loading is at the corner of Taft and San Andres.

    Malate Bayview Mansion
    There's a Jollibee (corner of Maria Orosa St) after Puregold. Rosario Reyes Health Center is up ahead. Next intersection is Jorge Bacobo, alight here from the jeepney if you're riding, walk along Bacobo to get to Remedios Circle. Bacobo is followed by Adriatico St. The jeepney will turn left to Adriatico on its way to Manila Zoo, so alight at this corner where Malate Crown Plaza is located. Take Adriatico St, right side of San Andres to get to Malate Bayview Mansion, the tall building with its name you can make out even while still on the train. The building is located opposite Remedios Circle.

    Korean Palace is opposite Tropical Harbour in Remedios Circle
    At the right corner of Adriatico and San Andres is a bank, second building is Adriatico Executive Center while on the left side of Adreatico is FBIC Reefer Center. As you walk towards Malate Bayview Mansion - Stardust, Stargazer and Only you are next to each other, right side of Adriatico St before Remedios Circle. Once you get to Remedios Circle, Korean Palace is visible from the distance (corner of Remedios St). Ang Bistro sa Remedios is to your left followed by Tropical Harbour. Turn left to Remedios St and you'll immediately see Cowboy Grill, Insomnia, Dematisse and Club Socialista. The Hue House Massage is seen from Remedios Circle Park.

    If you walk along San Andres straight past Adriatico, you get to Catholic Center Our Lady of Remedies, Our Lady of Remedios Catholic School and Our Lady of Remedies Parish aka Malate Church located at the corner of Mabini and San Andres.

    Click each red pin to reveal building names.

    Quirino Ave West of Taft Ave

    Left side of Quirino Ave from Taft towards Manila Bay: Second building is where E-Games Philweb is located. Zigo Bar is next and up ahead is M-Bay Health Spa.

    The M-Bay Health Spa

    Click each red pin to get building names.

    Quirino Ave East of Taft Ave

    Walk along the left side of Quirino Ave from the train station towards SLEX or Osmena Highway: NICFUR Building is at the corner of Taft and Quirino. Lolo Dad's is not far from Taft. BSM entrance is along Leon Guinto St, next to Taft, just turn left from Quirino and you'll see the tall building up ahead, left of Leon Guinto. Jeepneys bound for San Andres Bukid, PRC and Guadalupe take Leon Guinto and cross Quirino Ave.

    BSM Building in Leon Guinto near Quirino Ave

    Leonis Bldg is located at the corner of Guinto and Quirino, you'll see its name from afar. It is followed by the big building of Metro View where Royal Medicheck Inc and FILHIGH-GNS INC are also located. Victoria Manor is located at the next corner which is Agoncillo St. Pearl Grace Ship Management Inc is next to Victoria Manor along Agoncillo St. Next important building along Quirino Ave is Guieb Building followed by Forex Building which is at the corner of Marcelino St. Vegetarian Food Center is located at this building. M&M PLACEMENT INT'L INC is up ahead, located at the corner of Singalong St. Jeepneys with "Dulo-Zobel Roxas" sign take Singalong and cross Quirino Ave.

    Metro View - Royal Medicheck Inc & FILHIGH-GNS INC

    If your destination is the Commission on Filipinos Overseas building, walk further as it is located near corner of SLEX aka Osmena Highway which is perpendicular to the right of Quirino Ave. You get to pass by Ideal Placement and Junnil Building, in that order after San Bartolome St, before Commission on Filipinos Overseas. There are no jeepneys from Taft to Osmena via Quirino so you need to walk approximately 750 meters from Taft Ave to its location. There are areas with informal settlers so be alert and cautious.

    Sunway Int'l Manpower Services

    Walk along the right side of Quirino Ave from the train station towards SLEX: McDonald's is the first establishment, followed by Vellagio Tower located at the corner of Leon Guinto and Quirino Ave. Felisa Bldg is located at the corner of San Pascual St. Diamond Human Resources Services Corp is located at the ground floor of this building. MIRSI or Manila Int'l Recruitment Services Inc is at the corner of San Marcelino St and Eligardi Bldg is situated at the corner of Modesto St. Sunway Int'l Manpower Services is visible from the distance because of its striking signage. Full Speed building is located at the corner of the last street before Osmena Highway which is Anak Bayan.

    Full Speed Building

    Click red pins to reveal more information.

    San Andres St East of LRT-1 Quirino Station

    Estrella Condominium is next to Jollibee along the right side of San Andres, it is opposite McDonald's. Ruby Ann Building is along the left side of San Andres corner of Leon Guinto St. Turn right to Leon Guinto St from San Andres to get to these buildings: Left side of Leon Guinto - Marlow Navigation Dormitory, San Marcelino Medical Clinic and Leon Guinto Townhomes III. Right side of Leon Guinto - just walk from the corner of San Andres past the gates of Apostolic Nunciature until you get to NAESS House.

    Marlow Navigation Dormitory as seen from LRT Quirino Station

    Click the red pins on the map.

    Along Taft Ave Towards Baclaran

    Left side from Quirino: A commercial building is located at the corner of San Andres. Apostolic Nunciature is the third building from Quirino Ave. Walk further until you get to Philippine Academy of Family Physicians. Immediately next to it is the Sherwood Place.

    Philippine Academy of Family Physicians building along Taft Ave

    Sherwood Place along Taft Ave near La Salle

    Right side from Quirino Ave: Two buildings at the corner of Quirino Ave. Then there's the STI College, followed by Taft Business Center. Garden Brew Pension Inn is next. Walk further till you get to Arthur's. And then there'w the under construction Green Residences.

    Taft Business Center

    Arthur's Tailoring building along Taft Ave

    Please click the red pins on the map.

    Along Taft Ave Towards Monumento

    At the northwest corner of Taft Ave and San Andres, is the tall building of Marc 2000 Tower with its name visible from the train station. Next to it is Marc Taft 1971 followed by a building where SMS Valesco Strategic Manpower Solutions Inc and Minerva Marine Agency Inc are located. As you walk further, these buildings come next to each other in this order: Natasha, FFW Building, AMF-Puyat Bowling Inn and Billiard Center, Sundance (F/X Fashion Exchange) and COMPASS Competent Maritime Professionals & Sea Staff Training Center Inc. Dona Felisa Syjuco Building is located at the northeast corner of Taft Ave and Remedios St, the road next to Quirino Ave. RVA Building is at southeast corner of Remedios and Taft opposite Dona Felisa Syjuco Building.

    COMPASS Competent Maritime Professionals Training Center

    SMS Valesco Strategic Manpower Solutions Inc

    AMP-Puyat Bowling & Billiard Center

    Dona Felisa Syjuco Building

    RVA Building

    Clicking the red pins on the map will reveal building names.

    Photos of other buildings and establishments

    McDonald's Quirino Ave-Taft-San Andres Branch

    Vellagio Tower

    Pearl Grace Ship Management Inc

    Ang Bistro Sa Remedios

    Guieb Building

    Estrella Condominium

    Leonis Building

    Marlow Navigation Dormitory

    MIRSI - Manila Int'l Recruitment Services Inc

    Bureau of Plant Industry

    Remedios Circle Park

    Ruby Ann Building

    Victoria Manor Building in Qurino Ave near LRT Station

    Building Map Around Lrt-1 Quirino Station


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