18 Nov 2012

Ayala Triangle Gardens Restaurants & Parking Areas

  • 18 Nov 2012
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  • This article is a sequel of our post entitled "How To Get To Ayala Triangle Gardens". In that article as the title implies, people who don't have any idea of its location will learn how to commute and drive from different parts of Metro Manila to one of Makati's premier attractions which is also the site of annual lights & sounds show which happens every holiday season in the Philippines. This second part gives motorists the information on the location of Ayala Triangle parking area and how to get there after dropping off passengers at the drop-off area along Ayala Ave frontage of Ayala Triangle Gardens. Directions to alternative parking area near to Glorietta are also given here. We also have the list of Restaurants at Ayala Triangle Gardens for those who want to know if their favorite dining destination is located there.

    Where To Park In Ayala Triangle Gardens

    The parking area available for those who want to visit Ayala Triangle Gardens is located at the basement of Ayala Triangle Tower One & Exchange Plaza where the Philippine Stock Exchange is currently housed.

    If you're taking Ayala Ave from EDSA or Makati Ave, drop off your companions at the drop-off area of Tower One & Exchange Plaza, then as soon as you get back on Ayala Ave, turn right onto Paseo de Roxas, and you will immediately see the entrance of the Parking which is available 24/7 according to my source. We don't have any information as to how much is their rate as of this moment.

    Parking Near Glorietta And Short Walk Away To Ayala Triangle Gardens

    Some people might prefer to park in any parking available at Glorietta area for variety of reasons. There are those who want to go shopping or watch a movie after seeing the light & sound show and they don't want to incur double expenses on parking fees. While others want to save on gas and prefer to walk a little bit to and from Ayala Triangle Gardens. If you are among them, here is an alternate parking located at Glorietta area.

    The car park conveniently accessible for those coming to Ayala Triangle Gardens but situated at Glorietta and Landmark Makati is located at The Link, the middle rise building located between Makati Shangri-La Hotel and Landmark Makati along Makati Ave.

    Here's how to get there. From BGC, take McKinley Rd and cross EDSA to take Ayala Ave. From EDSA's northbound lane, turn left on Ayala Ave. From EDSA's southbound lane, turn right onto Ayala Ave.

    Now in Ayala Ave, change lane to the left and take any of these two directions. First direction: Turn left on Courtyard Drive, the road between Glorietta 5 and Rustan's. There's also a road sign that reads "Courtyard Drive" attached to the traffic light post. Immediately, you will see a sign that reads "The Link Carpark" at the next corner of the street paralleled to Ayala Ave. Turn right onto that one way street and drive all the way past one intersection. the road bends to the left and you will immediately see the the signage of the building which reads "The Link". The parking entrance is easy to see as well. Second direction: If traffic along left-turn lane to Courtyard Dr is a bit heavy, you might drive past it and take the next street perpendicular to the left of Ayala Ave which is "Parkway Drive". There's also sign attached to the traffic post that reads "Parkway Drive". Make left and turn right onto the next street where you will immediately see The Link building. Drive towards it and turn right onto the parking entrance.

    Walk direction to Ayala Triangle Gardens from The Link Carpark. Use the elevator to get to the ground and walk towards Makati Ave. Walk along Makati Ave towards Ayala Ave. Use the pedestrian underpasses first to get to the other corner of Ayala Ave and Makati Ave and second to get to the right side of Ayala Ave then walk towards Tower One, the tall building at the corner of Ayala Ave and Paseo de Roxas. Once there, you will immediately see Ayala Triangle Gardens.

    Note: There are times that you don't need to use underpasses along Makati Ave and Ayala Ave especially during weekend and after seven pm on weekdays, if I am not mistaken. I have tried them already. Here's how. In front of PLDT Building along Makati Avenue which is opposite Shangri-la Hotel, there's this small gap on the island fencing that they open on off-peak hours for pedestrians. Watch for it and use it with care. Vehicular traffic might block the view to that small gate so you might look for it a little longer. Another similar opening on the island fence along Ayala Ave is located between Makati Ave and Paseo de Roxas. There's a handicap pedestrian symbol attached to that gap on the island fence and pedestrians can only use it during off-peak hours unless you are on a handicapped wheelchair. Important: I don't recommend the use of these small gaps on the island fences if you are accompanying children and youngsters for obvious reasons. Pedestrian underpasses in Makati are well-maintained and with upward escalators. For your family's safety, use the underpass. On the other hand, if you are an adult, it is on your own discretion.

    Restaurants At Ayala Triangle Gardens

    Here are the restaurants inside Ayala Triangle Gardens as they stand next to each other from Light & Sound Show towards Makati Ave: Golden Spoon, Banapple, BFast, Bon Chon, Coffeebean, Momo Cafe, Bread Talk, Wee Nam Kee, Kanin Club, Omakase, Amici and Caramia.

    Note: The list is based on what I see on my last visit to Ayala Triangle Gardens which is today. Restaurant businesses come and go so the restaurants that you actually see at ATG might differ to the ones on my list as restaurants are also subject to change.

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