16 Apr 2013

Distance to a MRT-3 Station from Another

  • 16 Apr 2013
  • Lagalag

  • Knowing the distance is so important in travelling. In a very populous city like Metro Manila where commuter trains play major role in daily commute for the majority, one has an advantage if he knows the distance between two train stations. Why? Because our commuter trains are always jam-packed especially during peak hours. Walking to your destination located near to the next station instead of squeezing yourself into a jam-packed train is sometimes more practical. Furthermore, if your destination is way too far from your current location, then at least you know how far you're going to travel.

    MRT Magallanes Station mapHere is the first of our series about approximate distances between Metro Manila train stations. And this particular guide I have created is for MRT-3 Metrostar which is also known as Metro Rail Transit LIne-3. Watch for upcoming posts about distance between two stations of LRT-1, LRT-2 and the PNR Commuter Train.

    Approximate Distance Between MRT-3 Stations

    Vice Versa

    North AveQuezon Ave Station1.22 km
    North AveGMA Kamuning Station2.19 km
    North AveAraneta Center Cubao4.09 km
    North AveSantolan Annapolis Station5.55 km
    North AveOrtigas Station7.87 km
    North AveShaw Blvd Station8.69 km
    North AveBoni Ave Station9.74 km
    North AveGuadalupe Station10.51 km
    North AveBuendia Station12.38 km
    North AveAyala Station13.32 km
    North AveMagallanes Station14.57 km
    North AveTaft Ave Station16.52 km
    Quezon AveGMA Kamuning0.94 km
    Quezon AveAraneta Center Cubao2.83 km
    Quezon AveSantolan Annapolis Station4.3 km
    Quezon AveOrtigas Station6.64 km
    Quezon AveShaw Blvd Station7.45 km
    Quezon AveBoni Ave Station8.48 km
    Quezon AveGuadalupe Station9.27 km
    Quezon AveBuendia Station11.14 km
    Quezon AveAyala Station12.07 km
    Quezon AveMagallanes Station13.32 km
    Quezon AveTaft Ave Station15.3 km
    GMA KamuningAraneta Center Cubao1.85 km
    GMA KamuningSantolan Annapolis3.32 km
    GMA KamuningOrtigas Station5.66 km
    GMA KamuningShaw Blvd Station6.49 km
    GMA KamuningBoni Ave Station7.51 km
    GMA KamuningGuadalupe Station8.30 km
    GMA KamuningBuendia Station10.16 km
    GMA KamuningAyala Station11.10 km
    GMA KamuningMagallanes Station12.34 km
    GMA KamuningTaft Ave Station14.32 km
    Araneta Center CubaoSantolan Annapolis1.45 km
    Araneta Center CubaoOrtigas Station3.79 km
    Araneta Center CubaoShaw Blvd Station4.6 km
    Araneta Center CubaoBoni Ave Station5.63 km
    Araneta Center CubaoGuadalupe Station6.43 km
    Araneta Center CubaoBuendia Station8.29 km
    Araneta Center CubaoAyala Station9.22 km
    Araneta Center CubaoMagallanes Station10.47 km
    Araneta Center CubaoTaft Ave Station12.44 km
    Santolan AnnapolisOrtigas Station2.31 km
    Santolan AnnapolisShaw Blvd Station3.09 km
    Santolan AnnapolisBoni Ave Station4.13 km
    Santolan AnnapolisGuadalupe Station4.94 km
    Santolan AnnapolisBuendia Station6.81 km
    Santolan AnnapolisAyala Station7.74 km
    Santolan AnnapolisMagallanes Station8.99 km
    Santolan AnnapolisTaft Ave Station10.96 km
    Ortigas StationShaw Blvd Station0.77 km
    Ortigas StationBoni Ave Station1.79 km
    Ortigas StationGuadalupe Station2.59 km
    Ortigas StationBuendia Station4.46 km
    Ortigas StationAyala Station5.4 km
    Ortigas StationMagallanes Station6.64 km
    Ortigas StationTaft Ave Station8.60 km
    Shaw Blvd StationBoni Ave Station.98 km
    Shaw Blvd StationGuadalupe Station1.77 km
    Shaw Blvd StationBuendia Station3.64 km
    Shaw Blvd StationAyala Station4.57 km
    Shaw Blvd StationMagallanes Station5.82 km
    Shaw Blvd StationTaft Ave Station7.76 km
    Boni Ave StationGuadalupe Station0.77 km
    Boni Ave StationBuendia Station2.63 km
    Boni Ave StationAyala Station3.56 km
    Boni Ave StationMagallanes Station4.81 km
    Boni Ave StationTaft Ave Station6.76 km
    Guadalupe StationBuendia Station1.83 km
    Guadalupe StationAyala Station2.76 km
    Guadalupe StationMagallanes Station4.01 km
    Guadalupe StationTaft Ave Station5.96 km
    Buendia StationAyala Station0.88 km
    Buendia StationMagallanes Station2.14 km
    Buendia StationTaft Ave Station4.10 km
    Ayala StationMagallanes Station1.19 km
    Ayala StationTaft Station3.12 km
    Magallanes StationTaft Station1.89 km

    For those of you who want to know commuting or driving distance between your location and a certain place such as mall, building, landmark, etc, you can ask me through comment form below. I can give you distance in kilometer, meter or miles. Just give me point A and point B.


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