22 Nov 2013

How to avoid Taxi Scams in Manila using a Taxi Booking App?

  • 22 Nov 2013
  • Lagalag

  • Christmas is the time to love, give, and be extra-careful amidst the prevalence of crimes, especially theft, robbery, and transportation-related scams. If you've been watching the news lately, you'll be reasonably anxious to ride a taxi in Metro Manila. But worry no more, since you can now order registered taxis, monitor, and track them in real time using Easy Taxi.

    Here's a quick guide to avoiding taxi scams with Easy Taxi, the world's largest and most trusted taxi-booking application:

    1. Download the Easy Taxi mobile application for FREE using your Android device, Blackberry 10, or iPhone from www.easytaxi.com. You can also order taxis from the website without downloading the app using your laptop.

    2. Enter your name, number, pick-up location, and destination. Click "call taxi now".

    3. Receive a confirmation message with the driver's details: name, photo, phone number, plate number, and car model. You will also get a phone call from Easy Taxi customer service updating you about the driver's present location. Easy Taxi customer service is available for questions and reports 24/7.

    In a few minutes, your exclusive taxi service bearing the Easy Taxi sticker will arrive at your chosen pick-up location. Waive at the driver or nod when he says your name.

    Easy Taxi connects you to the nearest available driver via GPS anywhere in Metro Manila so you can have a fast and efficient transportation. The app records your transaction history and monitors the taxi drivers in real time. It also features a "tip driver" option so the highest bidder can be prioritized during rush hours or when there is a high demand for taxis.

    For just 70PHP booking fee added to the regular taxi meter rate, you can have a safe ride, skip waiting for hours, and help the Philippine transportation industry. Easy Taxi not only provides taxi drivers with more passengers and GPS-enabled smart phones, but also teaches them English speaking, self-improvement, and hospitality skills, among others. Just recently, Easy Taxi organized a basketball game for taxi drivers with none other than PBA stars.

    You can use the same application in 17 countries and over 50 cities, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea. Easy Taxi recently partnered with local establishments like restaurants, hotels, and condominiums to reach clients from areas which are not frequented by taxis.

    Since its launch in Brazil in 2011, Easy Taxi has been expanding globally through Asia and Africa with localized goals of improving each country's transportation industry. In the Philippines for example, Easy Taxi's advocacy is for the transportation industry to have a more positive image that is safe, modern, efficient, and helpful to local drivers.

    Riding a cab is now a four-way traffic towards helping passengers, drivers, investors, and the transportation industry in general. As if that's not enough motivation, you earn bonus points for your next ride with every use of the app. For more details visit www.easytaxi.com.

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