10 Aug 2013

Commute Guide From South West Terminal To Different Locations

  • 10 Aug 2013
  • Lagalag

  • Update: 11 May 2017 Important: Southwest Integrated Provincial Bus Terminal has transferred to HK Sun Plaza in Pasay. Please read the new published article How to Get to Southwest Integrated Provincial Bus Terminal to get commuting direction from your location to the new terminal of buses bound for Cavite, Batangas and Mindoro. End of Update

    As the operation of South West Integrated Provincial Bus Terminal in Coastal Mall Paranaque is being improved as days pass, we have seen lapses and unintentional deficiencies over there. Lots of commuters have no idea on where to ride the next transport vehicle that will take them to their respective destinations.

    This detailed guide on how to commute from South West Terminal to different destinations in the metro is created to lessen the stress of passengers especially those who don't want to waste time in looking for terminals and loading areas. Hope this guide helps you and reduces anxiety and stress that you might experience while commuting to schools, works, etc from South West Integrated. If your destination is not listed here, just ask me through the comment form below this post. Aside from the list of destinations that I've given commuting direction, you will also know the locations of terminals of jeepneys, UV Express and city buses bound for different parts of Metro Manila. In addition to terminals, you can also use three loading areas for the city buses and jeepneys. If you are running after time, riding a bus or jeepney at any of these loading areas will definitely help you.

    Destinations that given commuting directions from South West Terminal in this post:

    (in alphabetical order)

    Ayala Ave Makati the whole stretch
    Bonifacio Global City
    DFA - for passport applicants
    Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall
    EDSA Crossing Shaw
    Gil Puyat Ave aka Buendia the whole stretch
    Julia Vargas
    La Salle Taft
    Libertad TAft in Pasay
    LRT-1 EDSA Station
    LRT-1 Gil Puyat Station
    Mabini Street Malate and Ermita

    Mall of Asia
    Manila Domestic Teerminal 4
    MH Del Pilar Malate and Ermita
    MRT-3 Taft Station
    NAIA Terminal 1
    NAIA Terminal 2
    NAIA Terminal 3
    Newport City
    Ortigas Center
    Pagcor Casino
    PGH - UP Manila
    Shaw Blvd
    SM Mega Mall
    Welcome Rotunda

    Terminals and Loading Areas for buses and jeepneys headed to different locations:

    South West Integrated Bus Terminal Commuters' Guide

    Before I give you the directions to the destinations listed above, I would like you to be fully aware of jeepneys and buses located meters away from SWIPTS.

    If you have knowledge of the routes of available jeepneys and buses located in the area, your next ride to your destination would be in a breeze.

    City Buses Terminal

    Location of city bus terminal in South West Integrated
    Also known as Bus Management Dispatch System, the huge open bus terminal is located in front of Uniwide Coastal Mall itself. Fronting Coastal Road, this city buses station is now served by provincial buses bound to South West Terminal. That means buses from Cavite and Batangas drop all passengers at city buses terminal. So if your destination is located along the route of these city buses, just alight from your provincial bus and then board an available city bus headed to your destination. The problem with this city bus terminal is that buses from here have to pass through the all four roads that encircling the mammoth Uniwide Coastal Mall instead of exiting onto NAIA Rd extension which is impossible because of non-existence of an access road leading to NAIA Rd Ext. So it takes a long time before a bus from here gets to Roxas Blvd. If you're in a hurry, riding a bus from here is not advisable. Don't worry as there are faster routes courtesy of other buses or jeepney that I will be mentioning in this sub-topic.

    Routes of buses from City Bus Terminal - Monumento via EDSA, Fairview via EDSA, Novaliches via EDSA, Baclaran, Taft, Ayala, Buendia, Guadalupe, Shaw Blvd, Ortigas, Commonwealth, Cubao, Balintawak, Navotas, Malabon, Malanday, Malinta, Lawton, Fairview via Espana

    Note: The terminal of buses bound for Lawton and Fairview via Espana is located between jeepney/UV Express Terminal and the City Bus Terminal.

    UV Express Aircon AUV Terminal

    UV Express Terminal in South West Integrated Coastal Mall
    The terminal is located in front of the main entrance of Uniwide Coastal Mall which is at the corner of Coastal Rd (Aguinaldo Blvd) and NAIA Rd Extension few meters away from the foot of pedestrian footbridge that crosses Roxas Blvd/Coastal Rd. The problem here is their lack of available transport units. The arrival of empty vans and coaches is one by one. There are times that there is none and you have to wait. Again, there are available options for you on other spots outside Coastal Mall ground.

    Routes of UV Express - Lawton, Park & Ride Terminal, Manila City Hall

    Mall of Asia bound Shuttle Jeepney Terminal

    Where to ride jeepney to different locations form South West Integrated Terminal
    Located at the same location of UV Express at the foot of pedestrian footbridge. No problem in the availability of their transport vehicles.

    Routes of MOA Shuttles - SM Mall of Asia, SM Arena, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Macapagal Blvd, Baclaran

    Jeepney Terminal

    Located in the same location of UV Express bound for Lawton and the shuttle jeeps bound for MOA. Once you see the only pedestrian footbridge outside Coastal Mall, go there and you will see lots of jeepneys.

    Routes of jeepneys here - You can take a one ride from here to the following: Quiapo, Divisoria, FTI, Alabang, Baclaran, MRT/LRT nearest stations. etc.

    Loading Area in Northbound Lane Roxas Blvd

    Although located far from South West Terminal and City Bus Terminal, it is faster to get to your destination if you choose to take the bus ride here. Buses that pick passengers here come from different locations, e.g., NAIA-1, Paranaque, Macapagal Blvd and Coastal Mall. You can go to this loading area by using the pedestrian footbridge. Once you are already in the footbridge, cross the Coastal Rd then turn left onto connected another footbridge that crosses NAIA Rd. Go down and then wait for a bus at the designated loading area.

    Routes of buses that stop at Roxas Blvd loading Area - Lawton, Ayala Ave, Monumento via EDSA, Fairview via EDSA, Novaliches via EDSA

    Loading Area in NAIA Rd Ext cor Coastal Rd

    Bus Stop for buses going to NAIA 1&2 from South West Integrated Coastal Mall
    Located just outside Coastal Mall and South West Integrated Bus Terminal. You just exit Coastal Mall ground and go to the sidewalk of NAIA Rd Ext. Wait until the traffic lights turn red so that all buses stop. Ride a bus of your choice.

    Routes of buses that stop outside Coastal Mall - NAIA Rd, NAIA Terminal 2, NAIA Terminal 1

    Jeepney Loading Area NAIA Rd cor Coastal Rd

    Use the footbridge from Coastal Mall and cross Coastal Rd. Go down at the other side. Wait for a jeepney at the loading area near KFC and 7-11 Convenience Store.

    Route of jeepney at NAIA Rd - Sucat, PAGCOR Casino, Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall, SM Sucat

    How To Commute From South West Terminal To These Locations?

    Route #1

    Baclaran, Ayala Ave (entire stretch), Cuneta Astrodome, OWWA, LRT-1 Gil Puyat Station

    Ride a bus with "Ayala Leveriza LRT" sign. Refer to Terminal and Loading Areas above. Ask the conductor to drop you off at your particular destination.

    Route #2

    Lawton, Intramuros, Manila City Hall, Park & Ride, Welcome Rotunda, Espana, Quezon Ave

    Here are your options: One, you can take a one bus ride to Lawton, Espana, Quezon Ave, Philcoa, Commonwealth Ave, etc. Ride a city bus with "Lawton Fairview" sign. Two, ride a UV Express and alight at your destination located before Lawton. Three, you can also ride a jeepney bound ror Quiapo.

    Route #3

    Mall of Asia, SM Arena, DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs), Baclaran

    Ride a MOA Shuttle that I have mentioned earlier. Ask the driver to drop you off at your destination.

    Route #4

    La Salle, PGH UP Manila, Lawton, Park & Ride, Manila City Hall

    Ride a bus with "Lawton" sign. Use the loading area located at Roxas Blvd northbound lane. Get off the bus at the unloading area near to your destination.

    Route #5

    LRT-1 EDSA Station, MRT-3 Taft Station, Ortigas Center, Julia Vargas, SM Mega Mall, Bonifacio Global City, POEA, EDSA Crossing Shaw

    Go to the terminal of jeepneys bound for Baclaran, MRT and LRT. The sign of these jeepneys is "MRT/LRT." Or you can ride a city bus with any of these signs: "Monumento Cubao", "Fairview Ortigas", "Novaliches C-5." Alight at your destination. If your destination is BGC, ride bus with "Ayala Ibabaw" sign, alight at Ayala and ride a BGC bus at its terminal. Ask the conductor for information as to which unloading area is nearer to your destination. If your destination is EDSA Crossing Shaw and POEA, make sure secondary signs that read "Crossing Ibabaw" and "Ortigas Ilalim", respectively, are present in signboards of the bus you are riding. If your destination is either LRT EDSA Station or MRT Taft Station, get off the bus at the unloading area before Taft Ave. There is no loading/unloading area located past Taft Ave. You will get too far from your destination if you don't alight before Taft Ave.

    Route #6

    NAIA Terminal 2, NAIA Terminal 1

    Ride a bus with "NAIA-1" sign at loading area located at NAIA Rd Ext which is just outside Coastal Mall and South West Terminal. First drop off is Terminal 2, followed by Terminal 1.

    Route #7

    NAIA Terminal 3, Newport City/Resort World Manila

    Ride a bus bound for EDSA's northern end. Get off the bus at the unloading area before Taft Ave. There is no unloading area past Taft Ave so alight before Taft. Go to the terminal of NAIA Shuttle located at Genesis Bus Transport Terminal. Board a bus bound for Terminal 3. The bus will drop off passengers first at Terminal 3 before passing by Newport City. Ask driver to drop you off at Newport City's unloading area. To get to Genesis Transport Terminal, cross Taft Ave via pedestrian footbridge. Fro more details, go to NAIA 1-2-3 Shuttle Bus: Easy Way To Get To & From NAIA Terminals

    Route #8

    Manila Domestic Terminal 4

    Follow direction given at Route #6 but alight at the unloading area before or after Domestic Rd. Cross NAIA Rd and go to loading area located along Domestic Rd. Ride a jeepney with "Baclaran" sign. Alight at Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4.

    Route #9

    Sucat, PAGCOR Casino, Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall, SM Sucat

    Ride a jeepney with "Sucat" sign at NAIA Rd loading area near to KFC and 7-11. Alight at your destination. Ask driver to drop you off.

    Route #10

    Gil Puyat aka Buendia Ave (entire length), Libertad Taft

    Ride a bus with "Ayala LRT Leveriza" sign. Alight at Taft Ave. For any location along Gil Puyat Ave, ride a jeepney with "Guadalupe" sign. Ask driver to drop you off at your destination. For Libertad Taft, ride a jeepney with "Baclaran" or "Pasay Rotunda" sign at Taft Ave's southbound lane. Alight at Libertad.

    Route #11

    Mabini Street Malate/Ermita, MH Del Pilar Malate/Ermita

    If your destination is located along these streets, ride a bus with "Ayala LRT Leveriza" sign. Get off at Harrison St. Ride a jeepney with "Mabini" or "MH del Pilar" secondary signs and alight at your destination. You can also ride a UV Express that passes through Roxas Blvd which is paralleled to Mabini and MH del Pilar.

    Hope you find this article helpful. If you're facing a problem in commuting from South West Terminal to a destination not listed here, you can ask me via comment form below.


    1. how to get into trinoma mall from southwest terminal? which bus will i ride?

    2. @ Lailani Macalalad. Ride a bus with any of these signs: "Monumento Crossing Ilalim Munoz", "Novaliches Crossing Ilalim Munoz."

      You can ride at the city bus terminal mentioned in the article. The bus will drop passengers at Trinoma but make sure you say it to the conductor.

    3. how to get into welcome rotonda q.c from southwest terminal? And how much fare will i pay?

    4. @ jien chie shuie. First option, ride bus to Baclaran and ride a bus to Fairview via Espana, alight at Welcome Rotunda. Second option, ride a jeepney in Baclaran bound for Cubao, alight at Welcome Rotunda.

    5. Hi. Tried the bus today. Wanted to go to ospital ng maynila at roxas blvd-quirino. Rode the bus going to lawton but the bus drop off point near the hospital is quitino lrt station. Unfortunately there is no jeepney route passing quirino to roxas so i had to walk ~10mins.is there an alternative route as to lessen walking distance? Tnx.

    6. @ michael arvesu. Please ask a driver of UV Express in Coastal Mall if he passes through Roxas Blvd as what I presume always. If he does, check if you can alight at Ospital ng Maynila. If negative, here's what I suggest: Take a city bus and alight at Harrison cor EDSA. Take a jeepney with "Mabini" secondary sign. Alight at Mabini cor Quirino where Ospital ng Maynila is just a stone's throw away. Please share to us your next experience so that we can help other commuters. Thanks a lot.

    7. Hi, I wanted to go to Ambassador Hotel Manila towers. I'm not aware in the coastal mall transportation. thanks...

    8. @ jefferson encina. Please ride a city bus and alight at Harrison St, ride a jeepney with "Mabini" sign and ask driver to drop you off at your destination.

    9. hello. i read your instruction as to how to go to duty free fiesta mall but what about how to go back to coastal mall terminal? are there any jeepneys passing along, going to coastal mall terminal?

    10. @ bhev. Yes po there are lots of jeepneys going back there. Just ride a jeepney with "Baclaran" sign outside gate of Duty Free Philippines. They all pass by Coastal Mall. Just ask driver to drop you off.

    11. sir anu po sasakyan ko if ang route ko is going to market market....? ung route#5 po ba ung i fofollow ko?

    12. @ Lim Ubaldo. Yes sir, route #5 po. Sa Market Market po mismo ang last stop ng BGC Bus.

    13. Sir ano po ang sasakyan koo papuntang philpost pasay pagdating ng coastal?

    14. Paunawa po sa mga nagpapatulong sa direksyon. Kung pwede po sana ay pki bigay ang street name ng lugar na inyong pupuntahan para po mabigyan ko kyo ng tamang direksyon. Kung Philpost Pasay po halimbawa ang tinatanong ninyo, pkisabi na din po ang street kasi po may mga lumang Philpost address sa Pasay. Kung mali po ang maibibigay ko na direction sa inyo ay lalo po kayong maaabala. Kaya pkibigay na din po ang address ng inyong pupuntahan para po kyo ay aking matulungan. Marami pong salamat sa inyong lahat.

    15. may sakayan po ba SW terminal papunta NAIA terminal 3? yung diretso na po mismo dun? Thanks :)

    16. @ Pchan Takahashi. Wala pa po derecho sa NAIA-3 mula South West Terminal. Pkigamit na po ang 2-ride commute.

    17. how to commute from sw terminal or baclaran to united doctors medical center near banawe?

    18. @ teddy-ahsi. From SW ride city bus bound for Fairview via Espana, get off at UDMC.

    19. may fx po ba papuntang pasong tamo extension sa makati mula sa terminal?

    20. @ cybaer pogz. Nothing, as I know of.

    21. sir paano po ako makakapunta ng bambang kung galing po ako ng coastal mall? vice versa

    22. @ Foxy sky. "Fairview UST Espana" bus, alight - Park & Ride. Jeepney to Monumento, alight - Bambang.

    23. paano po pumunta sa star city from coastal mall and vice versa?
      Thanks :)

    24. @ Kaori Nakajima. May mga jeepney po jan sa harap ng entrance na biyahe Quiapo o Divisoria. Baba po ng Vito Cruz at sakay na ng shuttle.

    25. sir tanong ko lang ano po ba ang dapat sakyan jan sa coastal papunta sa terminal ng victory liner sa pasay? salamat po..

    26. @ Rodnhiel Fernandez. Lahat po ng bus via EDSA at may nakalagay na Ayala Ibabaw o Ayala Ilalim at Cubao, dadaan po iyon. Wag lang po ang sign na Ayala LRT Leveriza.

    27. magkano po ang fee Muños to Novaliches

    28. I will check if time will allow, thanks.

    29. Boss ano sasakyan ko ppnta terminal 2 from buendia. Ty

      1. Pls read article on NAIA Shuttle. Use our search box. Thanks.