23 Jan 2014

What & Where To Eat In Legazpi City?

  • 23 Jan 2014
  • Lagalag

  • When we travel, our body becomes so active and we crave for food as well. Many of us go for stuffs that we are accustomed to in the city, like any "food on the go" just to fill our stomach. So, we enter a branch of any popular fast food chain in any mall that we find ourselves in as soon as we get off a jeepney from a far flung destination that we visit in our travel. But there are few, like me, who want to have a taste of any if not all traditional food of the province we visited.

    Here are my top three Bicolano's traditional cuisines that have satisfied my taste buds while in Legazpi City:


    Obat is a soup dish in Legazpi City Albay Bicol

    A very excellent appetizing dish of flavored hot soup with lots of large cubes of beef and onion leeks swimming on it in a bowl. It's good if you've been hiking or just finished a round of wandering under the sun. I highly recommend this for a very healthy lunch. Surely, it will make you more energized and full of vigor again, ready for more rounds of adventures or any outdoor activities that you might want to have.


    Pangat is a Bicolano dish sold anywhere like Legazpi City in Albay

    It's another variety, and an excellent at that, of a popular Bicolano vegetable cuisine made from taro leaves (dahon ng gabi) cooked in coconut milk in such a way that the spices, seasoning and flavoring are stuffed and wrapped together inside the leaves themselves and then bound using young coconut leaves or banana yarn that holds them together. So delectably tasteful and with newly cooked rice on the plate, it's so scrumptious. This one will make you eat more rice making your body loaded with much needed carbohydrates for any adrenalin pumping activities that you will do afterwards.

    Pili nuts

    The main reason you will like to get a bottle of Pili nuts is for pasalubong for obvious reason that you will be buying it right from where it is harvested and made. It is crunchier, butterier, and more satisfying as if just cooked hours before you buy it. But munching a handful of Pili nuts while on travel of Bicol Region will do more good to your body than you think. You will be needing more sugar inside your body because of the long hikes involved not to mention climbing of hills are enervating. Pili nut preserve has a lot of sugar. It is packed with energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. Definitely an excellent snack on the go. Go buy some before you head out to any destination outside Legazpi City.

    Where to eat in Legazpi City?

    Since this post is a paralleled post of the main article I have written about directions to Legazpi City's attractions, I will guide you to places where you can eat from Legazpi City's Central Bus Terminal and we go further along the way. If you happened to land on this page from a different site, please go first to my first article by clicking this post title: Title Here

    Once you're outside of the bus terminal, there are lots of eateries where you can fill your stomach. If you are a budget traveler and not picky, you can also see small carinderias even inside the terminal. Outside the terminal, there's an open air small food court at the right end where food stalls that sold ordinary foods are located. There's even this stall that sold Bulalo but it was closed when I was there.

    There are also food establishments located at the Legazpi City jeepney and UV Express Terminal inside LKY Metro Transport & Lifestyle Hub across the bus terminal which you can easily see. Go there and check out. You might want to buy some bottled water or something at SM Save More which is also located at the back of jeepney terminal, next to Filcab UV Express terminal.

    Your favorite fast food chains, i.e., Jollibee, Chowking, McDonald's, etc are located at the ground level of nearby Pacific Mall aka Gaisano Mall which I have already given direction in the article How To Commute To Legazpi City's Tourist Spots. There's also Mang Inasal there located at the third level near the food court.

    Expensive restaurants are also located at the ground level of Pacific Mall alongside the popular food chains I have mentioned above. There's a large grocery at Metro Legazpi where small booths that sold different varieties of merienda, sandwiches and bakery products are located. You might want to go to Metro supermarket instead of Save More for your grocery needs for practical reason. It's nearer to the thoroughfares through which you will be passing on your way to hotels, lodging, destinations, etc. Outside Pacific Mall are row of commercial buildings where restos such as Chickboy are located. The building row is paralleled to the elongated building of Pacific. Just check out both sides. You'll find it there.

    Along Imperial Street there are plenty of food establishments as well. A Dunkin' Donut is at the corner of Imperial and Rizal streets.

    Now, here's for either affluent or budget travelers that want to eat in the cool ambience of Embarcadro de Legazpi. Since you already know how to get there quickly as I have already given you three ways to get there quickly including the free e-jeepney shuttle, you might want to have your first meal done in the premier destination of the city. For budget travelers, Mang Inasal is located at the second level. Among high end restaurants, there are branches of Gerry's, Gillian, and the Bicol's dining resto called Biggs.

    An eatery bar where Filipino dishes are served is located at the third level of the quaint Silver Screen Entertainment bldg.

    Pili nuts are sold cheaper at Legazpi City Public Market. You can get there from Pacific Mall via Imperial St and turning left onto the first main intersection (crossing). You'll immediately see the market on the left.

    Obat is sold in one of the food outlets inside the food court of the LCC Mall which is located along Quezon Ave past Rizal St rotunda. See the second photo of the post How To Commute To Legazpi City's Tourist Spots. The food court is located at the 4th or 5th floor if I'm not mistaken. You will enter the food court from escalator area. The small food stall that serves Obat is next to the bigger one at the corner and on the left side as you enter. Tip: You can also enter LCC Mall via Penaranda St which is paralleled to Quezon Ave. It's a huge mall that it has a third entrance along Rizal St where a sign that reads "Essentials" is attached above. No, LCC Mall is not bordered by Rizal St because there are other buildings there such as BPI at the corner of Rizal and Quezon Ave. It's just like a different department store named "Essentials" something that is housed in an elongated building fronting Rizal St is connected to the main bulding of LCC Mall.

    Pangat is sold in one of the food stalls outside the cashiers' area of LCC Supermarket located at the ground level of LCC Mall Penaranda St wing, next to Penaranda entrance. You can get your pangat there and go up the food court, order another viand and enjoy the delicious taste of a Bicolano popular dish. The only thing I hate in LCC Mall food court is that drinking water is sold by vendo machine, 1 peso per small glass the size of small cup. It'll help if you buy a medium size bottled water at LCC Supermarket.

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