23 Jan 2014

How To Commute To Legazpi City's Tourist Spots

  • 23 Jan 2014
  • Lagalag

  • During my first ever travel to Legazpi City, I meticulously study commuting and walking directions to some of the popular attractions and destinations in this vibrant city as well as the outlying town of Daraga where the picturesque Daraga church is located. The following are the attractions that given directions in this article:

    Albay Park & Wildlife - what to see here
    Cagsawa Ruins - what to see here
    Daraga Church - what to see here
    Embarcadero de Legazpi - what to see here

    Ligñon Hill Nature Park - what to see here
    Plaza Rizal - what to see here
    St Gregory The Great Cathedral - what to see here

    Albay Park & Wildlife - what to see here
    Cagsawa Ruins - what to see here
    Daraga Church - what to see here
    Embarcadero de Legazpi - what to see here
    Ligñon Hill Nature Park - what to see here
    Plaza Rizal - what to see here
    St Gregory The Great Cathedral - what to see here

    Albay Park & Wildlife - what to see here
    Cagsawa Ruins - what to see here
    Daraga Church - what to see here
    Embarcadero de Legazpi - what to see here

    Ligñon Hill Nature Park - what to see here
    Plaza Rizal - what to see here
    St Gregory The Great Cathedral - what to see here

    I thought that it would be more informative if I provide you with details on what to expect in each of these spots, what are the reasons that you might want to go to each of the attractions listed above. To know them, just click the link what to see here opposite a destination name. You will land in another location of this article. After reading the information there and seeing some pictures taken on a particular destination, just hit the button found below the last pic that says 'Back' which will return you back here.

    The skyline of Legazpi City in Bicol

    In travelling to Legazpi City, I opted for land travel as it is cheaper. I took a Philtranco airbus, an express and with toilet on board. The beauty of airbus aside from its convenience and fast travel, compare to regular air-con buses, is - it departs Manila (Cubao or Pasay Terminals) only at night. Just push the button of your seat to recline it and go to sleep comfortably as the seats can be reclined widely because airbus is only 27 seater, it's so spacious. But not all seats are comfortable. Read my Tip #1 on choosing a seat for a more comfortable airbus travel. All valuable tips from yours truly are written below this article. Moving forward, once you're on a comfortable sleep, you won't notice time passes and before you know it, you will have arrived in Legazpi City. The 11 hour journey is shortened because of your good night sleep on your comfortable reclined airbus seat.

    My directions start right as soon as you get off the bus in Legazpi City Central Bus Terminal. So, if it is your first time in going there, this guide would come in handy.

    The first thing, you might want to do as soon as you set foot in Legazpi City is to have a breakfast, right? I have created a separate paralleled post entitled What & Where To Eat In Legazpi City, just click it to open on another tab.

    From the bus that you have ridden, take the exit of the elongated terminal building located at the middle. Once you are outside of the bus terminal, Mount Mayon is clearly seen from afar if the sky is clear. To your right at the short distance is a big building with sign that reads Metro Legazpi. Head towards that building. As a budget traveler, you might skip trike ride and walk instead, as I did. Read Tip #2 at the bottom of this article.

    Metro Department Store is actually a part of the big mall called Pacific Mall and also known as Gaisano Mall. It's a huge landmark building and as such it's the only building recognizable from Ligñon Hill, next to Embarcadero which is farther. Get inside the mall then exit to the opposite end which is the frontage. In front of the entrance/exit of the mall, across the street called Imperial St, is Dream Inn Cafe, a decent place to stay.

    Now that we're talking about places where you can stay while in Legazpi City, I have created a separate post that discussed all types of places where you can stay - from a full service hotel to 3-star and down to the low budgeted ones. Just go to Where To Stay In Legazpi City.


    rizal st quezon ave rotunda legazpi city bicol

    The first spot that you must be familiar of in Legazpi City is the intersection of Rizal St and Quezon Ave where a roundabout or rotunda is located and this monument (photo above) is erected. You can get to any directions from there, by walk, jeepney and the free e-jeepney shuttle to and from Embarcadero. See map below and read the direction below it.
    Direction to Rizal St and the rotunda: In front of Pacific Mall is Imperial St. Just walk along Imperial St toward east to get to Rizal Ave/Bicol 630. If you don't know 'east': East is the right of every map, that's why Rizal Ave/Bicol 630 is on the right of our map above. Landmarks that you will be passing by are: 101 Shopping Mall, Hong Dept Store and a Dunkin Donut is located at the right corner of Rizal St/Bicol 630 and Imperial St (as of this writing.) You will immediately see the rotunda monument once you get there, to your right. At the background of the rotunda monument is another huge mall called LCC.

    How To Get To Embarcadero de Legazpi City

    By Free E-Jeep Ride

    schedules of e-jeepney to and from embarcadero de legazpi city

    The loading/unloading area for e-jeep free shuttle to Embarcadero is located at the Rizal St & Quezon Ave rotunda, specifically along Rizal St few meters away from Quezon Ave. There's no sign. Rizal St is one way on that area and the e-jeep shuttle turns left from Quezon Ave. All you need to do is to wait there and there's a BDO bank near the spot where the e-jeep drops and picks up passengers. For the schedule of e-jeepney, please refer to the photo above.

    By Public Jeepney

    First, walk towards rotunda monument, turn right onto Quezon Ave and walk further to the junction of Quezon Ave and Lapu-Lapu St, a Y-intersection where public jeepneys pass through. Your landmark there is Legazpi Tourist Inn, with its sign located at the corner. The jeepneys turn right from Lapu-Lapu St to Quezon Ave. Ride a jeepney with "Embarcadero" sign in its front and "Daraga Legazpi City" on both sides. If there's no Embarcadero sign, you must ask the driver if he will go straight there because some of them cut their trip by turning left onto Penaranda St. Refer to the map below and read additional information below it.

    By Walking

    Actually, you are already near to Embarcadero once you are in Lapu-Lapu Quezon Ave Y intersection. Embarcadero is located where Quezon Ave ends. All you need to do is walk further along Quezon Ave, just walk past Lapu-Lapu St until you see the arch or gate of Embarcadero. In the arch is also a sign that reads Legazpi Blvd because the road is continued as Legazpi Blvd and it is built along the elongated complex of Embarcadero.

    Important: You're on mobile. Please pinch-out the map to zoom in. Drag the map by tapping a finger and move to any direction. Tap each red pin to reveal more information.

    In the map you will see Imperial St where you walk from Pacific Mall. You turn left to Bicol 630 (Rizal St), the road in the map where you see a downward arrow which indicates that traffic is one way toward south. The unloading/loading waiting area for e-jeep is at the southwest corner of Bicol 630 (Rizal St) and Quezon Ave and remember that it's along Bicol 630 side near BDO. The e-jeepney shuttle will take the one way part of Bicol 630/Rizal St which is only down to Lapu-lapu St where the e-jeepney will make a sharp left to take the one way northward Lapu-Lapu St. The e-jeepney then turns right onto Quezon Ave on its way to Embarcadero. For public jeepneys, walk past e-jeep loading/unloading area, turn right onto Quezon Ave and walk southward along Quezon Ave until you get to Lapu-Lapu where jeepneys turn right onto Quezon Ave from Lapu-Lapu St. To get to Embarcadero on foot, just continue walking along Quezon Ave past Lapu-Lapu St until you see Embarcadero past Legazpi Blvd arch.

    How To Get To Embarcadero de Legazpi From Any Point Of Rizal St?

    Rizal St is a long city street that runs from west to east. It connects Daraga to Legazpi City. If your point of origin, like your hotel is located along Rizal St, that is already two way, it means you might be in the far area. If that is the case, in going to Embarcadero, you must take a jeepney that plies the route of Daraga - Legazpi and there must be a sign that reads "Embarcadero" at the front of the jeepney. The jeepney makes a U-Turn after dropping off and picking passengers at Embarcadero and it heads back to its point of origin.

    How To Get To Daraga Church?

    From Embarcadero de Legazpi City

    Go to the jeepney stop at the north entrance of the building. North entrance is the one nearer to Quezon Ave and the city proper. Take a jeepney with "Daraga Legazpi City" sign. Alight at Daraga Municipal Bldg. It's a long ride and the jeepney passes by Legazpi City Hall and Albay Capitol where Saint Gregory the Great is also located. You will know that you are in Daraga once you enter a busy town with lots of commerce going on after a journey of less buildings and houses. Once there you can ask the driver to drop you off at "Munisipyo" or the Daraga Municipal Hall. You will immediately see concrete stairs at the left side of the Municipal Bldg. The photo below shows Daraga Municipal Hall and the stair that goes up to Daraga Church. Use that stair. Once at the top, walk uphill and there is the majestic Daraga Church that made picturesque by the Mayon Volcano as its jow-dropping backdrop. To go back to Legazpi City later, use the same stair, cross Gen Luna, the road where you alighted before, enter the small alley opposite the stairs and go to the other road paralleled to General Luna. That street is Rizal St and it's one way towards Legazpi City. General Luna is also one way which served as the opposite lane of Rizal St. The jeepney from Legazpi turns right to another street from Rizal St and then turns left onto Gen Luna where Municipal Hall is located. Now take a jeepney to Legazpi City. Note: There's also a stair nearer to the church that goes down to the right side of Daraga Municipal Hall.

    daraga municipal hall and the stairs to daraga church this is the unloading for jeepney from legazpi city

    From Ligñon Hill and Albay Park & Wildlife

    Outside the gate or entrance of either Ligñon Hill Nature Park or Albay Park & Wildlife, wait for a jeepney with "Loop 1" or Loop 2" sign on its front. Note: Don't cross the road. If you cross the road, you will be back to Legazpi City proper. Just wait at the side of the road where the nature park and wildlife are situated. After traversing areas of woods and trees, the jeepney will enter the town as indicated by commercial buildings and establishments. This time the jeepney takes Rizal St from Ligñon Hill. Ask driver to drop you off at Ninoy Aquino Park. At the right side of Ninoy Aquino Park is an alley or small road. Enter that road and walk up to the paralleled road which is Gen Luna where you will immediately see Daraga Municipal Hall and on its right side is the stairs that lead to Daraga Church. To get back to Legazpi City, go to the same spot where you alighted earlier and then ride another "Daraga Legazpi City" route jeepney.

    From Imperial St cor Rizal St or Quezon Ave Rizal St Rotunda

    Along the one way Rizal St cor Imperial St, wait for a jeepney with "Daraga Legazpi City" on its both sides and on its front. Read direction given at direction from Embarcadero to know where to get off the jeepney in Daraga.

    From Pacific Mall

    In front of the mall entrance where you exit, there is a terminal of jeepneys bound for Daraga. Ask the driver if he will pass by Daraga Municipal Hall. If he does, then follow the direction previously mentioned, above.

    How To Get To Ligñon Hill Nature Park and Albay Park & Wildlife?

    The jump off point to the top of Ligñon Hill Nature Park is next to the gate of Albay Park & Wildlife along the road called Binitayan Rd through which the jeepneys from city proper passes on its way to Daraga. To avoid confusion, this route is different from the one via Rizal St. The jeepney turns right from Legazpi-Daraga diversion Rd to Binitayan which is a Y intersection. You will first see the building of Legazpi City Jail with its sign seen from the distance, which is situated exactly after the jeepney turns right to Binitayan Rd from Daraga-Binitayan Diversion Rd. Remember that it is not a sharp turn. It is just a Y intersection as the diversion road leads to airport tower control tower. The sign of jeepney that you must ride is "Loop 1" or "Loop 2" which is attached to the windshield. The terminal or loading area is located along Peñaranda St near corner or before Rizal St (intersection). You must patiently wait for this jeepney as there might be none when you get there. The "Loop" jeepney will either go straight to Lignon Hill or it will transfer you to a waiting vacant jeepney on another terminal along the way. Read Tip #3 so that even without the driver's assistance you can alight at the exact location of either Albay Park & Wildlife or Ligñon Hill Nature Park.

    How To Locate The Jeepney Bound For Ligñon Hill?

    From Embarcadero de Legazpi

    If you're riding e-jeepney, you will get off at Rizal St-Quezon Ave rotunda as I have mentioned already earlier in the post. The terminal of e-jeepney in Embarcadero is located at the opposite or south end of Embarcadero. From inside ground level, walk past Puregold and exit the building and wait for e-jeepney to arrive. Once you've gotten off the free shuttle in Rizal St, cross Quezon Ave and walk along the extension of Rizal St. Walk past Magallanes St, the road perpendicular only to the left side of Rizal St until you get to the crossing or intersection of Penaranda. Cross Penaranda to the other corner and wait for the Loop 1 or Loop 2 jeepney.

    From any point along two way Rizal St and the one way Lapu-Lapu St

    The jeepney that you would take might pass by Embarcadero de Legazpi to drop and pick passengers. Don't alight at Embarcadero. Stay on-board. If the jeepney you're in doesn't go to Embarcadero, it will turn left onto Penaranda St. If you're riding a jeepney that comes from Embarcadero, the jeepney will traverse Elizondo St and it will cross the intersection of Rizal St. You must get off the jeepney at Rizal St. Cross Elizondo and walk along Rizal St until you get to the next crossroad which is Penaranda St. Wait for the "Loop 1 or 2" jeepney along Penaranda St at the left corner side Rizal St. If you're riding a jeepney from any point of Rizal St, get off at exact location of the Loop jeepney terminal if the jeepney doesn't go to Embarcadero and turns left instead onto Penaranda St. The jeepneys that turns left onto Penaranda St pass by Loop terminal and cross Rizal St. See map below and read additional information below it for more detailed directions.

    From Imperial Street

    Let's say you will be coming from Pacific Mall and you walk down Imperial St toward Rizal St, or you have a fast snack in Dunkin' Donut located at Imperial St cor Rizal St, and you will be going to Ligñon Hill Nature Park for some adventure. Just walk along Rizal St toward the rotunda, cross Quezon Ave and walk further along Rizal St past road perpendicular to the left of Rizal St (Magallanes) and the next crossing is Penaranda St. Cross Penaranda St and wait for a "Loop 1" or "Loop 2" jeepney at the area where they pick up passengers. See map below and read additional information.

    Important: You're using mobile. Please pinch the map so that it zoom out and you get to see the road to take to get to this jeepney terminal from your location. Drag the map by tapping your finger and move it.

    In the map above, the loading area of "Loop 1 or 2" jeepney is situated along Penaranda at the southeast corner of Penaranda and Rizal St. Coming from Elizondo, you must walk westward along Rizal St. Coming from Quezon Ave if you have ridden e-jeepney shuttle from Embarcadero, you must walk eastward along Rizal St. All jeepneys that don't go to Embardacero turn left onto Penaranda. You must get off before the jeepney crosses Rizal St, then wait for "Loop" marked jeepney.

    How To Get To Cagsawa Ruins

    "Polangui" is the sign of the jeepney that you must take in going to Cagsawa Ruins. You will see this word on both sides of the jeepney and on its front. The jeepney drops and picks passengers at Embarcadero jeepney stop. So, if you are in Embarcadero, just go to the jeepney stop and wait for this jeepney to arrive. You can also take Polangui bound jeepey along the entire stretch of Rizal St. In Daraga, you can ride one along the road to which all jeepneys from Legazpi City turn right from Rizal St because the other side or extension of Rizal St is one way toward Legazpi City. From Ligñon Hill Nature Park or Albay Park & Wildlife, take a "Loop 1" or "Loop 2" jeepney and once in Daraga, do not get off at the one way Rizal St. Once the Loop jeepney turns left onto the road back to Ligñon Hill Nature Park, get off the jeep and wait for Polangui bound jeepney. Just ask driver to drop you off at the unloading area nearer to Cagsawa Ruins. Once there, you can either take a trike or walk your way to Cagsawa Ruins. There are signs that point to Cagsawa Ruins.

    How To Get To S t Gregory The Great Cathedral?

    As I have already mentioned earlier, jeepneys with "Daraga-Legazpi" and vice versa route pass through the area at which St Gregory The Great church is located. Whether you're current location is Legazpi City (e.g., Embarcadero, Rizal St-Quezon Ave rotunda, Imperial cor Rizal St, etc) or Daraga, all you need to do is to ride a jeepney with "Daraga-Legazpi City" signs on its left and right body sides.

    I have already mentioned earlier that you can take "Daraga-Legazpi" jeepney as your second ride from Ligñon Hill Nature Park and Albay Park & Wildlife. So, if you are in any of the two destinations, just follow directions mentioned earlier.

    You will immediately see the church in front of you if the jeepney you're in comes from Legazpi City proper because the church is located where Rizal St turned right. Visually, the church is on the middle of the road as the jeepney approaches. If the jeepeny is from Daraga, it will pass through the left side of the church, then you should see the frontage of the church as the jeepney turns right and before the road turns left again right at the gate of the church. Besides, the area is full of local government institutions, i.e., Legazpi City Hall, Albay Capitol, plaza, etc. Please see map below.

    How To Get To Plaza Rizal

    Hope by now, you have the reasons in going there, since it's not much of a traveler's haven if not for the surrounding institutions, e.g., church, cinemas, and other establishments that I have mentioned when you click what to see here. Public jeepneys that turn left onto Peñaranda St from Quezon Ave after turning right from Lapu-lapu st pass by Plaza Rizal. If the jeepney comes from Embarcadero, it will take Elizondo St which is paralleled to Peñaranda St. Here's how to get to Plaza Rizal:

    From Daraga and St Gregory The Great Cathedral as well as two-way Rizal St

    Ride a jeepney with "Daraga-Legazpi City" sign. If the jeepney turns left onto Peñaranda, wait until it crosses Rizal St (first intersection). Look to your left and get off the jeepney as soon as you see the park. San Rafael Church is just opposite the park in Peñaranda St which is to your right. If the jeepney you're riding goes first to Embarcadero to drop off and pick up passengers there, wait until it makes U-turn back to city proper. It will take Elizondo and will cross intersecion of Rizal St (as you can see on the road sign). Get off the jeepney as it reaches the next road which is Aguinaldo St. Cross Elizondo and walk down Aguinaldo St until you get to the corner of Peñaranda St. San Rafael Church is to the right corner of Peñaranda and Aguinaldo. Opposite the church is Plaza Rizal.

    From Ligñon Hill Nature Park and Albay Park & Wildlife

    As I have already mentioned earlier, the sign of jeepney to take is either "Loop 1" or "Loop 2." It will take Peñaranda St in going back to Daraga via Binitayan Rd where Ligñon Hill and Albay Park are situated. You must cross Binitayan Rd, then wait for a jeepney headed back to Legazpi City. It will stop at Peñaranda St cor Rizal to pick up passengers. Just get off the jeepney at Rizal St, then cross Rizal St and walk along Peñaranda St until you see Plaza Rizal on your left and opposite the park is San Rafael Church.

    From Imperial St and the rotunda of Rizal St and Quezon Ave intersection

    This is for those coming from Embarcadero via free e-jeepney shuttle and those coming from Imperial St different spots like Pacific Mall, Metro Dept Store, Hong, 101 Shopping Mall or if your hotel is located there. After you get off the e-jeepney at its stop in Rizal St cor Quezon Ave, cross Quezon Ave and walk down Rizal St. From Imperial St cor Rizal St, just walk along Rizal St toward the rotunda monument and cross Quezon Ave to take Rizal St again. Now in Rizal St past Quezon Ave, walk further until you get to Magallanes St which is only perpendicular to Rizal St. Turn left onto Magallanes and walk until you get to Plaza Rizal which is to your right. You will immediately see SilverScreen Entertainment Center once you get there. See map below and read information below it for more vivid directional guide.
    As you can see in this map, the green-colored rectangle is the Plaza Rizal, your destination. The one way road (symbolized by an downward arrow) that is perpendicular to Rizal St and between Quezon Ave and Peñaranda St is called Magallanes St. So, coming from Imperial and e-jeepney stop, you just cross Quezon Ave and turn left onto Magallanes to get to Plaza Rizal. Getting off the "Loop 1 or 2" jeepney, just cross Rizal St and walk northward along Peñaranda St. Aguinaldo St is the unmarked road paralleled to Rizal St and crosses Elizondo St. Getting off the jeepney from Embarcadero at Aguinaldo St, you will walk nearer to get to Rizal St. Other jeepneys pass by Plaza Rizal.

    What To See In:

    Albay Park & Wildlife

    what to see in albay park & wildlife

    It's a ranch with a lagoon and some park features with your regular wildlife animals in captivity. It would attract kids but if you are a zoo lover with an eye for expanse steppe in a very tiny scale setting and a bit of forest on the side, you might like to check it out. There are these small huts where you can take a break especially if it's noon time when you get there and tired at that, not bad if you've got a pack of lunch. Entrance is Php 20 as of this writing. See the photo of its entrance that you get to see from the jeepney, on the right side of the Binitayan Road, after the jeep turns right from Daraga Legazpi Diversion Rd.

    albay park and wildlife

    small horse at albay park & wildlife

    couple eagles at albay park & wildlife

    albay park & wildlife gate and entrance fee

    Cagsawa Ruins

    Remember the classic postcard of Mayon Volcano with the belfry that stood on the right side? This is where they took the picturesque photography. Definitely a must-to-see. You can take a lot of angle of Mayon and the Cagsawa belfry plus a lot of other scenic areas. Read Tip #4. And if you want the souvenirs, lots of them are sold here.

    cagsawa ruins and mayon panoramic

    mt mayon volcano from cagsawa ruins

    Daraga Church

    daraga church and mt mayon photography

    Another historical site with panoramic view worth photographing if you integrate Daraga Church and the Mayon Volcano in your frame in a very creative and artistic way. Take a lot of shots and surely you will get one jaw-dropping photograph of the world famous Mount Mayon. Not to mention a good souvenir of you if you are in few of those pics. While in there, don't forget to visit the church itself. A solemn prayer for a few minutes would definitely release that tiredness of your travel. And you know what, you would be tempted to stay a bit longer inside. When you get out, you'll feel energized.
    mayon volcano and daraga church panoramic pic

    Embarcadero de Legazpi

    embarcadero de legazpi panoramic photography

    Now this one is an amazing place for me. Maybe because I got here during holiday season and there are lots of things going on, lots of travelers from different parts of the country and the world. But no, the whole package is really great. First, as it names implies which means 'pier' or 'ferry' and its root words means 'to embark', the premier commercial and recreation center of Bicol Region is situated by the body of water called Albay Gulf. So, a lighthouse is not only integrated to the building design but also utilized as viewing deck and an adventure seekers magnet courtesy of "Edge-Walk" atop the lighthouse. Second, it is backdropped by a folkloric Kapuntukan Hill and surrounded by spots where you can take photographic images from any directions. One perfect spot is on the breakwater across the water which you can reach by getting out of the mall, walk along Legazpi Blvd towards Kapuntukan Hill, then go left towards the direction of the magnificent Mayon Volcano. The best time to be here is in the afternoon towards evening. You get to see the panoramic view of Embarcadero de Legazpi at dusk. Read Tip #5. Aside from Edge Walk, there's also a long zip-line and an outdoor wall-climbing. Dining is fabulous on the deck of Embarcadero fronting the sea especially at night. There's a hotel, albeit expensive for budget traveler, but a popular fast-food restaurant is located on the second level. Highly recommended for all types of travelers especially those into photography. Read my tip#?

    embarcadero de legazpi and kapuntukan hill

    embarcadero lighthouse

    mt mayon seen from embarcadero de legazpi

    view from embarcadero de legazpi

    dining on deck of embarcadero de legazpi

    e-jeepney free shuttle from and to embarcadero de legazpi city

    Ligñon Hill

    zipline superman or advance in lignon hill nature park

    The ultimate destination for those who want to sweat vigorously before jumping in to lots of adventures this hill offers, namely, basic and advance zip-lines, rappelling, hanging bridge, Japanese tunnel, paintball, kapit2ko, etc. How? Brisk walk your way uphill from the entrance to the top. No need to run for heart pumping activity. With the very steep uphill zigzag road, a brisk walk will do. Once you reach the top, a more nearer Mt Mayon will greet you. Enough for one to utter, "What a sight!" upon seeing the majestic most perfect cone volcano in the world. Aside from adrenalin rushing activities mentioned, these are what await you: viewing decks, minigolf, open gallery, Lignon Hill Observatory, souvenir shops, restrooms and restaurants. For those driving, parking areas are available on top of the hill. Entrance fee as of this writing is Php 20.

    uphill zigzag road to top of lignon hill nature park

    mt mayon is nearer in lignon hill nature park

    zipline for beginners in lignon hill nature park

    scenic view from top of lignon hill nature park

    Plaza Rizal

    There's not much to see in the plaza itself. But it serves as your reference point because around it might interest you. For one, there's a church you might like to visit. San Rafael church is just opposite the park across Penaranda St. There's also an outlet of a Bicolandia popular restaurant called Graceland. You might like to taste their delectable foods. Above all, a classic-movies inspired mall housed in the tall building in the area would be worth checking out. Silver Screen Entertainment Center. One reason you would go there is the cheap internet cafe in one of the mezzanine floors. I've got one of my lunches on the third level bar style eatery with small tables and chairs just right outside a theater entrance. The place is cozy, the one I prefer rather than the crowded and noisy mall food courts and fast-food chains. Downside? Paid comfort rooms, they are clean alright.

    plaza rizal and san rafael church is opposite each other along penaranda st

    silver screen entertainment center legazpi city

    St Gregory The Great Cathedral

    Located at the area in which local government buildings are situated, meters away from the St Gregory The Great Cathedral are: Legazpi City Hall, Albay Provincial Capitol, Albay Astrodome and a big plaza called Penaranda Park.

    Tips in Traveling to Legazpi City

    1. On riding a Philtranco airbus, take a seat beside another seat if you're travelling alone. Seats that are side by side are on the left of the bus. They have enough room for your legs to stretch that makes for a very comfortable long travel. The single seats which are on the right side of the bus have very narrow clearances between them. As a result, you can not stretch your legs as much as like you do if you're sitting on the left row.

    2. If you are a budget traveler, it would be into your advantage if you forego trike rides. Most of their routes are served by public jeepneys. Trike drivers charge Php 30 for a person riding alone. That's their minimum in the city.

    3. The "Loop 1" or "Loop 2" jeepney will turn left onto the only one perpendicular road to Penaranda St which is "Bogtong" as what is written on the road sign at the corner. Bogtong is actually the Daraga-Legazpi Diversion Rd. You might transfer to another jeepney waiting along Bogtong after the one you're riding in has turn left. If not, then you'll go directly to your destination. Even without driver's assistance, you can get there by watching for Legazpi City Jail sign because that's the one visible and fronting the jeepney you're riding. Next to the jail complex is the gate of Albay Park & Wildlife with its big sign not visible upon approach because it faced the opposite side of the road. If you want to go to Lignon first then get off at the next road perpendicular to Binitayan. That's the jumping off point. Entrance is located as you climb the uphill road.

    4. Timing is very important in going to any spots where Mayon Volcano can be photographed. Plan your travel and make sure that weather is on your side. If the volcano is covered with clouds, what you'll get is only the lower portion of it that will only look like some ordinary mountain.

    5. Outside Embarcadero de Legazpi, try to explore other areas other than the breakwater and seawall. Of course, you can get good photos of Mayon with different angles and foreground from those areas. But if you walk further along Legazpi Blvd where you get to the back of Kapuntukan Hill, there are scores of scenic views especially farther south of Legazpi Blvd where you can take amazing shots of Mayon with the boulevard in the foreground. Meanwhile, a beach and a monument of I think the conquesador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi himself are behind Kapuntukan Hill. I highly recommend spots down there.

    6. You can go to Naga City and other far flung areas around Legazpi City as well as nearby towns and barangays by taking a jeepney or the air-conditioned van like the ones here in Manila such as UV Express. Read my separate post that listed the destinations of jeepneys and Filcab/UV Express vans which serve the public at their terminals in LKY Metro Transport & Lifestyle Hub. Please go to Legazpi City's Jeepneys & UV Express Terminals.

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    1. Don't let your ego get too close to your position, so that if your position gets shot down, your ego doesn't go with it. See the link below for more info.