28 Aug 2011

How To Get To The Buildings Along Gil Puyat From MRT Buendia 2

  • 28 Aug 2011
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  • This is the second part of our topic on how to commute to the buildings located along Gil Puyat Avenue from EDSA where MRT Buendia Station is located to Chino Roces Avenue. Gil Puyat Avenue is formerly known as Buendia Avenue and Chino Roces Avenue is formerly known as Pasong Tamo. In this article, the buildings to the left side of Gil Puyat are our subjects. The buildings to the right are given directions in the first part of this topic, you can get direction to the location of those buildings in the first article, go to How To Get To The Buildings Along Gil Puyat From MRT Buendia.

    From left: Pacific Star, BPI Buendia Center and Petron Mega Plaza

    Check if your building destination is listed below then patiently read this direction guide to locate the building and get the commuting direction from MRT Buendia Staion.

    For complete guide please refer to the building maps at the bottom of this article. Some buildings have photos which you can also view below this post.

    ACT Tower
    Aegis People Support
    Bank of Commerce Buendia Pasong Tamo Branch
    BPI Buendia Center
    Burgundy Corporate Tower
    Country Space 1
    DBP Building
    Elizabeth Place
    Exportbank Plaza
    GF & Partners Building
    Grand Soho Makati
    Le Metropole
    Le Triomphe
    McDonalds Gil Puyat Chino Roces
    Medicard Lifestyle Center
    Mercury Drug Branch

    Metrobank Plaza
    Mondragon House
    One Central
    One Pacific Place Show Room
    Pacific Star
    Petron Mega Plaza
    Planters Bank
    RCBC Plaza
    Salcedo Park Twin Towers
    STI College
    Telecom Plaza
    The Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints
    The World Centre
    Trident Gil Puyat
    Tropical Hut Humberger Gil Puyat
    West of Ayala

    How to get to a building along the left side of Gil Puyat Avenue from MRT Buendia Station?

    From the MRT turnstile (exit machine), go left and then go right to take the footbridge and stairs that goes to Gil Puyat Avenue. Walk across Gil Puyat Avenue under Gil Puyat-EDSA flyover.

    There's a terminal of jeepney with "Bel-Air Washington Buendia MRT" wordings in both sides of the body and "Washington" sign in its front near the entrance of McDonald's branch located at the ground floor of SM CyberTwo, the first office building from EDSA next to Shell Gasoline Station. Ride one of these jeepneys. Pay Minimum.

    Two men crossing Gil Puyat from Metrobank Plaza to CybertOne
    Get off the jeep at Paseo de Roxas, the first intersection with traffic lights from EDSA if your destination is Medicard Lifestyle Center and Metrobank Plaza. Walk across Gil Puyat to get to the other corner where Medicard Lifestyle Center is located at the left corner of Gil Puyat and Paseo de Roxas. Metrobank Plaza is located at the middle of Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue, the next main intersection (with traffic lights). It's just a little bit walk from Medicard Lifestyle Center. If you are a typical Filipino who doesn't follow traffic law, you can get off the jeep at SM CyberOne, the building to the right opposite Metrobank Plaza, then like the two men in this photo, take the risk of crossing Gil Puyat and tread on the well-landscaped center island.

    Next main intersection is Makati Avenue. Buildings near the corner are: DBP or Development Bank of the Philippines, located at the first left corner of Gil Puyat and Makati Avenue. Pacific Star, located at the second left corner of Gil Puyat and Makati Avenue. BPI Buendia Center, next to Pacific Star. Petron Mega Plaza, third building from Pacific Star. The Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, next to Petron Mega Plaza. Get off the jeep at Makati Avenue and just walk towards those buildings. They're just stone's throw away from where you would alight.

    Next to The Church of Christ is a vacant lot and next to it is Salcedo Park Twin Towers, but it's more nearer to the next intersection which is Nicanor Garcia. There's a lot of pedestrians getting off the jeep infront of Ajinomoto Building, the building located to the right of Gil Puyat exactly opposite Salcedo Park Twin Towers, and they just cross the road right there as if it's legal to do it. Can't blame them, the center island don't have any barrier at all and it's quite fast to just walk across in that part of the road. It's your call, but if it's you're first time here, just follow the law and use pedestrian crossing.

    Get off the jeep at Nicanor Garcia Street. And follow this guide. Use the pedestrian crossing to get to the left side of Gil Puyat Avenue. Grand Soho Makati is just a few meters from pedestrian crossing. It's next to vacant lot that followed Salcedo Park Twin Towers. Next to Grand Soho is Country Space and as you step the sidewalk of left side of Gil Puyat from corner of Nicanor Garcia, ACT Tower is in the front, facing you.

    Next to ACT Tower is a parking lot. GF & Partners is next to the parking area, and a vacant lot followed it.

    Next corner is Malugay Street. Get off the jeepney at Malugay Street. Walk across the road to get to the other corner. Road name opposite Malugay Street left of Gil Puyat is different, it is called Tordesillas Street. So Tordesillas is the one to the left of Gil Puyat while Malugay is to the right. Go left as soon as you crossed from Malugay. The World Centre is the tall building next to the parking lot that followed GF Partners. Next to The World Centre is Show Room of One Pacific Place, then Elizabeth Place and at the corner of Gil Puyat Avenue and Tordesillas Street is an under construction building.

    Located at the second left corner of Tordesillas and Gil Puyat is Le Metropole, followed by Mondragon House. Third building from the second corner of Tordesillas and Gil Puyat is Le Triomphe and next to it is Telecom Plaza also known as Eastern Telecom Plaza. The building to the right of Gil Puyat Avenue opposite Telecom Plaza is PAG-IBIG Fund. The barriers or metal fence in front of these two building have openings, and I noticed lots of pedestrians crossing this part of Gil Puyat Avenue from one side to another. Next to Eastern Telecom is Plantersbank, followed by Trident. Under construction One Central is next to Trident. Located at the first left corner of Ayala Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue is RCBC Plaza. By law, you are requred to get off the jeep near Ayala Avenue, if you're going to Plantersbank, Trident, One Central. But if you're like those people who keep on crossing streets in wrong places, then you can get off at PAG-IBIG and cross the road right there. Eastern Telecom is nearer to Malugay than Ayala Avenue.

    Located opposite RCBC Plaza, at the second left corner of Ayala Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue is Aegis People Support. Just get off the jeep near corner Ayala Avenue and walk across the road to get to this building, there's a large sign that read Aegis People Support above the building. You also must get off the jeep at Ayala Avenue if you're going to the Mercury Drug and Tropical Hut branches located next to Aegis People Support, respectively.

    Last intersection along Gil Puyat Avenue is Chino Roces Avenue formerly known as Pasong Tamo. The buildings you can walk to from the corner of Chino Roces Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue are the following: Burgundy Corporate Tower, West of Ayala, STI College, Bank of Commerce, McDonald's Gil Puyat Roces and Export Bank Plaza. These buildings lined up after Tropical Hut in that order. But an under construction building owned by Greenfield Development Corporation comes first before Burgundy Corporate Tower. Walk across Gil Puyat Avenue to get to the other corner of Chino Roces. Go left to proceed to Burgundy and West of Ayala. They are tall buildings with building names on their facades. McDonald's is just across the corner. Bank of Commerce is next to West of Ayala and Export Bank Plaza is the skyscrpaer located at the second left corner of Gil Puyat Avenue and Chino Roces Avenue.

    DBP Building

    BPI Buendia Center

    Petron Mega Plaza

    Salcedo Park

    ACT Tower

    Gil Puyat Avenue with its metal fence

    Pedestrians wrongfully crossing Gil Puyat Avenue

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    Building Map from Paseo de Roxas to Makati Avenue. Click the red pin to see building name.

    Building Map from Makati Avenue to Ayala Avenue. Click each marker or red pin to see building name.

    Building Map from Ayala Avenue to Chino Roces aka Pasong Tamo. Click each marker or pin to see building name.


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    2. hi, im going to the world center next week. meron bang masasakyan along sen gil puyat ave pabalik ng mrt buendia?thanks!

    3. bukod sa mrt, me fx route din po ba from buendia to philcoa? thanks

    4. hi again, to save time and money, please guide on how to go from quiapo church to the world center along sen gil puyat ave in makati? and options on route going to philcoa? thank you again!

      1. @ kayee s. I am so sorry. I thought it was World Trade Center. Here's direction to World Center, pls ignore my prev reply.

        From Quiapo Church, walk tto LRT, take train to Baclaran and alight at Buendia Station. Ride a jeepney with Guadalupe sign and ask driver to drop you at World Center, most drivers know it.

        In going back, cross Gil Puyat and ride FX or jeepney with LRT sign, alight at Taft. Ride another FX or jeepney with Quiapo sign. In Quiapo, there are so many FXs and jeepneys headed to Philcoa. Hope this one helps.

    5. @ kayee s. Lakad po at tawid ng Roxas Blvd, sakay sa mga nag-uuturn n jeepneys with Guadalupe sign at pkisabi n ibaba sa MRT. Pede din "Bel-Air MRT" ang sakyan nyo.