26 Apr 2013

How To Get To Las Farolas

  • 26 Apr 2013
  • Lagalag

  • Las Farolas, a museum like no other in the Philippines and probably the first of its kind in the whole world opens doors to general public. Home of live freshwater giants or more aptly called river monsters, the newest attraction of Metro Manila is a brainchild of HGM Moments Philippines, Inc together with Ortigas & Co. With their mission/vision that partly reads "propel the Philippines into the global map of tourist destinations", balikbayans and foreign visitors will surely find their city tour even more exciting and memorable. Adding Las Farolas visit to the city tour itinerary will surely worth the time and money.

    Las Farolas

    Entrance Fee Rates

    Adult - Php 400
    Children - Ph0 350
    Student - Php 300
    Senior Citizen - Php 300
    Tourist - Php 400


    9 am to 6 pm Monday - Sunday

    Entrance Fee Rates of Las Farolas

    How To Commute To Las Farolas?

    Las Farolas the fish world is located within Frontera Verde in Tiendesitas Pasig City. Exactly situated at the corner of Frontera Drive and the next street paralleled to Ortigas Ave which is Road D. It is a short walk away from loading and unloading areas of public jeepneys as well as bus stops. One bus ride from Quiapo, LRT-2 V Mapa Station, SM City Sta Mesa and Greenhills Shopping Center. One jeepney ride from Araneta Center Cubao LRT-2 & MRT-3 stations, Eastwood City Libis, Shaw Station and Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas-EDSA. For detailed commuting direction, please go to already published commuting direction to Frontera Verde. Follow this link: How To Get To Tiendesitas And Frontera Verde In Public Transportation.

    How To Get To Las Farolas By Car?

    Since the living museum for monster fish is located right inside Frontera Verde complex, our published article on how to get there by driving is the exact guide you need to get to the newest attraction. To open the driving direction in another tab, please follow this link: Driving Directions To Tiendesitas And Frontera Verde

    Las Farolas Location Map


    19 Apr 2013

    Distance from a LRT-1 Station to Another

  • 19 Apr 2013
  • Lagalag

  • Going to Alabang by train is convenient. Anywhere in EDSA from North, just take a MRT-3 train, alight at Magallanes and ride another train of PNR bound for Alabang.

    LRT-1 Blumentritt Station MapBelow is the table of distance from one station of LRT-1 to another station. LRT-1 is the fastest way to travel to Alabang by two train rides from Roosevelt, Balintawak, Bagong Barrio, Grace Park, Tondo and other areas nearby. You just alight at Blumentritt Station and take another train via PNR Commuter Train.

    Approximate Distance Between LRT-1 Stations

    Vice Versa

    Roosevelt StationBalintawak Station1.83 km
    Roosevelt StationMonumento Station4.26 km
    Roosevelt Station5th Ave Station5.36 km
    Roosevelt StationR Papa Station6.32 km
    Roosevelt StationAbad Santos Ave6.97 km
    Roosevelt StationBlumentritt Station7.96 km
    Roosevelt StationTayuman Station8.59 km
    Roosevelt StationBambang Station9.19 km
    Roosevelt StationDoroteo Jose9.84 km
    Roosevelt StationCarriedo Station10.56 km
    Roosevelt StationCentral Terminal11.28 km
    Roosevelt StationUN Ave Station12.48 km
    Roosevelt StationPedro Gil Station13.24 km
    Roosevelt StationQuirino Ave Station14.04 km
    Roosevelt StationVito Cruz Station14.89 km
    Roosevelt StationGil Puyat Station15.95 km
    Roosevelt StationLibertad Station16.69 km
    Roosevelt StationEDSA Station17.68 km
    Roosevelt StationBaclaran Station18.26 km
    Balintawak StationMonumento Station2.38 km
    Balintawak Station5th Ave Station3.48 km
    Balintawak StationR Papa Station4.44 km
    Balintawak StationAbad Santos Ave5.08 km
    Balintawak StationBlumentritt Station6.08 km
    Balintawak StationTayuman Station6.71 km
    Balintawak StationBambang Station7.32 km
    Balintawak StationDoroteo Jose7.97 km
    Balintawak StationCarriedo Station8.69 km
    Balintawak StationCentral Terminal9.40 km
    Balintawak StationUN Ave Station10.60 km
    Balintawak StationPedro Gil Station11.37 km
    Balintawak StationQuirino Ave Station12.17 km
    Balintawak StationVito Cruz Station13.01 km
    Balintawak StationGil Puyat Station14.07 km
    Balintawak StationLibertad Station14.81 km
    Balintawak StationEDSA Station15.80 km
    Balintawak StationBaclaran Station16.39 km
    Monumento Station5th Ave Station1.06 km
    Monumento StationR Papa Station2.02 km
    Monumento StationAbad Santo Ave2.67 km
    Monumento StationBlumentritt Station3.67 km
    Monumento StationTayuman Station4.29 km
    Monumento StationBambang Station4.89 km
    Monumento StationDoroteo Jose5.55 km
    Monumento StationCarriedo Station6.27 km
    Monumento StationCentral Terminal6.98 km
    Monumento StationUN Ave Station8.18 km
    Monumento StationPedro Gil Station8.95 km
    Monumento StationQuirino Ave Station9.75 km
    Monumento StationVito Cruz Station10.59 km
    Monumento StationGil Puyat Station11.65 km
    Monumento StationLibertad Station12.39 km
    Monumento StationEDSA Station13.38 km
    Monumento StationBaclaran Station13.97 km
    5th Ave StationR Papa Station0.94 km
    5th Ave StationAbad Santos Ave1.59 km
    5th Ave StationBlumentritt Station2.59 km
    5th Ave StationTayuman Station3.21 km
    5th Ave StationBambang Station3.81 km
    5th Ave StationDoroteo Jose4.44 km
    5th Ave StationCarriedo Station5.18 km
    5th Ave StationCentral Terminal5.89 km
    5th Ave StationUN Ave Station7.10 km
    5th Ave StationPedro Gil Station7.85 km
    5th Ave StationQuirino Ave Station8.65 km
    5th Ave StationVito Cruz Ave9.49 km
    5th Ave StationGil Puyat Station10.55 km
    5th Ave StationLibertad Station11.29 km
    5th Ave StationEDSA Station12.28 km
    5th Ave StationBaclaran Station12.88 km
    R Papa StationAbad Santos Ave0.58 km
    R Papa StationBlumentritt Station1.57 km
    R Papa StationTayuman Station2.20 km
    R Papa StationBambang Station2.81 km
    R Papa StationDoroteo Jose3.47 km
    R Papa StationCarriedo Station4.18 km
    R Papa StationCentral Terminal4.89 km
    R Papa StationUN Ave Station6.09 km
    R Papa StationPedro Gil Station6.85 km
    R Papa StationQuirino Ave Station7.65 km
    R Papa StationVito Cruz Station8.50 km
    R Papa StationGil Puyat Station9.56 km
    R Papa StationLibertad Station10.29 km
    R Papa StationEDSA Station11.30 km
    R Papa StationBaclaran Station11.89 km
    Abad Santos AveBlumentritt Station0.95 km
    Abad Santos AveTayuman Station1.58 km
    Abad Santos AveBambang Station2.17 km
    Abad Santos AveDoroteo Jose2.84 km
    Abad Santos AveCarriedo Station3.55 km
    Abad Santos AveCentral Terminal4.27 km
    Abad Santos AveUN Ave Station5.46 km
    Abad Santos AvePedro Gil Station6.23 km
    Abad Santos AveQuirino Ave Station7.03 km
    Abad Santos AveVito Cruz Station7.87 km
    Abad Santos AveGil Puyat Station8.94 km
    Abad Santos AveLibertad Station9.67 km
    Abad Santos AveEDSA Station10.68 km
    Abad Santos AveBaclaran Station11.27 km
    Blumentritt StationTayuman Station0.61 km
    Blumentritt StationBambang Station1.21 km
    Blumentritt StationDoroteo Jose1.86 km
    Blumentritt StationCarriedo Station2.57 km
    Blumentritt StationCentral Terminal3.29 km
    Blumentritt StationUN Ave Station4.50 km
    Blumentritt StationPedro Gil Station5.25 km
    Blumentritt StationQuirino Ave Station6.07 km
    Blumentritt StationVito Cruz Station6.89 km
    Blumentritt StationGil Puyat Station7.96 km
    Blumentritt StationLibertad Station8.69 km
    Blumentritt StationEDSA Station9.70 km
    Blumentritt StationBaclaran Station10.30 km
    Tayuman StationBambang Station0.54 km
    Tayuman StationDoroteo Jose1.21 km
    Tayuman StationCarriedo Station1.93 km
    Tayuman StationCentral Terminal2.64 km
    Tayuman StationUN Ave Station3.85 km
    Tayuman StationPedro Gil Station4.61 km
    Tayuman StationQuirino Ave Station5.42 km
    Tayuman StationVito Cruz Station6.26 km
    Tayuman StationGil Puyat Station7.32 km
    Tayuman StationLibertad Station8.05 km
    Tayuman StationEDSA Station9.05 km
    Tayuman StationBaclaran Station9.64 km
    Bambang StationDoroteo Jose0.63 km
    Bambang StationCarriedo Station1.33 km
    Bambang StationCentral Terminal2.06 km
    Bambang StationUN Ave Station3.26 km
    Bambang StationPedro Gil Station4.02 km
    Bambang StationQuirino Ave Station4.82 km
    Bambang StationVito Cruz Station5.66 km
    Bambang StationGil Puyat Station6.73 km
    Bambang StationLibertad Station7.46 km
    Bambang StationEDSA Station8.46 km
    Bambang StationBaclaran Station9.06 km
    Doroteo JoseCarriedo Station0.68 km
    Doroteo JoseCentral Terminal1.40 km
    Doroteo JoseUN Ave Station2.60 km
    Doroteo JosePedro Gil Station3.36 km
    Doroteo JoseQuirino Ave Station4.16 km
    Doroteo JoseVito Cruz Station5.01 km
    Doroteo JoseGil Puyat Station6.06 km
    Doroteo JoseLibertad Station6.80 km
    Doroteo JoseEDSA Station7.80 km
    Doroteo JoseBaclaran Station8.39 km
    Carriedo StationCentral Terminal0.67 km
    Carriedo StationUN Ave Station1.88 km
    Carriedo StationPedro Gil Station2.64 km
    Carriedo StationQuirino Ave Station3.44 km
    Carriedo StationVito Cruz Station4.28 km
    Carriedo StationGil Puyat Station5.34 km
    Carriedo StationLibertad Station6.08 km
    Carriedo StationEDSA Station7.08 km
    Carriedo StationBaclaran Station7.68 km
    Central TerminalUN Ave Station1.16 km
    Central TerminalPedro Gil Station1.93 km
    Central TerminalQuirino Ave Station2.73 km
    Central TerminalVito Cruz Station3.57 km
    Central TerminalGil Puyat Station4.63 km
    Central TerminalLibertad Station5.37 km
    Central TerminalEDSA Station6.37 km
    Central TerminalBaclaran Station6.96 km
    UN Ave StationPedro Gil Station0.70 km
    UN Ave StationQuirino Ave Station1.50 km
    UN Ave StationVito Cruz Station2.34 km
    UN Ave StationGil Puyat Station3.40 km
    UN Ave StationLibertad Station4.13 km
    UN Ave StationEDSA Station5.13 km
    UN Ave StationBaclaran Station5.73 km
    Pedro Gil StationQuirino Ave Station0.75 km
    Pedro Gil StationVito Cruz Station1.59 km
    Pedro Gil StationGil Puyat Station2.65 km
    Pedro Gil StationLibertad Station3.39 km
    Pedro Gil StationEDSA Station4.39 km
    Pedro Gil StationBaclaran Station4.99 km
    Quirino Ave StationVito Cruz Station0.79 km
    Quirino Ave StationGil Puyat Station1.85 km
    Quirino Ave StationLibertad Station2.58 km
    Quirino Ave StationEDSA Station3.58 km
    Quirino Ave StationBaclaran Station4.19 km
    Vito Cruz StationGil Puyat Station1.01 km
    Vito Cruz StationLibertad Station1.75 km
    Vito Cruz StationEDSA Station2.75 km
    Vito Cruz StationBaclaran Station3.35 km
    Gil Puyat StationLibertad Station0.70 km
    Gil Puyat StationEDSA Station1.70 km
    Gil Puyat StationBaclaran Station2.29 km
    Libertad StationEDSA Station0.99 km
    Libertad StationBaclaran Station1.55 km
    EDSA StationBaclaran Station0.53 km

    17 Apr 2013

    Distance to a LRT-2 Station from Another

  • 17 Apr 2013
  • Lagalag

  • By now, you get to know the distance from a MRT Station to another regardless of how many stations are between them. That is if you have already read Distance to a MRT-3 Station from Another.

    We use LRT-2 train to transfer to either LRT-1 or MRT-3 on our way to destinations. If your current location is a LRT-2 station between LRT-1 and MRT-3, and your destination is Pasay Rotunda, which line are you going to use as your second train ride - Line 1 or Line 3? This is where the knowledge of distance comes in. You must use the line which is nearer to you, right? So, here's the complete information of distance between two LRT-2 train stations. Remember, distances here are not only computed between a station and its next station but from one station to all other stations.

    LRT-2 Araneta Center Cubao Station Map
    Now in deciding which Line to use as second train ride, walk distance involved must also take into account. From LRT-2 Recto Station to LRT-1 D Jose Station, it's 345 meters approx. From LRT-2 Cubao Station to MRT-3 Araneta Center-Cubao Station, the walk is around 455 meters approx.

    Approximate Distances Between LRT-2 Stations

    Vice Versa

    Santolan StationKatipunan Station1.94 km
    Santolan StationAnonas Station2.88 km
    Santolan StationAraneta Center Cubao4.28 km
    Santolan StationBetty Go-Belmonte5.48 km
    Santolan StationGilmore Station6.56 km
    Santolan StationJ Ruiz Station7.48 km
    Santolan StationV Mapa Station8.73 km
    Santolan StationPureza Station10.10 km
    Santolan StationLegarda Station11.48 km
    Santolan StationRecto Station12.52 km
    Katipunan StationAnonas Station0.89 km
    Katipunan StationAraneta Center Cubao2.30 km
    Katipunan StationBetty Go-Belmonte3.51 km
    Katipunan StationGilmore Station4.57 km
    Katipunan StationJ Ruiz Station5.51 km
    Katipunan StationV Mapa Station6.76 km
    Katipunan StationPureza Station8.11 km
    Katipunan StationLegarda Station9.50 km
    Katipunan StationRecto Station10.52 km
    Anonas StationAraneta Center Cubao1.38 km
    Anonas StationBetty Go-Belmonte2.58 km
    Anonas StationGilmore Station3.65 km
    Anonas StationJ Ruiz Station4.58 km
    Anonas StationV Mapa Station5.83 km
    Anonas StationPureza Station7.18 km
    Anonas StationLegarda Station8.56 km
    Anonas StationRecto Station9.60 km
    Araneta Center CubaoBetty Go-Belmonte1.16 km
    Araneta Center CubaoGilmore Station2.23 km
    Araneta Center CubaoJ Ruiz Station3.16 km
    Araneta Center CubaoV Mapa Station4.41 km
    Araneta Center CubaoPureza Station5.76 km
    Araneta Center CubaoLegarda Station7.13 km
    Araneta Center CubaoRecto Station8.18 km
    Betty Go-BelmonteGilmore Station1.04 km
    Betty Go-BelmonteJ Ruiz Station1.97 km
    Betty Go-BelmonteV Mapa Station3.21 km
    Betty Go-BelmontePureza Station4.57 km
    Betty Go-BelmonteLegarda Station5.94 km
    Betty Go-BelmonteRecto Station6.97 km
    Gilmore StationJ Ruiz Station0.90 km
    Gilmore StationV Mapa Station2.15 km
    Gilmore StationPureza Station3.50 km
    Gilmore StationLegarda Station4.86 km
    Gilmore StationRecto Station5.90 km
    J Ruiz StationV Mapa Station1.21 km
    J Ruiz StationPureza Station2.56 km
    J Ruiz StationLegarda Station3.92 km
    J Ruiz StationRecto Station4.96 km
    V Mapa StationPureza Station1.32 km
    V Mapa StationLegarda Station2.68 km
    V Mapa StationRecto Station3.72 km
    Pureza StationLegarda Station1.33 km
    Pureza StationRecto Station2.39 km
    Legarda StationRecto Station1 km

    Hope you could use this article. Thanks for giving me your feedback. If you need distance computation, you know I am here to help you out. Take care on your daily commute :)

    16 Apr 2013

    Distance to a MRT-3 Station from Another

  • 16 Apr 2013
  • Lagalag

  • Knowing the distance is so important in travelling. In a very populous city like Metro Manila where commuter trains play major role in daily commute for the majority, one has an advantage if he knows the distance between two train stations. Why? Because our commuter trains are always jam-packed especially during peak hours. Walking to your destination located near to the next station instead of squeezing yourself into a jam-packed train is sometimes more practical. Furthermore, if your destination is way too far from your current location, then at least you know how far you're going to travel.

    MRT Magallanes Station mapHere is the first of our series about approximate distances between Metro Manila train stations. And this particular guide I have created is for MRT-3 Metrostar which is also known as Metro Rail Transit LIne-3. Watch for upcoming posts about distance between two stations of LRT-1, LRT-2 and the PNR Commuter Train.

    Approximate Distance Between MRT-3 Stations

    Vice Versa

    North AveQuezon Ave Station1.22 km
    North AveGMA Kamuning Station2.19 km
    North AveAraneta Center Cubao4.09 km
    North AveSantolan Annapolis Station5.55 km
    North AveOrtigas Station7.87 km
    North AveShaw Blvd Station8.69 km
    North AveBoni Ave Station9.74 km
    North AveGuadalupe Station10.51 km
    North AveBuendia Station12.38 km
    North AveAyala Station13.32 km
    North AveMagallanes Station14.57 km
    North AveTaft Ave Station16.52 km
    Quezon AveGMA Kamuning0.94 km
    Quezon AveAraneta Center Cubao2.83 km
    Quezon AveSantolan Annapolis Station4.3 km
    Quezon AveOrtigas Station6.64 km
    Quezon AveShaw Blvd Station7.45 km
    Quezon AveBoni Ave Station8.48 km
    Quezon AveGuadalupe Station9.27 km
    Quezon AveBuendia Station11.14 km
    Quezon AveAyala Station12.07 km
    Quezon AveMagallanes Station13.32 km
    Quezon AveTaft Ave Station15.3 km
    GMA KamuningAraneta Center Cubao1.85 km
    GMA KamuningSantolan Annapolis3.32 km
    GMA KamuningOrtigas Station5.66 km
    GMA KamuningShaw Blvd Station6.49 km
    GMA KamuningBoni Ave Station7.51 km
    GMA KamuningGuadalupe Station8.30 km
    GMA KamuningBuendia Station10.16 km
    GMA KamuningAyala Station11.10 km
    GMA KamuningMagallanes Station12.34 km
    GMA KamuningTaft Ave Station14.32 km
    Araneta Center CubaoSantolan Annapolis1.45 km
    Araneta Center CubaoOrtigas Station3.79 km
    Araneta Center CubaoShaw Blvd Station4.6 km
    Araneta Center CubaoBoni Ave Station5.63 km
    Araneta Center CubaoGuadalupe Station6.43 km
    Araneta Center CubaoBuendia Station8.29 km
    Araneta Center CubaoAyala Station9.22 km
    Araneta Center CubaoMagallanes Station10.47 km
    Araneta Center CubaoTaft Ave Station12.44 km
    Santolan AnnapolisOrtigas Station2.31 km
    Santolan AnnapolisShaw Blvd Station3.09 km
    Santolan AnnapolisBoni Ave Station4.13 km
    Santolan AnnapolisGuadalupe Station4.94 km
    Santolan AnnapolisBuendia Station6.81 km
    Santolan AnnapolisAyala Station7.74 km
    Santolan AnnapolisMagallanes Station8.99 km
    Santolan AnnapolisTaft Ave Station10.96 km
    Ortigas StationShaw Blvd Station0.77 km
    Ortigas StationBoni Ave Station1.79 km
    Ortigas StationGuadalupe Station2.59 km
    Ortigas StationBuendia Station4.46 km
    Ortigas StationAyala Station5.4 km
    Ortigas StationMagallanes Station6.64 km
    Ortigas StationTaft Ave Station8.60 km
    Shaw Blvd StationBoni Ave Station.98 km
    Shaw Blvd StationGuadalupe Station1.77 km
    Shaw Blvd StationBuendia Station3.64 km
    Shaw Blvd StationAyala Station4.57 km
    Shaw Blvd StationMagallanes Station5.82 km
    Shaw Blvd StationTaft Ave Station7.76 km
    Boni Ave StationGuadalupe Station0.77 km
    Boni Ave StationBuendia Station2.63 km
    Boni Ave StationAyala Station3.56 km
    Boni Ave StationMagallanes Station4.81 km
    Boni Ave StationTaft Ave Station6.76 km
    Guadalupe StationBuendia Station1.83 km
    Guadalupe StationAyala Station2.76 km
    Guadalupe StationMagallanes Station4.01 km
    Guadalupe StationTaft Ave Station5.96 km
    Buendia StationAyala Station0.88 km
    Buendia StationMagallanes Station2.14 km
    Buendia StationTaft Ave Station4.10 km
    Ayala StationMagallanes Station1.19 km
    Ayala StationTaft Station3.12 km
    Magallanes StationTaft Station1.89 km

    For those of you who want to know commuting or driving distance between your location and a certain place such as mall, building, landmark, etc, you can ask me through comment form below. I can give you distance in kilometer, meter or miles. Just give me point A and point B.