27 Sep 2015

Commute Guide to Newport City Buildings & Spots via Free Shuttle Bus

  • 27 Sep 2015
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  • Free Shuttle bus ride from jeepney loading/unloading area to Newport destinations such as Remington Hotel, Resorts World Manila, Maxims Hotel, Marriott Hotel, St Therese Church, Star Cruises Centre, etc. How do you get to Resorts World Manila or Remington Hotel via Newport City's NCEA Free Shuttle bus? Read this guide and soon you will be conveniently whisked away to your destination from its terminal in Emperador Building which is also the north tip gateway of Newport City where public jeepneys from MRT EDSA and LRT Taft stations in Pasay Rotunda as well as from Sales Rd in SLEX are located. But take note that from Sales jeepney terminal, you can get off at the locations of aforementioned spots. So, go read the directions.

    Newport City is located opposite NAIA Terminal 3. Conveniently, Airport Loop shuttle bus is the way to go if you come from MRT Taft Station and LRT EDSA Station and your destination is any of these: Resorts World Manila, Star Cruises Centre, Remington Hotel, Newport Mall and other institutions which are located just across the airport loop bus stops.

    But what if your destination is too far from NAIA Shuttle's unloading areas. Marriott Hotel, Maxims Hotel, Belmont Hotel, Palm Tree and The Shrine of St Therese church are located way far from the Airport Loop bus stops. The good news is you can get to any of these institutions from the Newport City free shuttle's bus stops in a breeze. What's more? Ride is free around Newport City.

    Officially known as NCEA Free Shuttle, the bus terminal stop is located at the northern entrance of Newport City where public jeepneys from both Pasay Rotunda and Sales Rd unload passengers. You only need to walk a little bit from jeepney unloading area to the free shuttle terminal, wait for shuttle's arrival, get on board and get off at your destination. NCEA is acronym for Newport City Estates Association.

    How to get to Newport City free shuttle terminal

    From MRT/LRT stations in Pasay Rotunda

    Wait for and take a jeepney with "Nichols" sign at loading area along EDSA's northbound lane near MRT Taft Station in Pasay Rotunda. You can also get inside the Bus Terminal at the back of McDonald's where Airport Loop has a terminal and look for the jeepney queue. Get off the jeepney at Newport City northern tip gateway where there is huge "Newport City" signage and big statues of five carabaos.

    That is Newport Blvd. At the left corner is the Emperador Bldg which you should immediately see. The jeepneys actually stop there to drop off passengers. The Newport City NCEA free shuttle terminal is located along the left hand side of Newport Blvd as you enter it, on Emperador Bldg side. But you must make sure that you're on the right place because a bus from Eastwood City also parks along that side. There's a road sign that reads "NCEA Free Shuttle." Go there. See the first map below. Click all markers in the map - pin, bus icon, jeepney icon.

    From Sales Bridge in SLEX

    This is the route if you come from BGC boarding a jeepney to Gate 3 or if you are from Chino Roces Ave Ext. You can also take this if you're from Alabang or Southern Tagalog provinces (CABALARZON.) Just remember to alight at Sales/Nichols/Villamor as what you must mention to driver. There's also a PNR train station there. So both from Tutuban and as far as Bicol, commuters can use this route. Walk and cross SLEX via Sales Bridge from northbound lane of SLEX. If you're riding a jeepney or bus from EDSA/Pasay/Manila area, you don't need to cross Sales Bridge. Go to jeepney terminal that you will immediately see at Sales Rd which continues Sales Bridge. Those jeepneys are headed to Newport City. You need to buy fare token before you get on the jeepney in the queue. Same way, you will also alight at Newport City free shuttle terminal if you opt to use it. BUT... if your destination is Resort World Manila or Remington Hotel or Star Cruises Center and even St Therese Church as well as Palm Tree, you don't need to use the free shuttle because jeepneys from Sales Brige/Rd pass by right at their locations. In fact, RWM has entrance along Sales Rd. So just ask driver to drop you off at any of the aforementioned destinations.

    How to get to Newport City destinations via Newport City free shuttle bus

    Newport Free Shuttle stops at Star Cruises Centre

    Once you get to its Bus Stop Terminal in Emperador Bldg, stand in line at queue area while waiting for the free shuttle. Alight at the right location where your destination is located. Here are the destinations in Newport City and where you can get off the bus along the route of NCEA Free Shuttle to get to them:

    how to got to shrine of St Therese Newport Pasay
    Newport Blvd cor Resort Dr - This is not a bus stop. You must ask driver in advance to drop you off here as soon as the bus turns left onto Resort Dr from Newport Blvd. Shrine of St Therese or St Therese Church is located at the other corner. Palm Tree's entrance is located along Resort Dr before the corner of Andrews Ave. Belmont Hotel is next to the church and a McDonald's restaurant is at the back of Belmont. They are all very near at this corner so notify the driver in advance that you will alight here. See our second map below.

    how to go to Maxims Hotel Newport City Pasay
    First Bus Stop - See our third map below. The bus stop is located at the opposite or the other end corner of Newport Blvd and Resort Dr. Get off the bus here if your destinations are any of the following: Manila Marriott, Marriott Grand Ballroom and Maxims Hotel. Since this is a bus stop, you can wait for the free shuttle after your business and ready to get home. Just stand in line.

    how to go to Resorts World Manila Pasay
    Second Bus Stop Exactly located at the site of Remington Hotel, Resorts World Manila and all other destinations inside RWM. There's also a McDonald's restaurant here. See fourth map and click the markers on it. Once inside Resorts World Manila, you can get to all destinations there, i.e., Newport Casino, Newport Performing Arts Theater, Republiq, grand lobby of RWM, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

    how to commute to Star Cruises Pasay Newport City
    Third Bus Stop - Located opposite Star Cruises Centre, you only need to cross Resort Dr via pedestrian lane to get there and any restaurant there. You can also use this bus stop to get to Emperador Bldg from this location. Just wait for the free shuttle's arrival. See fifth map.

    Note: As Newport City is a development in progress, other new buildings and destinations will be added here as soon as they are finish. This guide will be handy in the future. If you have have any destination in Newport City and you don't know its location or how to get there, just look it up here. See sixth map below.


    12 Sep 2015

    Airport Loop: Where to Ride & Alight to and from NAIA Terminals

  • 12 Sep 2015
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  • NAIA Shuttle Bus got a new look and a new name. It is now called Airport Loop. And to make it easy for commuters to identify the bus headed to NAIA-3 among many others inside Pasay Rotunda bus terminal, all airport loop buses have big signage on their both sides that reads Airport Loop. There is also big banner sign located where an Airport Loop bus parks to load passengers.

    Two Fleets of Airport Loop buses

    Airport Loop by HM Transport bound for NAIA-3 from Pasay Rotunda
    Airport Loop bus enters Pasay Rotunda Terminal.

    There are two kinds of buses that served as Airport Loop. There's the one with all white outer body color with black signage that reads 'Airport Loop' on its both sides (photo below.) This one is the offshoot of the all white NAIA shuttle buses that preceded airport loops.

    The second one is the bus owned by HM Transport, Inc. Body color is orange and on its both sides printed is 'HM Transport Inc Airport Loop' (photo above.) These buses are bigger ones compare to the white ones. They are new fleet of buses. But there are few which are old and a bit rundown but I think those old ones are being phased out.

    Airport Loop formerly NAIA Shuttle bus
    Airport Loop bus stops at first bus stop inside Newport City.

    Exact Location of Airport Loop inside Pasay Rotunda Bus Terminal

    Unlike before when you can easily see NAIA Shuttle Buses upon entering the big Pasay Rotunda Bus Terminal, the new slot of Airport Loop bus is located far inside of the massive provincial bus station. If you don't know the location of Pasay Rotunda bus terminal, please see map in our post NAIA 1-2-3 Shuttle Bus: Easy Way To Get To & From NAIA Terminals.

    Upon entering the bus terminal via access where McDonald's is located, walk along the left side of the terminal all the way straight past all the row of establishments there. Soon you will see this sign. If there's no Airport Loop bus behind the signage, just wait until it arrives.

    Unloading Areas along the route of Airport Loop

    In four maps below are spots where you can get off the bus. Click each red bus stop icon in the maps for accurate information.

    Bus Stop icon 1 - Airport Loop terminal in Pasay Rotunda. Remaining passengers that take the bus from Terminal 3 alight here. All passengers headed to NAIA terminals 4,2 and 1 from here must alight at Terminal 3 to transfer to another Airport Loop bus. Details direction on how to get to this bus terminal in the post NAIA 1-2-3 Shuttle Bus: Easy Way To Get To & From NAIA Terminals.

    Bus Stop icon 2 - If your destination is northern tip of Newport City like Emperador Bldg, you can ask driver to drop you off here. But it is not designated bus stop so if driver won't allow it, get off the bus at the first bus stop inside Newport City and take Newport City free shuttle. Read detailed direction in How to get to Newport City Destinations via Airport Loop.

    Bus Stop icon 3 - Airport Loop Unloading Area in NAIA-3. Unloading in T-3 is far from loading area so if you are headed to any of terminals 4,2 and 1 and you have heavy luggage ask driver to drop you off at the loading bay of Airport Loop. The bus will pass through it anyway. He will allow it based on what I have observed.

    Bus Stop icon 4 - First Bus Stop inside Newport City. You can get off here if your destination is any of the following: Shrine of St Therese (church), Belmont Hotel, Emperador Bldg (take free shuttle), Star Cruise, Marriott Hotel, etc. Read How to get to Newport City Destinations via Airport Loop.

    Bus Stop icon 5 - Second Bus Stop in Newport City. Alight here if your destination is any of the following: Remington Hotel, Resorts World Manila, Newport Mall, Newport Performing Arts Theater, etc. Again, go to link given in 'Bus Stop icon 4' for details.

    Bus Stop icon 6 - Airport Loop Terminal in NAIA-3. This is the terminal of all Airport Loop buses headed to all other NAIA terminals as well as Pasay Rotunda Airport Loop terminal where MRT/LRT stations are located. If you are an arriving passenger from Terminal 3 proceed here from Arrival and look for banner sign that reads 'Baclaran Pasay Rotunda MRT/LRT.' If you are arriving passengers from Terminal 1 or 2 or 4 and you want to take Airport Loop to train station, take an Airport Loop shuttle headed to NAIA-3 at loading area in your Terminal of Arrival. For details read NAIA 1-2-3 Shuttle Bus: Easy Way To Get To & From NAIA Terminals and NAIA 1-2-3-4 Shuttle Bus Updates.

    Bus Stop icon 7 - First stop from NAIA-3 Loading bay. located along Airport Rd past the corner of Quirino Ave.

    Bus Stop icon 8 - Second stop Baclaran Redemptorist. The bus stops along Roxas Blvd near Redemptorist Church. Because of bad traffic situation there's no fixed bus stop here so it could be way far from Redemptorist. After the bus stops here, it will now proceed to its terminal in Pasay Rotunda without anymore stops. All remaining passengers will be dropped inside Pasay Rotunda Bus Terminal.

    First map - Zoom out level for bird's eye view of the entire Airport Loop route.

    Second map - Airport loop turns left from Aurora Blvd headed to NAIA-3. Click the bus stop icon.

    Third map - Airport loop stops at T-3 then go to Newport City and returns to T-3. Click all bus stop icons.

    Fourth map - From T-3 the bus unloads passengers at 2 Baclaran bus stops before returning to MRT/LRT stations to drop remaining passengers and pick up passengers headed to NAIA-3 and Newport City in another new loop cycle. It enters bus terminal adjacent to MRT Taft Station.

    11 Sep 2015

    How to get to Newport City Destinations via Airport Loop

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  • Getting to Newport City destinations from either MRT-3 Taft or LRT-1 EDSA stations via new NAIA Airport Loop shuttle has never been convenient. The airport loop shuttles have bus stop or unloading area right outside Remington Hotel. So if you're wondering how to get to Remington Hotel, I'll tell you to get off the bus here and you only need to walk a meter or two from the bus stop. Resort World Manila is just across Newport Blvd and you will only need to take the pedestrian lane. Once inside RWM, you only need to walk your way toward Newport Mall, Maxims Hotel, Newport Performing Arts Theater, Republiq Club, Newport Cinemas, RWM Casino, etc. That's because they are all clustered together inside the huge building of RWM.

    NAIA Airport Loop Shuttle Unloading Areas in Newport City

    Airport Loop from Pasay Rotunda stops at Newport City bus stop with Star Cruise at background

    There are only two NAIA Loop Shuttle bus stops in Newport City. You can not use them to get back to Pasay Rotunda as they are only used to unload passengers. But you can board the airport loop shuttle at its NAIA-3 terminal. The unloading area in Remington is the last stop before the shuttle goes back to Terminal-3. The first bus stop in Newport City is located at Resort Dr which is perpendicular to Andrews Ave. Please see map below. In photo above is a NAIA Airport Loop bus at the first bus stop. Star Cruise building (in background of photo above) is just across the one way Resort Dr. To get there, just use the pedestrian lane.

    Shrine of Saint Therese Newport City
    If your destination is The Shrine of St Therese, the only church in Newport City, get off the bus here and walk your way there by turning left onto E-Palm Dr. At the end of the road is The Shrine of St Therese. McDonalds is at the left corner. Belmont Hotel is at the right corner opposite McDonald's restaurant. Palm Tree, clusters - A,B,C,D is located next to the church on this direction, just walk past the front of the church and turn left onto the next street, Resort Dr extension, to get to the entrance of Palm Tree condominium. Note that Resort Dr bends leftward inside Newport City from the first bus stop and it is extended back to Andrews Ave similar to a very wide U-turn.

    If your destination is the Emperador Building, wait for NCEA Free Shuttle right at the first bus stop of Airport Loop, the one opposite Star Cruise building. NCEA stands for Newport City Estates Association. After getting off the airport shuttle bus, go to the sidewalk and wait for free shuttle to arrive. This is the last stop of NCEA buses before they head to Emperador Building loading & unloading area. Located at Emperador Bldg are S&R New York Style Pizza, another McDonald's restaurant and at the other side of the building is Metro Supermarket.

    Marriott Hotel and Grand Ballroom are located in this spot
    You can also get off the airport loop bus at first bus stop if your destination is any of the following: Marriott Grand Ballroom, Marriott Hotel and Maxims. Cross E-Palm Dr and take Resort Dr, cross Newport Blvd and the three hotels are immediately there. See map below and click the red pins and bus stop icons in the map for guidance. It's faster to get to Maxims from this bus stop but it's more convenient in the second bus stop as you don't need to walk outside. If it's raining or the weather is sultry, I will recommend to use the second bus stop in going to Maxims.

    Important note in getting to Emperador Building. You can ask the driver of Airport Loop Shuttle to drop you off before it turns right onto Terminal 3. From there you can walk your way to Emperador Building which is easily seen from afar. It will save you time. If the driver allows it. But from what I have experienced in taking the Airport Loop Shuttle from Pasay Rotunda, there are times that some passengers get off at that tip of Andrews Ave before the big roundabout or rotunda (formerly known as Circulo del Mundo.)

    This article is the updated guide of getting to Newport City via NAIA Shuttle bus which is now known as Airport Loop. The content of the first post is commuting guide to Newport City and Resorts World Manila by all modes of transportation. There are no directions to other destinations inside of Newport City there as at the time it was published Newport City was still in the initial stage of development. For jeepney mode of transportation going to Newport city and RWM, go to How To Commute To Newport City & Resort World Manila. If your destination is not mentioned in this guide, just let me know and I will try my best to give you direction.

    For more accurate direction, please use this map. CLICK each red pin and bus stop icon for more information such as walking direction from bus stops.

    24 Jul 2015

    City Buses Route Direct to NAIA-3 & 4 from North of Metro Manila

  • 24 Jul 2015
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  • At last! You can now commute to NAIA Terminals 3 & 4 in one bus ride all the way from Quezon City, Caloocan, Pasig, Mandaluyong, etc. City buses have been given a new route that passes Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4 and ends at NAIA Terminal 3. Created to provide commuting public with additional option in going to the airport terminals, the new route is slower compare to Airport Loop bus formerly known as NAIA Shuttle which takes passengers from MRT/LRT in Pasay Rotunda to NAIA-3 from which they'll take another bus in getting to Terminal 4,2 and 1.

    What is the Route of the City Buses bound for NAIA-3

    The route takes Roxas Blvd from EDSA, turns left onto NAIA Rd aka MIA Rd. Then it turns left again onto Domestic Road where the Domestic Airport Terminal 4 is located. The city bus will stop at designated unloading/loading area outside Terminal 4 to unload passengers going to Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4.

    The bus then turns right onto Andrews Ave. It will traverse the whole stretch of Andrews Ave up to the next bus stop or unloading/loading area which is located at Circulo Del Mundo which is around 300 to 400 meters from Arrival and Departure areas of NAIA Terminal 3.

    Which one is fastest - city bus or the Airport Loop bus?

    It will take you a very very long time reaching either Terminal 4 or Terminal 3 from your location north of Metro Manila if you take this city bus. As we all know, EDSA is notoriously trafficked all the time. So if you take a city bus bound for NAIA terminals, it would be safe to get on the bus hours in advance.

    Airport Shuttle buses which leave its terminal across MRT Taft Station every 30 minutes or so will take you faster to Terminal 3 factoring the fast travel you would have already made via MRT-3 or LRT-1 before boarding the Airport shuttle.

    Is it practical for a flying passenger to take a city bus to T-4 or T-3?

    We all know that we need to be at the departure area 4 hours before boarding time. For me the only practical use of taking a city bus from let's say Commonwealth, QC, is to be at the airport night before your scheduled flight. That means you're going to stay overnight at the lobby which is done by many in Terminal 3. You don't know how many hours the bus will be stuck in the traffic. And you need to factor in the driver's stubborn way of staying longer at bay areas of malls and loading zones along EDSA. There might be a chance of you getting late for your flight if you take a city bus from far areas in the north of Metro Manila.

    Who will get the Convenience of riding a City Bus to T-4 and T-3?

    city bus guide to NAIA 3 & 4 from fairview QC Cubao Caloocan Novaliches Pasig etc
    For one, arriving passengers who don't want to take taxi to get home. This is not advisable as they are easy targets for muggers and robbers that frequently victimize city bus passengers.

    Now if you're going to any of these NAIA terminals to fetch an arriving relative, then it would be convenient for you to take this bus if you don't want to ride a metro train. Just make sure you arrive at the airport on time. You can also use a city bus in going home if you accompanied a flying passenger. It's convenient, you don't need to make any transfer.

    How to get to NAIA Terminals 3 and 4 via City bus

    Metro Manila's city buses' routes originate from various locations: Fairview, Novaliches, Malanday, Monument, Valenzuela, Navotas, etc. Loading areas from strategic locations can be found at Commonwealth, Philcoa, East Ave, Quezon Ave, North EDSA, Balintawak, Kamuning/Kamias, Araneta Center Cubao, Santolan Rd, Ortigas, EDSA-Shaw Crossing, Boni Ave, Guadalupe, Estrella and so on.

    You can get to either terminal 3 or 4 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport from any locations served by city buses bound for NAIA-3 which must be on the sign board of the bus by going to the nearest city bus loading zone.

    Just ride a bus with 'NAIA-3' on its sign and get off at unloading area of either Terminal 4 or Terminal 3.

    Important Reminders

    In NAIA Terminal 3 you need to walk far from the bus stop to the airport. The buses don't enter the airport terminal 3 as they are not allowed. The bus stop or unloading and unloading area for terminal 3 is located at Circulo del Mundo, the roundabout before NAIA-3. The roundabout is where the buses make the return trip to their respective origins.

    If you're carrying heavy loads of luggage, a city bus ride to Terminal 3 would not be friendly for you. Go for a taxi.

    9 Jun 2015

    Ultimate Commute Guide to Cagayan Tourist Spots & Patapat Viaduct

  • 9 Jun 2015
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  • Ultimate handbook for backpackers and first timers in Cagayan Province, the home of Callao Cave and Palaui Island where a season of Survivor USA was filmed, this guide will make your Cagayan travel a breeze. Detailed commute directions to attractions of Cagayan, very cheap lodgings, eateries, fares and tips. Everything to cut costs for budget travelers is written here. Immediately below, next to Callao Cave photo, are links to the contents of this article. Check out the links so that you know what to expect in reading this guide.

    how to go to callao cave from tuguegarao

    Links to subtopics of this Commute Guide to Cagayan Attractions

    Click a question to read its content. To return here, click 'back button' in each subtopic.

    What are the travel destinations in Cagayan Province?
    Where is the jumping-off point to Cagayan attractions?
    How to get to Tuguegarao City from Manila?
    Where are cheap lodgings situated?
    How do I get around Tuguegarao City?
    How to get to Callao Cave?
    How to return to Tuguegarao City from Callao Cave?
    How to get to Tuguegarao Cathedral?
    How to get to Buntun Bridge and back?
    How to get to Iguig Calvary Hills?
    How to get back to Tuguegarao from Calvary Hills?
    How to get to Palaui Island?
    How much is the cost of Palaui Island Tour?
    Whom to contact for Palaui Island tour in advance?
    How to return to Tuguegarao from Palaui or Sta Ana?
    Where is Palaui Island in Cagayan map?
    How to get to Tumauini Church?
    How to get to Tuguegarao City from Tumauini Church?
    What is your suggested route in seeing Cagayan destinations?
    How to get to the scenic Patapat Viaduct?
    What to eat in Tuguegarao City?
    Tips for budget travelers & backpackers?
    What are the best months to enjoy traveling in Cagayan?
    Where is Cagayan in Philippine map?

    Note: You can skip the subtopic links by scrolling down as you read.

    What are the Travel Destinations in Cagayan

    The major attraction of Cagayan nearer to Tuguegarao City is the Callao Cave (pronounced as kalyaw), located in the rural town of Peñablanca. While in the city, don't forget to go to Buntun Bridge, the second longest bridge in the Philippines, you'll enjoy the unobstructed view of Cagayan River while walking the entire length of the bridge. Right at the city proper, the imposing Tuguegarao Cathedral aka St Peter Metropolitan Cathedral capped the skyline with its 5-storey quadrilateral bell tower. Outside the city, Iguig Calvary Hills at the back of St James the Greater Parish is a must-see spot of Cagayan too. It has a commanding view of rolling hills covered with bent-grass where life-size statues of stations of the cross are erected in artistic formation. But the destination you must not forget to include in your Cagayan travel is the Palaui Island (pronounced as palawi), which was the location of a season of reality show Survivor and aired on 2014 as 'Survivor: Cagayan.' Palaui Island jumping-off point, the San Vicente Port of coastal town Santa Ana is approximately 100 kilometers away from Tuguegarao City. Another important destination, located in Isabela, is a national cultural treasure as declared by the National Museum. The Tumauini Church, built over 200 years ago. Although not located in Cagayan, Patapat Viaduct is worth the side trip considering it is in the center of the northern tip of mainland Luzon. Main reason is the great views. Here, the association of word attraction to the term viaduct is ultimately an excellent one. Make sure your camera is not yet full before heading to its location.

    Where is the jumping-off point to Cagayan attractions

    how to go to callao cave from tuguegarao city
    Tuguegarao City with Mall of the Valley, the green building

    Originating from (Metro) Manila, your jump-off point to all attractions in the Cagayan including Patapat Viaduct in Ilocos Norte, is the booming capital of Tuguegarao City. Two major means of travel - by air and by land - have their terminals in the city. Hotels, both high-end and budget lodgings, are easy to be found. Authentic Cagayan dishes such as pancit batil patong and pancit cabagan as well as original dinendeng are served almost in every restaurants and eateries. So, head to the nearest bus terminal and reserve a ticket. I recommend Victory Liner as it's the one I used. And the budgets lodgings and cheap hotels are only a stone's throw away from its Tuguegarao terminal.

    How to get to Tuguegarao City from Manila

    Both plane and bus served travelers bound for Tuguegarao. There's a Victory Liner terminal in EDSA-Kamias. You can also use Five Star but its terminal is a bit far from hotels and cheap lodgings. Bus fare from Kamias to Tuguegarao as of this writing is Php 647.

    Where are cheap lodgings situated

    Opposite the terminal of Victory Liner, across the road is row of very affordable lodges and low-cost hotels. They are not actually next to each other as there are other establishments between them. Just avoid the "NetOne" hotel which is the only one lighted at night that you would think it's the only one hotel there. Rate is higher on that particular place. If you arrive at night, just walk along the highway past NetOne hotel and you would make out the unlighted signs of other hotels there. As of this writing, the lowest room rate type is the 12-hour fan only and no TV. The rate is Php 300. It's good for backpackers as you just need to have a bed to sleep and a bath in the morning. The fact that there's no television is to your advantage because there's no temptation to push a remote and consume your time in TV watching. You get to rest longer and have ample sleep. The check-out time is always 12 hours past your check-in time. So, if you have checked in at 2 am, they don't force you to check out at 12 noon. Although in cases like this, you will be too excited to get out early.

    How do I get around Tuguegarao City

    calesa and tricycle are the main mode of transportation in tuguegarao city
    Getting around Tuguegarao City in a horse drawn carriage or a tricycle

    There are two types of public transportation within the city of Tuguegarao - horse drawn carriage and motorized tricycle. First thing first, "Plaza" is a word to remember when riding a tricycle or calesa, if your destination is the main avenue of the city proper where big commercial buildings, malls, banks, drug stores, bargain centers, restaurants, expensive hotels, fast food chains, market place, etc are located. Upon boarding, just say to driver "Plaza" and he'll take you to that area. You can alight in front of the huge Mall of the Valley and explore the city center or check out the bargains and souvenir shops there. Minimum fare is 10 pesos for both of the transport vehicles (horse drawn and trike) and that covered the distance from areas of hotels in Victory Liner vicinity. You will think that the street should have been named Rizal Ave but it's not. And most locals don't know the name of the street as they refer to it only as "Plaza" even if there's no actual plaza anywhere there. Interestingly, the road name is Bonifacio and Rizal St is the one paralleled to it two blocks away and the one bounded Tuguegarao Cathedral. Rizal St doesn't even look like a main street, pretty much like a back alley. Maybe because it's Bonifacio St that teeming with business and commercial activities.

    How to get to Callao Cave

    detailed guide on how to go to callao cave in budget
    Spelunking travelers (center of photo) looked like ants inside the cavernous Callao Cave.

    Outside your hotel, flag down a tricycle and ask driver to take you to the terminal of tricycles bound for Callao Cave. Please pay attention to what I say here if you don't want to spend a lot of money in getting to the cave. The trike from your hotel might request for extra but you can negotiate up to 30 pesos because the Callao bound tricycle terminal is a bit far. It's alright. But once in the next trike terminal, be smart. Except if you have a lot of money. The drivers will approach you and offer a Php 500 peso fare right off the bat. Now if you're in a group of six that would be okay. But if you're alone, that's crazy. I paid only 45 pesos. How did I do that? I said "I don't have money and I will just take the one in the queue and share with other passengers." So I boarded the one waiting for local passengers. But you have to "mention to the driver that you are headed to Callao Cave itself."

    The trike will drop all local passengers at their respective houses so expect that it will get in a barrio before taking you to your destination. You will be the last one to be dropped at the end of the road by the river. You will take a small boat, the fare is 20 pesos which also covers your return from the cave. Across the river, you must register first and pay the 10 pesos entrance fee if the officers in the outpost at the boat terminal told you to skip them and just pay after crossing the river. You have to trek up about 200 steps of stairs before you see the cave. Getting to Callao Cave is a breeze and inexpensive if you follow this.

    How to return to Tuguegarao City from Callao Cave

    It's important that you're already done in Callao Cave by 2 pm to ensure you get a trike back. Trek down to the river bank and wait for a boat to arrive. You must stand in line if there are some locals or other travelers ahead of you. Get in the boat and don't pay again as it's already known that you're already paid. Walk to where you were dropped by the trike previously. Option 1. Wait there for a trike. If you get bored, do Option 2. Take the path of the trike that brought you to the river and walk your way to the terminal where tricycle that don't have passengers headed to the river is parked waiting for passengers. The terminal is at the waiting shed of the barangay. You might pass by a first shed but it's no longer used and covered in fences. The one you're headed is after the road turned left. It's better to walk because in my experience, once there's new tricycle bringing a traveler or passengers to the river, the driver will signal to you that you can hop in. As soon as he drops the passengers by the river, he will drive to their designated terminal where he waits to be filled. Now once you get to the main terminal in Tuguegarao, take another tricycle back to the city proper.

    How to get to Tuguegarao Cathedral

    how to go to tuguegarao cathedral
    Tuguegarao CAthedral

    The best time to get to the cathedral is when you're in the city proper, particularly in Bonifacio St. From the frontage of Mall of the Valley, walk toward McDo and Jollibee until you get to the next corner which is Luna St. As you look to your left toward the end of Luna St, you will immediately see the church. Walk past Hotel Roma to get there.

    How to get to Buntun Bridge and back

    how to get to buntun bridge from tuguegarao city
    Buntun Bridge

    After your tour of Tuguegarao Cathedral, you can breeze into Buntun Bridge which is located at the west end of Luna St. Tuguegarao Cathedral is located at the east end of Luna St. They are opposite each other. Take a tricycle along Luna to get to the bridge. The driver might charge extra because it is farther and Luna St becomes Buntun St as you get nearer. Depending on how you haggle, you can get there for 30 to 40 pesos. If you decide to walk the entire length of the bridge, you can return to the city proper from across the river by taking another tricycle east bound.

    How to get to Calvary Hills Cagayan

    direction to iguig calvary hills in cagayan
    Calvary Hills Cagayan Province

    Take a jeepney bound for "Iguig" (see sign on the body) with its terminal located near Don Domingo Public Market. From Jollibee and McDonald's restaurant in junction called Tanza, walk eastward along the road in front of Jollibee or from inside of Jollibee, get out to the frontage and turn right onto that road which was the route taken by bus in going back to Manila (I was slept when the bus from Manila arrived at its terminal on my first day - early dawn.), turn right onto the next street, walk further until you get to market area which is teeming with people, trikes, vendors, public vans, jeepneys, etc. You don't need to reach the building of Don Domingo Market with its name written conspicuously. Jeepneys with "Iguig" signs pass through the road toward the highway which you use in getting to the market area. Wait for one and get in. I paid Php 20. Please see the map below for more clearer location of the jeepney bound for Iguig. I'll mention how to get to the exact location of the Calvary after these other directions:

    From a hotel near Victory Liner or from downtown Tuguegarao, take a trike and ask driver to take you to Don Domingo Public Market. Tanza Junction is very near to hotel row in the vicinity of Victory Liner. You can walk to get there, have some budget meal inside either Jollibee or Mcdo then walk your way to Don Domingo Market.

    Inside the jeepney, ask driver to drop you off at the corner of the road that led to St James Parish Church. You can add that you're going to Iguig Calvary Hills. Once gotten off the jeepney, cross the main road and hike the uphill road where the church is located at the other end. Once in the church, you will easily see the way to the Calvary Hills. The entrance is located at the left hand side of the church if your facing the frontage of the church.

    In the map below is the location of the jeepney bound for Iguig. Click each pin to reveal its information. If you drag the map toward bottom, you will see the location of Victory Liner Bus Terminal and how near it is to Tanza Junction where Jollibee and McDonal's are located.

    How to get back to Tuguegarao from Calvary Hills

    Return to the highway and flag down a van with sign that reads "Tuguegarao City." You must alight at the spot near to the downtown as their terminal might be located way too far like the one I have ridden. If you don't know how to go back to either Tanza Junction or Plaza area, take a trike and you can ask him to bring you directly to your hotel or to your next spot of destination.

    How to get to Palaui Island

    how to go to palaui island from manila
    Palaui Island

    The jumping-off point to Palaui Island is San Vicente Pier which is popularly known here as San Vicente Fish Port. It is located in the municipality of Sta Ana which is the northeastern tip of mainland Luzon. To get there from Tuguegarao City, you will travel approximately 100 kilometers via public van to Sta Ana, Cagayan. The terminal of vans is located on the left of the other end of the road where Don Domingo Public Market is situated. See map below, click the red pin at the bottom of the map. Coming from Jollibee/Mcdonald's Tanza Junction branches by foot, walk past Don Domingo Market where you boarded a jeepney to Calvary Hills, until you see the terminal to your left and located meters away before the road ends at Balzain Highway. Take the van bound for Sta Ana. If you're coming from your hotel and you take a tricycle or calesa, make sure that the driver will take you to this terminal. Because there's another terminal of vans bound for Sta Ana but passengers there are so scarce you will wait hours before the van gets full. The vans in the terminal located near Don Domingo Market is known to locals so passengers keep coming and the van gets filled up fast. The fare as of this writing is 180 pesos. After the long journey, the van will stop at Santa Ana Market. You can buy stuff there before heading to the port. There are hotels and lodgings around the market too if you prefer to explore Palaui Island early morning of the next day. Rates of hotel range from 300 to 400. Terminal of trikes headed to San Vicente Port is in front of Sta Ana Commercial Center which is the market building itself.

    You can skip getting off at Sta Ana Public Market and go directly to San Vicente Port which is the last stop of the van. If you choose that, ask driver to drop you off at Arnold Peralta's office. He rents boat to travelers and he is licensed Palaui Island tour provider under local government unit in Sta Ana, Cagayan. Next to the map below is subheading "How much is the cost of Palaui Island Tour", please check it out if you want to know rates of boat rental, guides and other fees.

    How much is the cost of Palaui Island Tour

    Palaui Island only

    Boat rental - Php 1,800
    Guide - 300
    Entrance fee - 50
    Environmental fee - 20
    Highlight - Trek to the lighthouse of Engaño Cape, enjoy the island's white shore, throw a memorable daytime picnic, etc.
    Overnight - not allowed

    7 Destinations Palaui Tour that include:

    Palaui Island
    Engaño Cape Lighthouse
    Anguib Beach
    Crocodile Island
    Mangrove Forest
    Punta Verde
    Siwanag Cove

    Boat rental - Php 3,500 (maximum 8 persons)
    Guide - 300 (lighthouse to punta verde)
    Environmental fee - 20
    Entrance fee - 50

    Tour hours:
    Leave San Vicente Port - 6 am
    Return to San Vicente Port 3 pm

    Note: You can camp out overnight at Anguib Beach for 100 pesos but you MUST bring mosquito repellent or mosquito net. 'Niknik' as locals call it and a kind of mosquitoes and biting insects that attack even at daytime are unforgiving.

    Things to do in Punta Verde:
    Trek to Balatubat Falls - 50
    Snorkeling - 250 for goggles
    Guide - 300

    Licensed Tour Provider:
    Contact Person - Arnold Peralta
    Globe CP - 0915 467 0964
    Smart CP - 0929 392 0737

    Whom to contact for Palaui Island tour in advance


    Palaui Island is a protected area and you can't just rent a boat and sail onto the island. If you do, officer manning the island right at where boats dock to unload passengers will stop you. You must have processed and obtained receipts of payments at authorized tour provider of Palaui Island. Most importantly, you must have a guide which also provide by the tour provider. Without a guide, there's no way you can go beyond the sentry's outpost.

    That said, you can avoid the inconvenience by having an authorized person assisting you even if you're still on your way to San Vicente Port or better yet make advance arrangement for schedule of your arrival days before the date of your travel. This allows for a better time management and stress free travel.

    I highly recommend Mr Arnold Peralta, in photo above taken at his office which is just few meters away from his boats' docking area. He's the head of boat association and owns boats of varied sizes. He employs guides and boat skippers. He is licensed under local government unit and his boats are seaworthy with enough life jackets that they also required to be worn while on-board. Please be reminded that it's open sea that you would traversing in going to Palaui Island. The waves are bigger and at times rogue. A boat that passed government agency's requirement is your only defense for safe sea travel and with number of precautionary measures in place, you have peace of mind that you need in embarking to an adventure in area like Palaui Island. The office of Arnold Peralta is also charged in safekeeping of boat's manifest. So you must register your name there as required by law for your own protection. How's about that for reassuring? Furthermore, he is hands-on in entertaining guests and clients. A very unassuming person, approachable and reliable. You will definitely like him. You can call him at 09154670964 or 09293920737.

    How to return to Tuguegarao from Palaui Island or Sta Ana

    Get back to Tuguegarao City the way you came to Sta Ana. You can take a trike in the port or along the road outside. Just don't use one in the terminal there as they'll ask you to contract them at high price. Wait for one to arrive far from the trike terminal and take that one as they charge regular fare. The terminal of vans bound for Tuguegarao City is in front of the market area.

    Where is Palaui Island in Cagayan map

    How to get to Tumauini Church

    commute guide to tumauini church from manila or cubao
    Tumauini Church

    The terminal of vans going to Tumauini, Isabela, Cagayan is located at the area popularly known as Riverside. Take a trike from anywhere in downtown Tuguegarao or from your hotel and ask driver to bring you to Riverside. Fare from Riverside to Tumauini is 60 pesos. In the van, talk to driver and tell him that you're going to Tumauini Church and ask him to drop you off at the corner of the road in Tumauini from which you will enter to reach the church. The road is on the right of the highway so no need for you to cross. It's a bit tricky if the driver drop you off early. Walk from the highway past two intersections and turn left on the third intersection. Walk further until you get to the compound of the church. That's the direction to take if the driver drops you off at the street where a communication tower is situated and seen from the highway. That's where I was dropped off and given a walk direction to the church by the driver. Now if the driver drops you off at the corner of the street that leads directly to the church, just walk straight past two intersections and the church will come into view at your right.

    How to get to Tuguegarao City from Tumauini Church

    If you have decided to go to Tumauini Church first before the other major attractions of Cagayan such as Callao Cave and Palaui Island, it would be better as Isabela is located south of Tuguegarao City. Walk your way from the church to the highway and go towards Tumauini Public Market. That means you will turn left once you reach the national highway from the church or towards north where Tuguegarao is located. Vans bound for Tuguegarao City stop there and there are also loading terminals in that area.

    What is your suggested route in seeing Cagayan attractions

    The best itinerary if you're travelling to Tuguegarao City by land is to see Tumauini Church first. Because the town of Tumauini comes first before the bus gets to the city of Tuguegarao. And the distance between Tumauini and Tuguegarao is a bit way far. So, if you get there hours before daybreak just kill time in some eatery until daylight. Then head to Tumauini Church. That way, you get to arrive in Tuguegarao City still early.

    In Tuguegarao City, go head to Callao Cave as early as possible because you must be on your way back to Tuguegarao riding in a tricycle from near river by 2pm. Unless you are a gumptious and hitching is not an issue just like what I did, make sure you leave the cave by 1pm. 11 am to 1 pm is the best time to be inside the cave as the sun rays coming in from the opening above create a very astounding scenery worth photographing.

    You can get to Buntun bridge even near dusk and Tuguegarao Cathedral is a stone's throw away from city center.

    Iguig Calvary Hills aka Calvary Hills Cagayan is great in the morning as the sprawling and rolling hills in which the life-size stations of the cross are erected wouldn't be friendly if the sun is already high-up. So, you might want to get there early morning of your second day.

    After your meandering in the Calvary Hills and back to Tuguegarao, take the van bound for Sta Ana for your island hopping of Palaui Island and its neighboring headlands such as Crocodile Island. It'll take up over half of your day to cover all attractions in the promontory region much of which are consumed by boat ride from one spot to another. Palaui Island being the main attraction commands astounding view of its white sand seashore from the trail above going to Cape Engaño Lighthouse which is at the top of the island. Trekking uphill to the lighthouse is wonderful experience as you get the preview of Batanes. From Sta Ana Commercial Center or market area, ask trike driver to take you directly to the office of Arnold Peralta.

    Other destinations served by boat from San Vicente Port are: Anguib Beach, Crocodile Island, Pugo Moro, Punta Verde, Puzurubo and Siwanag Cove. Please check out How much is the cost of Palaui Island tour.

    Although Patapat Viaduct is not part of Cagayan Province as it's located past the border of Ilocos Norte's coastal town of Pagudpud, it still is worth the trip especially if you're already in Sta Ana fresh from your Palaui Island adventure. The best time to travel to Patapat Viaduct from Sta Ana is at daybreak. You get there in balmy morning. But most importantly, there are still public buses and vans bound for Tuguegarao that would pass through the bridge if you decide to go back to Cagayan's capital. That said, make sure you're done viaduct sightseeing at around 2pm. Wait for any van or bus back to Tuguegarao. As there's no terminal there, you will wait for a bus or a van from Laoag to arrive. After your Palaui Island tour, go back to Sta Ana town proper. Spend the night at a cheap lodging by the Sta Ana public market and take a van bound for Tuguegarao first thing in the morning. Ask driver to drop you off at Lal-lo Junction through which buses bound for Laoag, Ilocos Norte pass. Wait for Laoag bound bus at the section of the road where a lot of passengers are waiting and Magapit Suspension Bridge can be easily seen from the distance. The bus to Laoag will pass through that suspension bridge and so you know which lane to wait for the bus, right? The one getting to the suspension bridge. That's a landmark there. So which city should you be headed to after Viaduct sightseeing tour - Laoag or Tuguegarao? To help you decide, read my Tips Section, here.

    How to get to the scenic Patapat Viaduct

    how to go to patapat viaduct pagudpud ilocos norte from manila or cubao
    Patapat Viaduct

    There are regular trips of buses from Tuguegarao to Laoag and these buses pass through the viaduct. But since the purpose of this guide is to manage your time and money in travelling from one spot to another, I will not advice you to go directly to the viaduct from Tuguegarao. Instead, make Patapat Viaduct as your side trip from Palaui Island as you are already near the famed mega architectural structure of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Read the direction on how to get to the viaduct from Sta Ana, Cagayan in the last paragraph of my suggested route in seeing Cagayan attractions.

    What to eat in Tuguegarao

    There are three kinds of authentic food that you should not miss out once you hit the streets of Tuguegarao City. Now there are so much information written about these delicacies including how they are made and cooked so we will not dwell on those details. Instead, let me just present to you each of the dainty chows I have savored in Tuguegarao that made me wish I could find a place in Metro Manila that served them.

    Pancit Batil Patong

    1. Pancit Batil Patong is the first on the list that you should taste as soon as your taste buds crave for pancit. A full meal loaded with carbohydrate, protein and all nutrients a traveler needs. From the bean sprout mixed together with a special kind of noodle to the pork rinds mixed to sliced meat, topped with sunny side up egg, the blending of different tastes has never been so delicious. So tasty and filling. Eaten with a sauce made of mixed soy sauce, vinegar, chopped onion and chili pepper. Plus a hot meat broth on the side, pancit batil patong meal set is so appetizing. A perfect complete meal. The only lacking in the meal? Soda. I mean it's a treat, right? So, why not indulge. Just this once, LOL.

    Pancit Batil Patong meal set

    Pancit Cabagan

    2. Pancit Cabagan has contrasting element compared to Pancit Batil Patong. It is soupy and palatable at the same time that you'd consider its savor as a Filipino dish eaten with rice. As a result you would be tempted to order a serving of rice or two. The quail eggs added the temptation for rice I presumed. It's really a must-taste food. It's also served with a cup of broth notwithstanding the soupy state of the dish. And the grated white onion and sliced lime on the side made this Cagayan noodle dish more appealing to one's sense of eating.


    3. Dinendeng has a lot of versions. But the one I have tasted in Tuguegarao City transcends the general savor of dinengdeng. From aroma that comes from squash flower to the vegetable broth, you would literally feel you're digesting a highly nutritious Filipino dish. Vegetables are fresh and cooked while you wait. And that's the part I like most. Because when it's finally served, with rice of course, my eating mood level goes up a notch and at the end I had ordered 3 servings of rice. Blame it to delectable dinengdeng.

    Tips for budget travelers & backpackers

    1. Once arrived in Tuguegarao Victory Bus Terminal, it's best to check-in at any of the lodgings across the highway as they are cheaper and clean except one mentioned earlier.

    2. Tanza Junction is walking distance from hotel row mentioned in tip #1 above. Once there you can get to Don Domingo Market easily. It's where branches of Jollibee and McDonald's are located.

    3. Before you go to Sta Ana for Palaui Island adventure, make sure you have already bought items that you want to buy in flea market in downtown Tuguegarao as you might decide not to get back and head instead to Laoag City after Viaduct sightseeing.

    4. Tricycle fare is only 10 pesos around Tuguegarao including from the hotel row area to the city proper although they charge higher at night.

    5. Make Patapat Viaduct your last destination so that if you decide to return to Manila via Laoag City, you would have not miss out a spot in Cagayan.

    6. After Viaduct tour, it's best to head to Laoag City as you get to see attractions in the city proper such as the bell tower, capitol bldg, etc before catching a bus bound for Manila. Not only that. You would have been into two important capital cities of Northern Luzon if you go to Laoag City.

    7. If you want to embark on a journey in the loop from Cagayan Province to Ilocos Norte and down to Vigan, Ilocos Sur with still enough budget, you can check my travel posts on how to get to different attractions of Ilocos Norte and commuting guide from Laoag City to Vigan. Here are the links: Getting to Ilocos Norte's Important Attractions, Commute Guide to Bacarra Church & Pagudpud Ilocos Norte, and How to Commute to Vigan's Tourist Spots from Laoag

    8. Whatever city you want to leave from, make sure you book your ticket in advance to avoid inconvenience of being a chance passenger.

    9. Jomar Panciteria, located very near to the Plaza area or downtown serves the best Pancit Batil Patong. From Mall of the Valley, cross Bonifacio Rd and take Gomez St which also borders Mall of the Valley. Walk past next intersection of Blumentrit St and Jomar Panciteria is on the right of Gomez St.

    10. Pancit Cabagan is served best at an eatery opposite Victory Liner. Available at morning. Meanwhile, the superb dinengdeng is served at a large shack inside an open area opposite one of the lodgings there and at the same side of the highway where Victory Liner is situated.

    What are the best months to enjoy travelling in Cagayan

    The best time to enjoy Palaui Island and the beaches there is during sunny season as it would be uninspiring during rainy days like when I was there in December, the waves are humongous and it's so unnerving at open sea en route to Palaui Island. Cagayan has different rainy season. Best months to be there - March to September.

    Now if you're not including Palaui on your travel of Cagayan and you don't plan to be on any beaches there, then, cold weather is not bad and December to February is great time to enjoy Tuguegarao City and its neighboring attractions.

    Where is Cagayan in Philippine map


    30 Mar 2015

    Visita Iglesia Routes

  • 30 Mar 2015
  • Lagalag

  • In the observance of the Holy Week that culminates in our rumination and reflection of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the holy cross that ended His life at the Calvary, DirectionsOnWeb published this post for the Lenten season. As an author of a blog that provides commuting and driving directions, it is my calling to serve readers timely directional guide. That said, today's post is a selection of Visita Iglesia routes from which you can pick a Seven Churches Visitation course to take for this year's Holy Week. Each Visita Iglesia route below is published days before a Holy Week came which started from the very first year of our blog.

    You may want to start your church visits in Redemptorist Church and end in Quiapo Church visiting five other churches along the way. Or you can take the opposite way from Quiapo to Baclaran, depends on which is nearer to your current location. It uses Mabini, del Pilar and Roxas Blvd roads. For complete directions, go to Two Visita Iglesia Routes

    If you live in Binondo and Chinatown area, you might like to start your church visits at Minor Basilica of St Lorenzo Ruiz, popularly known as Binondo Church. Your last church will be the Ermita Church. The most significant part here is you get to visit two churches inside Intramuros - Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. But that's after your visits to Sta Cruz Church and Quiapo Church. Note: The article was published during the retrofitting and major repairs of Manila Cathedral. During that time, we needed to go to Our Lady of Sorrows in Pasay to complete the seven churches visitation. Now that Manila Cathedral is open, the route is shorten. If you like to do your penitence walking from one church to another, I highly recommend this route. Yes, I have written in the post walk direction to take. Although, also written in the article are commuting and driving directions with parking recommendations as well. You can read the complete guides and directions by going to this post: Visita Iglesia Routes 2012

    Now if you live in Quezon City, you can start your seven churches visitation at either Santo Domingo Church in Quezon Ave or Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Cubao. You don't need to get far to other areas. If you think that no seven churches are nearer to each other in Quezon City, let alone walking distance from each other, you can go and read the article I published. Go to Visita Iglesia Routes 2013

    Are you in Baguio City this Holy Week? Contemplating about doing Visita Iglesia in the Summer Capital? Well, if you think that Baguio is just for beating the heat in Metro Manila, here's the good news. You can also have seven churches visitation in Baguio City. For visita iglesia in Baguio City, visit Visita Iglesia Routes 2014

    Hope this article helps you in your penitence this Lenten Season.

    27 Jan 2015

    BGC Bus new EDSA-McKinley Terminal across MRT Ayala Opens

  • 27 Jan 2015
  • Lagalag

  • Commuters going to Bonifacio Global City can now breathe a sign of relief. BGC Bus, the fleet of two-route buses that served East and West of the business and financial district has opened this January 5. The big terminal building is just a few meters across the stair of northbound exit of MRT-3 Ayala Station. For almost two years, commuters have trekked the distance of BGC temporary terminal that was located farther north of the big Shell Station across McKinley Rd. It was quite a long walk for both regular workers and visitors who also needed to wait further before crossing McKinley as there's no pedestrian bridge and motorists have to be prioritized. Now going to any building or destination located inside Bonifacio Global City, simply called BGC, is a breeze. If you don't know how to locate or walk to the building you are headed to in BGC, you can check it out on this post -> Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station


    The new BGC Bus Terminal building is located at the south corner of EDSA and McKinley Rd. Commuters' entrance and boarding area is located at the service road which runs right from the foot of the MRT staircase and bends leftward towards McKinley. See transfer from a MRT train to BBC bus has not been easier this time around. For direction to your destination to BGC building from MRT Ayala Station, go to -> Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station for detailed direction from a BGC bus stop (unloading station) to your destination.

    As of this writing, a convenience store is already opened in the new BGC Bus terminal building. But the way the facade of the building is being finished, there will be more stores and shops in it, like fast food restaurants, snack stalls, coffee shops, flower shops, boutiques and more. But that's only my observation. We'll see in the coning moths. That's all folks. Hope this new development is a good news to you!

    Ops! By the way. There are some folks specially long timers who still called or referred to the entire Bonifacio Global City as The Fort. I think it is no longer applicable. And it's wrong nowadays to use that term. It creates confusion if you're giving direction. The Fort is a strip and only a spot within the BGC. The Fort is not the BGC. Cheers!