9 Jul 2011

Naga City's CBD II - Major Destination In The Heart Of Bicol

  • 9 Jul 2011
  • Lagalag

  • One thing that I've never expected to discover in Naga City is the existence of the emerging business district called CBD II. Lately, I've learned that the old city proper where major businesses, hotels, restaurants and banks are located had been developed couple of years ago, earning the title of CBD I for itself. The commercial sector is continuously growing and attracting needed attention from local government. Thus, a new Central Business District has been born.

    Visitors to the capital will find it inevitable to get to CBD II even if they preferred to come in by train with its station situated at the old business district. Four important destinations are situated right at the gateway of the CBD II. These spots somewhat compliment each other, unwittingly making the CBD II a melting pot in this part of the region.

    SM City Naga - The first SM Supermall in Bicol Region, opened on May 2009. Cosmopolitan both in and out. Home of many popular restaurants and fast food outlets of Bicol Region. Great place to take your notebook and blog all the things that you've experienced in the city and its suburbs. Like in Manila, wifi is free and the food court is the best place to publish your posts, after you've ingested some Bicolano meal. They're all served in the food court of SM City Naga.

    CBT (Central Bus Terminal) - Visiting Bicol Region wouldn't be complete without taking your photos in Cagsawa Ruins, showcasing Mount Mayon as your backdrop. You can breeze into Cagsawa Ruins by riding a right bus that only plies the route from the CBT. However, there are some important things to remember in taking a bus to Daraga where Cagsawa Ruins is situated. Please go to How To Commute To Cagsawa Ruins From Naga City.

    CBD Plaza Hotel - The only hotel inside the CBD 2, located opposite CBT, serves primarily those who come in from Manila by bus. Great place to spend a night if you're going further south of Bicol and you decide to have a glimpse of the bustling Naga City.

    Naga City Coliseum - The second largest indoor sporting arena in the Philippines, next to Araneta Coliseum. Opened August, 2010. Erected alongside CBD Plaza Hotel. Favorite venue of major sporting and entertainment events of both regional and national importance. The Araneta Center of the Bicol Region is also the regular venue of out of town games of the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association).

    SM City Naga, CBT, Naga Coliseum and CBD Plaza Hotel are all situated next to each other along CBD II Road which runs from Panganiban Street, approximately 583 meters from Plaza Rizal.

    You can get to the site faster from anywhere in Naga City by riding a motorized tricycle. Flag down one of them along any roads, and tell the driver any of the destinations, e.g. "SM", "CBT", "CBD Plaza Hotel" or "Naga Coliseum". Minimum fare is Php 8.00.

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