10 Jul 2011

How To Get To Buildings Along & Near Ayala Avenue From MRT

  • 10 Jul 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Getting to different buildings along Ayala Avenue and those near to the so called Wall Street of the Philippines is sometimes confusing if not complicated during weekdays because of the strictly enforced ordinance in loading and unloading which prohibits passengers from getting off the buses, jeepneys, taxis and even private cars at areas not designated for them. If you're not familiar with unloading areas, you'll just find yourself walking from an unloading area which is way too far from your destination. For instance, your destination is Atrium Building Makati and you haven't alighted at unloading area opposite Glorietta because you're thinking of alighting after the jeep crosses Makati Avenue. But there's no unloading area between Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas. You will be fined Php 500 if you're caught getting off the jeep at the areas designated for loading only. So, you have no choice but to get off the jeep after it crosses Paseo de Roxas. The result is you walking from Paseo de Roxas unloading area to your destination of Makati Atrium passing through one pedestrian underpass, a loading area and crossing two main thoroughfares. Well, walking is definitely good for our body but not if we're running after time.

    Here's the guide on where to get off from a bus or jeepney that plies the route of Ayala Avenue and how to get to a particular building in the vicinity of Ayala Avenue. Since this post is for those who commute via MRT, directions are designed for jeepney passengers. However, bus commuters can also refer to these guides as well. Just follow the directions mentioned here on how to get to your building destination from the same unloading areas.

    The direction here will guide you how to get to the buildings listed below from MRT Ayala Station. Please take note that this post will be updated from time to time to include other buildings. Also, this article only covered some of the buildings in the list. So, don't get disappointed if your building is not yet listed here. The thing is I make sure that I've seen each building before I include them on the list for accuracy of this guide. And for easy browsing and quick search, I decided to publish this direction and route guide to buildings along Ayala Avenue in parts. So, in this post, we only cover the buildings that are nearer to the first unloading area from EDSA. If your destination building is along Ayala Avenue but not here, e.g. KPMG Center, Robinsons Summit, and PBCom Tower, RCBC Plaza, LKG Tower, GT Tower, etc., just go to the following posts:

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    We will cover only so much here and continue on my next post. Here's the list of the buildings located on both sides of Ayala Avenue:

    6750 Ayala Avenue
    Aegis Peoples Support
    Allied Bank Center
    Angela Plaza
    Anson's Makati
    Ayala Life Building (now vacated)
    Ayala Life FGU Center
    Ayala Museum
    Ayala Tower One
    Basic Petroleum Bldg formerly DAO II
    BPI Building
    BSA Suites
    Cattleya Gardens
    Chatham House
    Citiland III
    Cocolife Building
    Corner Exchange
    Cypress Gardens
    Dolmar Gold Tower
    Dona Angela's Garden
    E&M Lopez II
    Easton Place
    Electra House
    Enterprise Center
    Equitable Tower
    Feliza Building
    Glass Tower
    Glorietta 4 & 5
    Greenbelt Park Place
    GT International Tower
    Heart Tower
    Insular Life Building
    JAKA Building
    Jose Cojuanco & Sons
    KPMG Center
    LKG Tower
    Locsin Building
    LPL Manor
    Lyceum of the Philippines College of Law
    Makati Executive Center
    National Life

    Makati Shangri-La Hotel
    Makati Sports Club
    Makati Tower (under construction)
    Medical Towers
    Metrobank Card Corporation
    MJ Plaza
    MJTI Med
    MSE Building (Makati Stock Exchange)
    Multinational Bancorp Center
    National Life Building
    OPL Building
    PBCom Tower
    PCCI Corporate Centre
    PDCP Bank Centre
    Philam Life Tower
    Philippine Stock Exchange
    Plaza One Hundred
    PLDT aka Ramon Cojuangco Bldg
    Ponte Salcedo
    PS Bank
    Robinsons Summit Center
    Rufino Pacific Tower
    SAGE House
    Security Bank Building
    SGV II
    SLC Building
    Smart Tower
    Spirits of Communications Center
    SSS Makati Building
    Standard Chartered
    Standard Chartered Bank
    Sterling Center
    The Enterprise Center
    The Nobel Plaza
    The Shang Grand Tower
    The Valero Tower
    Valero Plaza
    Veterans Bank
    VGP Center
    Vicente Madrigal Building
    Y Tower II

    "Ayala-Washington" is the sign of the jeepney that you must ride after getting off the train at Ayala MRT-3 Station to get nearer to any of the buildings located along Ayala Avenue and to any of the buildings situated near the Makati's main thoroughfare. The buildings are listed above. Check if your destination is on the list. If not, please go to the links provided above or wait till this series is finished and all the buildings are covered.

    The terminal of the "Ayala-Washington" jeepney is located at the back of Shell Station in EDSA corner McKinley Road, the street opposite Ayala Avenue. Get down the MRT Ayala Station via North Exit, the stairs located along the north bound lane of EDSA. Walk towards the corner of EDSA and McKinley where you will immediately see the Shell Station. Cross the road and go to the back of Shell Station. There are two jeepney terminals that you will see. First is for jeepneys going to Market Market, located at the corner of service road and McKinley Road. Next to the terminal of jeepneys bound for Market Market is the terminal of jeepneys with "Ayala-Washington" sign. Go ride in the jeepney being filled up by the dispatcher. Pay minimum fare. If you still don't know how to get to the terminal from MRT Ayala, read the "more detailed direction supported by maps" on how to locate it, go to or click Ayala-Washington Jeepney Terminal & Loading/Unloading Along Ayala Ave.

    The jeep will cross EDSA. First Unloading area is a waiting shed opposite Rustan's. You must get off the jeep here if your destination is any of the following: Atrium Building Makati, Nielson Tower, Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Peninsula Hotel, Glorietta 4 & 5, Anson's Makati, Ayala Museum, PLDT Building and Allied Bank Center.

    Use the pedestrian underpass to get to Makati Shangri-La Hotel which is located to the left corner of Makati Avenue and Ayala Avenue, follow the sign in the underpass pointing to Makati Avenue. 6750 Ayala, the building in the photo, is the tall tower before Makati Shangri-La Hotel. Glorietta 4 and 5 is located next to Rustan's. To get to Nielsen Tower, no need to get to the other side of Ayala Avenue, just walk towards Makati Avenue, go right in Makati Avenue and use the pedestrian crossing to get to the other side. Nielsen Tower is situated along Makati Avenue near corner of Ayala Avenue. To get to Makati Atrium Building and Peninsula Hotel, go to How To Get To Atrium Building Makati.

    To get to PLDT also known as Ramon Cojuangco Bldg, Locsin Building, Allied Bank Center, Ansons Makati and Ayala Museum, follow the direction to Makati Shangri-La Hotel, i.e. from unloading area use the pedestrian underpass to get to the other side of Ayala Avenue. Walk towards Makati Avenue. At the corner of Makati Avenue and Ayala Avenue, here are the choices: Go left to get to Ansons which is next to Makati Shangri-La Hotel. Use another pedestrian underpass to get to the other side of Makati Avenue. Locsin Building is situated at the corner of Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue, opposite Makati Shangri-la. Next to Locsin Building along Makati Avenue is the PLDT Building also known as Ramon Cojuangco Building. Ayala Museum is next to PLDT along Makati Avenue, to the other corner of Dela Rosa Street. Allied Bank Center is the second building along Ayala Avenue from the corner of Makati Avenue.

    Next Unloading Area is after Paseo de Roxas. But before that, the jeep will cross Makati Avenue and stop in loading area between Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas to pick up passengers.

    Now, to continue on the next part of this series, click here. Ops, don't forget to see the map.

    And if you want to discover few simple ways not to miss new and upcoming articles on commuting and driving directions to lots of places in Metro Manila. Click HERE

    Route Map Ayala-Washington Jeepney


    1. Thanks for posting this! It was very useful. Your directions are clear and complete.

    2. @ Sue. You are welcome. Thank you for your appreciation. :)

    3. Thank you so much for this very helpful directions. More power!

    4. @ blogginggrama. You are welcome. Wish you all the best for your blog :)

    5. @ Ivy Mae Pamplona. Ride a jeepney at its terminal located at the back of Shell Station (EDSA cor McKinley). The sign of jeepney must be "Wahington Ayala." Ask driver to drop you off at unloading zone nearer to Herrera St. Walk to Hererra. Note: Do not cross Ayala Ave. The Herrera part you are headed is along the unloading where you get off the jeepney. Turn to Herrera St. Turn right onto the next street which is Dela Rosa. Walk past the first building. Next bulding is Antel 2000. The entrance is located to the other side, so you must turn right from Dela Rosa to get to the lobby entrance. Hope my direction helps you.

    6. Hello! How can I get to PBCom Tower if I'm coming from Pasay Libertad? The only jeepney I can think of is Pasay Road. But it is not in route with the said building. Thank you!

    7. @ zuxx00. Simply ride a jeepney bound for Quiapo or Cubao or Divisoria at the corner of Taft and Libertad (now Arnaiz). Alight at Gil Puyat Ave. Ride a city bus bound for north of Metro Manila with secondary sign that reads "Ayala". Get off the bus at the unloading area nearer to the corner of Ayala Ave and Herrera St aka Rufino. Use the pedestrian underpass at Herrera to get to the other side/corner of Ayala Ave-Herrera where the tall building of PBCom Tower is erected.

    8. If I will be riding an Ayala-Washington jeepney going to VGP center, which side is it? So that I can be alert anytime when my location is approaching. Thanks!

      1. It is written in this guide. Kindly read it, thanks.

    9. I would like to ask on how to commute from Rosario, Pasig City to New World Hotel Makati since I'll be riding an UV express from Antipolo, I just don't know where the unloading areas are. Please help me.

      1. If the terminal in Makati is near SM, walk from there to New World Hotel via inside Glorietta and get inside Landmark via bridge. New World Hotel is located at the corner of Makati Ave and Arnaiz Ave. Makati Ave is the main road between Landmark and Greenbelt. Once outside of Landmark, make left. Walk along Makati Ave to Arnaiz and cross the street.

    10. sir how can i get to rufino pacific tower

    11. I think it's listed in the article.

    12. Hi, how can I get to LKG Tower? Thanks.

      1. It is listed in this post, kindly read, thanks.

    13. How can i go to VGP-Chinabank bldg. 6772 Ayala Ave. from mrt ayala station? Thank you!


      1. It is the VGP Center in this directional article. Please follow my written direction.