24 May 2011

Island Cove: Now Nearer To Metro Manila

  • 24 May 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Island Cove got nearer to Metro Manila. Thanks to Cavitex, the 6.6 kilometer extension of Cavite Coastal Expressway. For those of you who used to be reluctant in driving to this resort and leisure park because of the notorious traffic along the way especially in Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-way, the good news has finally arrived: "Driving to this primary tourist destination of Cavite is now a breeze!".

    What are in store for you in Island Cove?

    Island Cove is an enclave of multitude of attractions and family-oriented adventures. As one of their brochures says, "Everything You Want in a Getaway" is here. Some of the major attractions here are: Adventure Zone, Animal Island, Bayside Live Music & KTV, Fishing Village, Hotel at Island Cove, Oceania Water Park and Sangley Point Express. There are sports and recreation facilities, restaurants, function rooms, concert grounds, wellness centers and spas as well as nightly entertainment.

    So, how do we get to Island Cove from Metro Manila in a breeze?

    Lagalag shares to you how fast he traveled from Quezon city to the location of Island Cove in Covelandia, Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite.

    Lagalag took the usual route from Quezon City to Roxas Boulevard. He then turned right onto CCP Complex to take Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard all the way to Pacific Avenue, the road where Macapagal ends. He turned left on Pacific Avenue and then turned right onto Coastal Road. This is the quickest way to Coastal Road from where he came from as this route avoids the heavy traffic along Roxas Boulevard, Baclaran and intersection of NAIA Road. Lagalag paid 22 pesos in the tollway. That's the amount due for class 1 vehicle. He checked the time at 2:47 pm.

    Then he breezed into Kawit via Cavitex real fast. He turned right onto Tirona Highway and then made a U-turn to get back to the junction of Cavitex and Tirona Highway. He then turned left onto old Covelandia Road which runs paralleled to the east of the new Cavitex. He took the northbound lane of Covelandia and after the road passed under the Cavitex elevated roadway, Island Cove Entrance came into view. He looked at his watch and the time read 3:06 pm.

    Lagalag entered the resort and parked his car in the large parking lot in front of Hotel at Island Cove. On the way home, he took the same route of Covelandia Road, turning right from Island Cove Gate onto the southbound lane of Covelandia. Then he turned right onto the dedicated lane going to Cavitex situated before the junction of Tirona Highway.

    Cavitex last phase near Tirona Highway is not yet complete as of this time. On the way towards the intersection of Tirona Highway, motorists from Manila have to pass through the lane bound for Manila because the Cavite bound lane is still closed. Lagalag needed to turn right onto Tirona Highway and made a U-Turn back to Cavitex on the way to Island Cove because there's still no dedicated lane going to that direction. Although, he noticed a lot of construction going on in the area where a road that looked like a slip road is being done. Other than that, the travel from Manila to Island Cove is relatively smooth. "It will be more so in the coming months.", he thought.

    Route Map from Cavitex to Island Cove.

    17 May 2011

    Driving Route That Encompasses Eight Major Destinations

  • 17 May 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Today, Lagalag lives in South Triangle area in Quezon City. He transferred there more than two years ago from Sampaloc. That was the time when he acquired a second hand car for himself. Might have had felt he needed a change of means of moving around the city. Strolling and commuting became daunting routine so driving around in-between would put a spice on his daily cruising.

    Lagalag needed to discover driving shortcuts and alternative routes to major destinations. Not only to save gas but to avoid traffic and to make his trips more enjoyable. And today he shares to you a driving direction that encompasses eight major destinations - entertainment, gadgets & laptops, shopping & movies, financial district, high end shopping, upscale dining, world class entertainment, and a major airport terminal. You would probably ask, "Isn't there a particular hub where we can take in all these kinds of destinations?"

    Well, none, when we're talking about Timog, Gilmore, Greenhills, Makati CBD, Rockwell, Fort Bonifacio, Resort World Manila and NAIA Terminal 3.

    Techies know that Gilmore is where we can buy lowest priced laptops and other gadgets. Timog is the entertainment center of Quezon City. Greenhills has become popular to shoppers and movie goers. Going to Makati CBD is inevitable for city dwellers, it's home to airline offices, bank headquarters, etc. Rockwell is such a magnet for fashionistas. Fort Bonifacio is the site of numerous upscale fine dining restaurants. Resort World Manila is synonym to world class performances ala Las Vegas. And NAIA-3 is where to take people bound for a Hong Kong Tour. This driving direction is the best alternative and shortcut compare to EDSA. It serves motorists from nearby vicinities of North EDSA, SM City North, Veterans, Project 6-7-8, Munoz, Roosevelt, Congressional, West Avenue, West Triangle, Philam Village, Walter Mart North EDSA, Centris Walk and Balintawak, as well as motorists from farthest locations of Caloocan, Monumento, Bagong Barrio, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela, Bulacan and Pampanga.

    Once you get familiar with this route, you'll find it convenient and quite fast to get to any of these destinations and get back home. And making a decision to travel to any of these locations would be quick. There will be no more underlying presumptions like "It's too far, traffic is heavy, can't remember the roads, etc." The action to drive your car becomes "in the snap of a finger" because the whole large area from which these destinations are situated will be virtually shrunken.

    Here is the route to take:

    From your point of origin take EDSA's south bound lane. Your first turn from EDSA is on Scout Borromeo Street. Pass through EDSA-Quezon Avenue flyover and then after passing by a street to the right of EDSA which is Eugenio Lopez Street, turn right onto the next street which is Scout Borromeo. There's a Shell Station and a Jollibee Restaurant before Scout Borromeo. Please turn on your signal and change lane only on broken white lines to avoid MMDA Traffic Enforcers' apprehension.

    Take Scout Borromeo Street past Samar Avenue towards Sgt Esguerra Avenue, the main road that intersects Scout Borromeo. Opposite Scout Borromeo to the other side of Esguerra Avenue is Y intersection. The road to the right is extension of Scout Borromeo. The road to the left is Scout Ybardolaza. Cross Sgt Esguerra Avenue and turn left on Scout Ybardolaza Street. Drive on Scout Ybardolaza Street, cross next street of Scout Madrinan until you get to next main intersection which is Timog Avenue - the first destination of this driving route. Turn right onto Timog Avenue. Up ahead is a rotunda called Boy Scout Circle.

    Drive on Timog Avenue and pass through the rotunda of Boy Scout Circle to take Tomas Morato Avenue's southern part. Tomas Morato Avenue is the main road that intersects Timog Avenue. Basically, you will turn left on Tomas Morato's southern part from Timog, but since you will pass through Boy Scout Circle, you will first pass by Tomas Morato's north part and Timog Avenue's west part before turning right onto Tomas Morato southern part.

    Stay on Tomas Morato Avenue all the way to its southern end which is in E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue. Turn right onto E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue where you must cross an intersection with traffic lights which is Dona M. Hemady, a one way road with traffic going to E. Rodriguez Avenue. Next intersection is Gilmore Avenue, an intersection with traffic lights and a one way with traffic going towards south. Turn left onto Gilmore Avenue.

    Next stop along this route is situated at the south corners of Gilmore Avenue and Aurora Boulevard. Aurora Boulevard is the main intersection where public jeepneys bound for Quiapo and Cubao pass through. LRT-2 also runs above ground along Aurora Boulevard. You need to cross Aurora Boulevard to get to Gilmore IT Center which is located to the left of Gilmore and PC Corner which is to the right corner of Aurora Boulevard and Gilmore. Parking is limited in front of the buildings so it's best to get here early in the morning.

    Next destination is Greenhills Shopping Center. After crossing Aurora Boulevard, stay to the middle of Gilmore Avenue, cross a small road that intersects Gilmore, and then drive all the way until you get to N. Domingo street, a main road intersection. If you're going home from Gilmore IT Center after buying some stuffs, turn left on N. Domingo and left again on Dona M. Hemady and drive all the way to E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue.

    One way traffic on Gilmore Avenue ends up in N. Domingo Street. So change lane to the right of the road before crossing N. Domingo Street. After crossing N. Domingo Street from Gilmore, road name changes to Granada. Next main intersection with traffic lights is Santolan Road. Cross Santolan Road. Granada becomes Ortigas Avenue after crossing Santolan Road.

    Drive to the middle of Ortigas Avenue and observe road names on each intersection. You will cross intersections of Madison, Roosevelt and Club Filipino Drive. If you're going to Greenhills Shopping Center, change lane to the left after crossing Roosevelt and turn left on Club Filipino Drive. Entrance to the open parking of Greenhills Shopping Center is the first turn to the right along Club Filipino Drive. You can use this parking or drive further on Club Filipino Drive to locate covered parking connected to V-Mall and other malls within Greenhills Shopping Center.

    Next destination is Makati CBD. After crossing Santolan Road, drive past Club Filipino Dr and turn right onto Wilson Street, the next main intersection with traffic lights. Stay on Wilson Street all the way to P. Guevara Street where you will turn left. There are some markings that easy to remember to avoid confusion. First, after turning right onto Wilson Street from Ortigas Avenue, you will immediately enter the gate of Greenhills Homes West. Then you will pass by Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital, to the left of Wilson. Next to Hospital zone is the exit gate of Greenhills Homes West. Drive further until you get to the intersection of A. Mabini Street. Wilson Street is two way road from Ortigas Avenue to A. Mabini Street only. There are concrete barriers placed by MMDA in the middle of Wilson Street and A. Mabini intersection. Next to A. Mabini Street is P. Guevara Street. Traffic flow from A. Mabini to P. Guevara is one way. So, that's your reference point. After A. Mabini, change lane and occupy the left-side of Wilson and then turn left on P. Guevara Street.

    Now in P. Guevara Street. You're now traversing a part of Mabuhay Lane also known as Christmas Lane, the alternative route put up by MMDA for motorists to take during Christmas Season. After turning left from Wilson to P. Guevara, you will cross one small road intersection. That road is Recto. Next to Recto is a junction where you will see MMDA Road Sign that read "To Makati..." and an arrow pointing to the left. This junction is crossroad of Ortega, Luna Mencias and P. Guevara. Ortega is the road running perpendicular to the left of P. Guevara. Luna Mencias is the road that forms Y intersection with P. Guevara. So, it's vital that you don't make a sharp left turn. Instead, take the sloping road to the left of P. Guevara that runs from P. Guevara in Y Intersection way. See the map.

    Luna Mencias ends up in Shaw Boulevard. Drive on Luna Mencias and turn right onto Shaw Boulevard. Immediately, after turning right onto Shaw from Mencias, next intersection with traffic lights to the left of Shaw is F. Martinez Avenue. But the road sign also contains "Nueve de Febrero" wording. Turn left on this intersection and go straight. Actually, Nueve de Febrero Street is the third road to the left of F. Martinez. The road sign in Shaw merely gives direction to Nueve de Febrero.

    Drive on F. Martinez Avenue down to its southern end which is in Maysilo Circle. Turn right onto Maysilo Circle. There's a big monument at the center island of Maysilo and F. Martinez Avenue intersection. Maysilo Circle is a large rotunda where Mandaluyong City Hall is located. You need to get to San Francisco Avenue, the counterpart of F. Martinez Avenue to the other side of the circle. So, turn right onto Maysilo from F. Martinez, pass through Maysilo Circle past Boni Avenue, a wide road to the right of Maysilo and then turn right onto San Francisco. San Francisco ends up in area by the Pasig River where another road runs along the edge of the river. This road is Coronado. Turn left on Coronado. Stay to the left of Coronado and slow down a little bit so as not to go beyond the dedicated lane going to Makati-Mandaluyong Boundary Bridge. Because, by now, you're already seeing Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge. Turn left onto the flyover that connects to Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge and cross Pasig River to get to Makati.

    Makati Avenue begins at the foot of the Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge. If you're going to Makati CBD, drive to the middle of Makati Avenue, cross J.P. Rizal, Kalayaan Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue. At the right corner of Gil Puyat and Makati Avenue. to the other side, is Pacific Star Building. Next intersection to Gil Puyat is Paseo de Roxas. If you're going to Salcedo Village and Citibank Bldg, turn right onto Paseo de Roxas and turn right again onto the first street to the right. If you're going to Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Stock Exchange and Ayala Tower One, stay on Makati Avenue and turn right onto Ayala Avenue. Atrium Building is to the left of Makati Avenue, after crossing Paseo de Roxas. Greenbelt, Glorietta, Raffles Residences Makati and Renaissance New World Hotel are situated to the other side of Ayala Avenue. Stay to the middle of Makati Avenue and cross Ayala Avenue.

    If your destination is Rockwell Center and Powerplant Mall, from Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge turn left on J.P. Rizal Avenue, the first intersection with traffic lights. Drive all the way until you get to Rockwell Center, to the right of J.P. Rizal. A new bridge is built connecting Rockwell Center directly to Mandaluyong. This bridge is Rockwell Bridge. You can enter Rockwell Center by turning right onto Estrella Street, the road where Rockwell Bridge flyover is linked. Once in Estrella, turn right onto Rockwell Drive.

    Next destination, the sixth on this route, is Fort Bonifacio. If your destination is Market Market, High Street or Fort Bonifacio Global City, drive on Estrella all the way to EDSA. Turn right onto EDSA and change lane to the leftmost southbound lane of EDSA. Turn on your left signal, slow down a little bit and make a U-Turn at the first U-Turn slot that you see. You're now on the northbound lane of EDSA. Turn right onto Kalayaan Avenue, the road perpendicular to the right of EDSA where Kalayaan flyover passes through.

    As soon as you turn right on Kalayaan Avenue, avoid the main road of Kalayaan Avenue. Slow down a bit and use the opening to service road. Take the Kalayaan Service Road, stay there and drive on until the road name changes to 32nd Street. You will cross 2nd Avenue, Rizal Drive and 3rd Avenue before the road becomes 32nd Street. Welcome to Bonifacio Global City. Drive on 32nd Street and turn right onto 11th Avenue, the road between High Street and Serendra, then go further to your destination within Fort Bonifacio, e.g. Market Market, The Fort, etc.

    Seventh destination - Resort World Manila. If your destination is Resort World Manila, turn right onto 5th Avenue. Next to 3rd Avenue is a small road to the right of 32nd Street. Next to this small road is the main intersection of 5th Avenue and 32nd Street. Turn right onto 5th Avenue from 32nd Street. Stay to the middle of 5th Avenue all the way until road name becomes Lawton Avenue. Stay to the middle of Lawton Avenue and drive all the way until it cross President Osmena Highway through overpass. It's smooth sailing from Fort Bonifacio's 5th Avenue until you cross Osmena Highway. After crossing Osmena Highway, road name changes to Sales Road. Stay to the middle of Sales Road until it turn right and road name finally becomes Andrews Avenue. Resort World Manila is situated at the corner of Sales Road and Andrews Avenue. In Andrews Avenue, turn right onto Resort Drive and follow direction to the parking area.

    Last destination on this driving route is NAIA Terminal 3. If you're going to NAIA Terminal 3, stay to the middle of Andrews Avenue, turn right onto rotunda where a giant sculpture that looks like a giant skeletal egg is located in the middle and drive past Andrews Avenue extension towards the NAIA-3 entry ramp.

    Route Map From EDSA North To Timog, Gilmore, Greenhills, Makati CBD, Rockwell Center, Fort Bonifacio, Resort World Manila and NAIA-3. Zoom in to see detailed direction.

    11 May 2011

    Cavitex: Connecting Cavite To Metro Manila In Minutes

  • 11 May 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Lagalag excitedly traveled to Cavite via the newly built Cavitex. He wanted to be among the first to commute via this new highway above water which considered to be the new pride of Cavite Province and to attest to the truth of the claims that it only takes 8 minutes to traverse the new extension of our Coastal Road.

    He hurriedly went to Bus Bay along Roxas Boulevard near corner NAIA Road and rode an air-conditioned bus bound for Naic with "Cavitex" word on its sign. To his surprise, his trip took shorter than the said 8 minutes travel time on this new super highway. In the past, travel time from western tip of Alabang-Zapote Road to Kawit, Cavite ranged from 60 to 90 minutes depending on traffic condition. Today, the big difference brings comfort of fast travel to the same location.

    The bus took the usual route of Coastal Road. When the bus got to the southern tip where it usually go left through the bending coastal road towards Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, a new fortification appeared from the distance up front. As the bus got nearer, the mammoth mass of land and rock manifested itself to be the foot of the flyover for an still under construction interchange with a tunnel going to the Cavitex where all the vehicles have to pass through.

    As the bus got out of the short tunnel, Lagalag saw a new dimension of Coastal Road. "Welcome to Cavitex", the message the newly constructed highway wanted to send to both commuters and motorists. The smooth finished of asphalted well master-planned superhighway, decorated with brand new lamp posts, that cuts across a body or water and goes beyond the southern horizon says it all. Cavite has arrived.

    The bus approached a vacant toll way booth. A second later, the bus moved on. And as soon as it left the toll booth, Lagalag marked time at 4:36 pm. And then he enjoyed the ride - looking out the windows left and right. Lagalag forgot to mark the time while the bus stopped at the toll booth exit. He just looked at his watch the moment the bus stopped at the unloading area at the Cavitex end point junction. The time read 4:43 pm. That was 1 minute faster than what authorities say.

    Lagalag attributed it to the speed of the bus from which he had riden. Still, he believes the speed of travel varies depending on how fast one drive. At any rate, Cavitex has shorten travel time from Metro Manila to Cavite dramatically. And for that, we salute all the Government Agencies and the Local Government of Cavite for the realization of this project that will definitely revolutionize the lives of Cavitenos as well as visitors to one of our historically important destinations.

    Cavitex measures approximately 6.6 kilometers.

    Route Map of Cavitex

    10 May 2011

    Driving Shortcut To Quiapo From Ermita And Roxas Boulevard

  • 10 May 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Lagalag used to take the route of Padre Burgos all the way to Quiapo on the way home to Quezon City from Roxas Boulevard and Ermita. The problem in this route is the perennial traffic particularly from the junction where Taft Avenue merges with Padre Burgos up to Lawton area. This part of Padre Burgos seems to be a bulwark of undisciplined public jeepney and bus drivers that passing through this road is becomes a headache for private vehicle owners and drivers as these jeepneys and buses occupy the lane for private vehicles. There are times they stop there and don't go on green just to pick up passengers - too many of them. The result is a gridlock that always takes place especially during rush hours.

    Lagalag found the solution. To avoid the traffic hot spot in Padre Burgos, the best way if you're coming from north bound lane of Roxas Boulevard is to turn right onto T.M. Kalaw Avenue. This is the road that borders Rizal Park to the south. T.M. Kalaw is next to United Nations Avenue and a tall condominium called Eton Baypark Manila is situated at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and T.M. Kalaw. If you're coming from Robinson's Place Manila, make sure that you exit the parking area via Padre Faura Exit, and from Padre Faura you turn right onto Maria Orosa Street. Stay on Maria Orosa, cross United Nations Avenue and turn right onto T.M. Kalaw, the road next to U.N. Avenue. Mabini Street ends up in T.M. Kalaw, so from there turn right onto T.M. Kalaw.

    Take T.M. Kalaw Street all the way to Taft Avenue where you must turn left. Taft Avenue is where LRT Line 1 runs above ground. In Taft Avenue, cross Ayala Boulevard and after that make sure that you're on the right lane as you will take the right road of Y intersection of Taft Avenue and Villegas Street. As you see in this photo, Manila City Hall is located at the corner of Y junction of Taft Avenue and Villegas Road, the street where LRT-1 elevated track continues. It's different in the photo. Villegas road is not that prominent. If you're driving fast you might overlook that you already went past the small road. And the large concrete post of the elevated LRT-1 is blocking the view if you're driving to the middle of Taft Avenue. As per Traffic Law and Regulations, private vehicles must not drive on jeepney and bus lane, so the time to change lane to the rightmost lane of Taft Avenue is after you pass by jeepney and bus loading/unloading area. Then watch out for the small road to the right of Taft Avenue, just beside the concrete post of LRT-1, which seems to be erected at the middle of Taft Avenue.

    View of Taft Avenue from Kalaw Avenue
    Turn left on Taft from Kalaw
    Turn right onto Villegas Road under the LRT-1 elevated tracks. Stay on Villegas Road all the way up to where it ends which is in the foot of Quezon Bridge. In Villegas Road, you will past by SM City Manila to your right, cross intersection with traffic lights called Natividad Almeda Lopez, pass by LRT-1 Central Station to your left, pass by Park N' Ride building also to the left, and the Metropolitan Theater which next to Park N' Ride. Turn right onto Quezon Bridge to get to Quiapo and into your destination.

    Route Map From Kalaw To Quiapo

    9 May 2011

    How To Commute To Robinson's Place Manila And Midtown

  • 9 May 2011
  • Lagalag

  • Robinson's Place Manila is a 7 level shopping mall situated at Ermita District. It is bordered to the north by Padre Faura Street, to the south by Pedro Gil Street, to the west by Adriatico Street and to the east by Philippine General Hospital, UP Manila and Taft Avenue where LRT Line 1 runs. Nearest LRT station is Pedro Gil.

    You can get to Robinson's Place Manila from all corners of Metro Manila by any means of public transportation available, e.g. train, bus and jeepney.

    How do you travel to Robinson's Place Manila?
    Please read the directions below these photos:

    Route #1

    From Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela and Monumento.

    The most practical way to go to Robinson's Place Manila from these areas is by train. First, you need to get to the nearest train station which is Monumento Station. Ride a jeep or bus that passes by Monumento area then ride a train bound for Baclaran and get off at Pedro Gil Station. Then walk along Taft Avenue towards Pedro Gil Street where you turn right. Since traffic in Pedro Gil is one way towards east or Taft, you just walk the distance of approximately 350 meters from Taft Avenue and the Pedro Gil Wing Entrance of Robinson's Place. If you're going to Midtown Wing, just walk further from first door along Pedro Gil Wing until you reach Midtown Wing Entrance.

    Route #2

    From Roosevelt, Munoz, Congressional, Project 6-7-8, Balintawak, SM City North EDSA, and nearby areas.

    First, you need to get to Roosevelt Station of LRT-1. Ride a jeep going to EDSA or near EDSA then walk your way to the station. If you're from Project 6, ride a jeep bound for Quiapo, get off at spot in EDSA where the jeep makes U-Turn, then walk to the train station. If you're from SM North, you can walk along north bound lane of EDSA or ride bus and get off at Munoz where the station is located. SM North is near to Roosevelt Station. Ride train bound for Baclaran, get off at Pedro Gil Station and follow the direction given in Route #1. This is also the route to take from Balintawak, you just use Balintawak Station of LRT-1. From Centris Walk, ride bus bound for Monumento and get off at Munoz to ride the train.

    Route #3

    From SM Marikina, Santolan Pasig, Antipolo, SSS Village, Sta Lucia East, Robinson East, and nearby areas.

    Ride a jeep going to Cubao and get off at Santolan Station of LRT-2. SM City Marikina is walking distance from this station. Ride a train bound for Recto Station. Get off the train at Recto Station. Walk to LRT-1 Doroteo Station via footbridge that connects the two stations. Ride a train bound for Baclaran in Doroteo Station. Note: You need to get across Doroteo Station to ride Baclaran bound train. Use the escalator or elevator. Get off at Pedro Gil Station and follow the rest of direction in Route #1.

    Route #4

    From Katipunan, Ateneo de Manila, Project 4, Araneta Center Cubao, Anonas, SM City Sta Mesa and other areas along LRT-2.

    Ride a train bound for Recto at the nearest LRT-2 Station, e.g. Katipunan, Anonas, Araneta Center Cubao, Betty Go Belmonte, Gilmore, J Ruis, V Mapa, Pureza and Legarda. Get off at Recto Station. Follow the rest of direction in Route #3.

    Route #5

    From Libis Eastwood City, Tiendesitas, Ever Gotesco Ortigas, Ynares Sports Complex and nearby areas.

    Ride a jeep bound for Cubao. Walk to Araneta Center Cubao Station of LRT-2 located along Aurora Boulevard. Ride a train bound for Recto Station and follow direction given in Route #3.

    Route #6

    From Fairview, UP Diliman, Ayala Technopark, Philcoa, Elliptical Road, Quezon City Memorial Circle and other nearby areas.

    Ride a jeep with "Pedro Gil PGH" sign. It's a long travel but you get off at PGH and you need just to walk to Robinson's Place Manila from corner of Taft and Pedro Gil to the Faura Wing or Midtown Wing of Robinson's Mall.

    Route #7

    From Pasig, Kapitolyo, EDSA Crossing, Shangri-La Plaza, Star Mall, Greenfield District and nearby areas.

    You can ride a jeep bound for Quiapo then ride jeep bound for PGH but the traffic is heavy so your travel will be prolonged. The fastest way is to ride a jeep up to EDSA Crossing and ride a train bound for Taft at MRT-3 EDSA Shaw Station. Get off at Taft Station and walk to LRT-1 Taft Station. Ride another train bound for Monumento/Roosevelt and get of at Pedro Gil Station. Walk towards the corner of Pedro Gil and Taft and walk along Pedro Gil westward until you get to Robinson's Place Mall Pedro Gil Wing.

    Route #8

    From Guadalupe, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Rockwell Center, JP Rizal Makati, Makati City Hall and nearby areas.

    Ride a jeep from Fort Bonifacio bound for Guadalupe. In Guadalupe you can ride a jeep going directly to Taft-Pedro Gil area where you only need to walk to Robinson's Place. This is the route if you're not in a hurry. This is also good for people from Makati City Hall and the whole stretch of JP Rizal.

    But if you want fast travel to Robinson's Place Manila, then ride a train bound for Taft at Guadalupe Station of MRT-3. Get off at Taft Station and walk to LRT-1 Taft Station. Ride another train bound for Monumento/Roosevelt and get of at Pedro Gil Station. Walk towards the corner of Pedro Gil and Taft and walk along Pedro Gil westward until you get to Robinson's Place Mall Pedro Gil Wing.

    Route #9

    From Baclaran, Heritage Hotel, Harrison Street, Pasay City Hall, Libertad now known as Arnaiz Avenue, OWWA and nearby areas.

    Just ride a jeep with "Mabini" word at its sign. Get off at Pedro Gil. Robinson's Place is just a short walk from corner of Pedro Gil and Mabini.

    Route #10

    From Alabang, Muntinlupa, Festival Mall, Filinvest City, Metropolis Star Mall, Sucat, SM Bicutan and nearby areas.

    Ride a jeep with "Pasay Taft Rotonda" sign. Get off at Pasay Rotonda and ride a train bound for Monumento/Roosevelt at LRT-1. Get off at Pedro Gil Station. Walk along Pedro Gil westward or towards Manila Bay until you get to Pedro Gil Wing of Robinson's Place Manila. If you're going to Midtown Wing then walk further from Pedro Gil Wing. Both wings are located along Pedro Gil Street.

    Location Map of Robinson's Place Manila

    4 May 2011

    How To Commute From EDSA To Buildings Inside Ortigas Center

  • 4 May 2011
  • Lagalag

  • The sign in front of jeepneys that ply the route from the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue to different buildings inside Ortigas Center CBD is 'Robinson's Galleria-Ortigas Complex'. The exact location where you can ride this jeep is in front of Galleria Corporate Center, the tall building connected to Robinson's Galleria Mall. Wait for a jeep to pass by at the corner of Galleria Corporate Center. This jeepney passes through the one way service road around Robinson's Galleria Mall from Ortigas Complex to its Terminal along Ortigas Avenue. The terminal is a long walk so commuters ride at Galleria Corporate Center and then they transfer to another jeepney at the terminal in going to Ortigas Center Complex.

    'Robinson's Galleria-Ortigas Complex' jeepney route is a loop within Ortigas Center CBD that serves passengers from EDSA-Ortigas bus loading and unloading zone. So if you're traveling by bus in EDSA from either north (e.g. Monumento, Cubao, Fairview, Novaliches, Malanday, Valenzuela) or south (e.g. Baclaran, NAIA 1-2-3, Pasay, Alabang, Sucat, Bicutan, Pacita, Muntinlupa, Magallanes, Makati) of Metro Manila, all you need to do is get off the bus at Robinson's Galleria (just make sure you're riding a bus with "Ortigas Ilalim" sign and not "Ortigas Ibabaw") , ride this jeep, transfer to another jeep at the terminal and get off at the area in Ortigas Center Complex near to the building of your destination.

    Riding a jeep from Galleria Corporate Center in EDSA to its terminal is FREE. Just get off the jeep and get in another jeep located to the front of the terminal. Minimum fare applies.

    This post is a second part of series of articles on how to get to buildings located inside Ortigas Center CBD. Our first post entitled Walking Directions From MRT Station To Ortigas Center Buildings shares to you fastest way to reach some buildings from MRT-3 Ortigas Station. You can also read the third part of this series which explains how to commute to the buildings located to the southern side of Ortigas Center from MRT Shaw, click HERE. Meanwhile, the fourth chapter will give you walking directions from MRT Shaw to some important institutions nearer to the train station, i.e. San Properties Centre, EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, St. Francis Twin Towers, St. Francis of Assisi Church, etc., click HERE

    From top-right clockwise: Orient Square, Wynsum Corporate Plaza, Discovery Suites, and JMT Corporate Condominium stand next to each other in this photo of Ortigas Center. Jeepneys with "Robinson's Galleria Ortigas Center Complex" sign passes through their location.

    Ortigas Station is a long walk from jeepney route going to Ortigas Complex. I presume the time it takes to walk from MRT Ortigas Station to loading area of the jeepney plus the waiting time while the jeepney is being filled up is longer than the time it takes to walk from MRT-3 Ortigas Station to some of the buildings in Ortigas Center Complex.

    To find out the buildings that are walking distance from MRT-3 Ortigas Station, go to Walking Directions From MRT Station To Ortigas Center Buildings or click here.

    Now, if you're riding a bus and you get off at Ortigas Avenue, riding a jeepney in going to the location of a building inside Ortigas Center CBD is not quixotic. This is also true if you're riding a bus or jeepney or even taxi from Quiapo, Greenhills, San Juan, SM City Santa Mesa, Legarda, Gilmore, Ronac Arts Center, Ever Gotesco Ortigas, Libis, Antipolo, Taytay, etc. All you need to do is alight at unloading area along Ortigas Avenue in Robinson's Galleria, then ride the jeep at its terminal nearby.

    Even so, there's no need to ride a jeep if you're going to any building located outside the opposite end of Robinsons Galleria such as Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Robinson's Equitable Tower, Mega Plaza, AIC Burgundy, AIC Grande Tower, Corinthian Executive Regency, AIC Gold Tower, Greenhills Christian Fellowship and East of Galleria. These buidlings are just short walk away from the second main entrance of Robinson's Galleria located at the opposite end of the mall which is in ADB Avenue. Just enter the mall at EDSA main entrance, walk towards the opposite end of the mall, exit the mall at ADB main entrance and go towards the building of your destination.

    Here's the route and direction of 'Robinson's Galleria-Ortigas Complex' jeepney from its terminal to different areas in Ortigas Center Complex where you can get off to go to your building destination.

    To make it easier for you to determine when and where to get off the jeep, the buildings are listed in order of their locations along the route of 'Robinson's Galleria-Ortigas Complex' jeepney. Not all buildings have their photos taken.

    From the terminal, the jeep enters Ortigas Center Complex by turning right onto F. Ortigas Jr Road formerly known as Emerald Avenue.

    It will cross Sapphire Road where Ortigas Building and AIC Gold Tower is located. These buildings are walking distance from Robinson's Galleria.

    The jeep will turn left on Garnet Road. Grand Emerald Tower is at the corner of Garnet and F Ortigas Jr formerly Emerald Avenue.

    Next building to Grand Emerald Tower, along F. Ortigas Jr Road is Jollibee Plaza, followed by Padilla Building.

    Unionbank Plaza, Onyx Road cor Sapphire

    Along Garnet Road to the right, first stop is back entrance of PLDT. Followed by back entrances of Strata 2000 and Ortigas Center Post Office, respectively. Garnet Road is the back door of most buildings along F. Ortigas Jr Road formerly known as Emerald Avenue. If you're going to the main entrances of the buildings located along F. Ortigas Jr Road formerly Emerald Avenue, get off the jeep at the corner of Garnet Road and F. Ortigas Jr Road and walk your way to those buildings.

    Jeepney Stop in front Centerpoint Bldg

    To the left of Garnet Road opposite Ortigas Center Post Office is Onyx Road, a T intersection. Get off at Onyx Road to go to Unionbank Plaza, Parc Chateau Condominium - corner of Garnet and Onyx, Horizon Codominium - along Sapphire and Onyx Road, Suntree Tower - next to Horizon Condominium, and the back of Millenium Place - next to Suntree.

    After the jeep stops at Onyx Road, it continues on Garnet Road up to the corner of Garnet and Julia Vargas Avenue. To the right of Garnet Road from Ortigas Center Post Office located respectively are: back entrances of Emerald Mansion, Raffles Corporate Center, Prestige building and Taipan Place. The jeep stops at the corner of Garnet Road and Julia Vargas Avenue, opposite Centerpoint Building. It stands there for a while to wait for passengers leaving Ortigas Complex.

    One Corporate Center
    Antel Global

    If you're going to One Corporate Center or Antel Global Corporate Center, get off at Centerpoint Building, corner of Julia Vargas Avenue and Garnet Road. The two buildings stand to your left if you're facing Julia Vargas. One Corporate Center is situated at the corner of Meralco Avenue and Julia Vargas Avenue. Next to it is the Antel Global. Just walk your way to Caltex, then walk across Julia Vargas.

    From Garnet Road the jeep will turn right onto Julia Vargas. It will pass by T-intersection to the right. This intersection is F. Ortigas Jr Road formerly Emerald Avenue where the main entrances of the buildings and different coffee shops, fast food chains, food court and convenient stores are located. Among them are Jollibee, KFC, Greenwhich, Chowking, Starbucks, Figaro, Lasapin Food Court (also accessible through back door along Garnet Road), 7-11, etc.

    There's pedestrian overpass at Julia Vargas and F. Ortigas Jr Road. If you're going to Tektite Towers or Octagon Building where Teleperformance and Sony Philippines are located, get off at T-intersection of Julia Vargas and F. Ortigas Jr Road.

    Use the footbridge and get across Julia Vargas Avenue. Located at the foot of the overpass, opposite of F. Ortigas Jr Road alaong Julia Vargas is Amberland Plaza. Next to it is Parc Royale Condomium, followed by Nobleland Ventures.

    Tektite Towers

    Use the walkway located to the right of Amberland Plaza to get to Tektite Towers, located at the back of Amberland Plaza and Parc Royale. You need to pass through another walkway at the middle of a large parking lot behind Parc Royale to get to Exchange Road where Tektite Towers are located. Octagon Building can also be reached by using this direction. Just walk towards the building.

    Octagon Bldg

    After F. Ortigas Jr Road, the jeep will turn right onto Ruby Road where El Pueblo is located to the left corner. El Pueblo is a commercial area where fast food chains, cafes, restaurants and bars are located. There's a McDonald's here. Along Ruby Road, to the right, are back entrances of buildings located along west side of F. Ortigas Jr Road formerly known as Emereal Avenue.

    El Pueblo

    First building is Agustin 1, followed by The Orient Square, then Emerald Building. Fourth is Wynsum Corporate Plaza. Next is Hanston Building. Followed by Strata 100. To the left of Ruby Road, next to El Pueblo is a T-intersection which bends to the right. This street is called Topaz Road where after it bends THE JMT Building is located to its left, followed by Discovery Suites, then Anson's and lastly the Malayan Plaza.

    From top  right: Orient Square, Wynsum, Discovery, JMT

    Buildings along Ruby Road are nearer to the ones along Topaz Road, as what you see in our main photo from which Wynsum and Orient Square looked nearer to The JMT and Discovery Suites as if they're all situated along opposite sides of one street.

    Ortigas Park

    From Ruby Road, the jeep will turn left on Opal Road, the next T-intersection to the left of Ruby Road. Opposite Opal, to the right of Ruby Road is the Ortigas Park where Coffeebean is also located. It is important to note, that you can get to Ortigas Park faster if you get off the jeep at the corner of F. Ortigas Road and Garnet Road, just before the jeep turn left. Walk along F. Ortigas west side until you reach Ortigas Park. In Opal Road, the jeepney will turn right onto ADB Avenue on its way to Robinson's Galleria and the Bus Bay located in front of Robinson's Galleria EDSA entrance. At the corner of Opal and ADB is Yamaha Y-Zone. And along ADB Avenue's east side is the Joy Nostalg, next to Volvo Ortigas.

    Joy Nostalg

    Below is the Route Map of Robinson's Galleria Ortigas Complex Jeepney that gives you clear view of how the jeepney traverses the locations of the buildings we've just discussed on this chapter.

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    Route Map of Robinson's Galleria Ortigas Complex Jeepney