27 Jun 2012

Ayala-Washington Jeepney Terminal & Loading/Unloading Along Ayala Ave

  • 27 Jun 2012
  • Lagalag

  • This post will guide you on how to locate the terminal of jeepneys with Ayala-Washington sign that passes through Ayala Avenue from MRT-3 Ayala Station. Unloading Only and Loading Only areas are also illustrated here for those who are not familiar with where to alight from jeepneys/buses and how to get back to MRT Ayala Station, like our email sender.

    Last June 4 one of our readers had emailed me. Unfortunately, I don't check my email regularly so I didn't get to reply to her email, copy of which is pasted below:

    Good Day,

    I've been searching a lot and also reading you're blog as well and thanked God i found your's
    I hope you guy's can help me :D

    Mag wowork na po kasi ako sa Antel building alam ko na po kung san yung unloading.. since my map
    po dun sa blog post nyo. ( i attached the file poh :D)

    eto po yung mga question ko:

    - saan po yung mga jeep pa ayala kung galing ako sa MRT ayala (wala po kasing map)
    and i've tried to google d ko po makita ang sabi nyo po sa likod ng shell gas station my map po ba kyo?

    - pano nman po yung pauwi. pabalik ng mrt,. saan po yung mga jeep station kung galing ako
    ng antel building? my map din po ba kyo?

    will wait for your reply po :D will start my job this June 8

    The reason I don't log in to my email as frequent as I should is the fact that it's the Blogger that I always open to check for new comments. Even if I am not about to publish a new post, I log in to my Blogger regularly to publish valid comments while deleting those from spammers. For me, questions from readers are with utmost priority. I also check our Facebook page for those who post their questions on our wall and timeline, to answer their questions on how to get to their specific destination. To Camille, our email sender, please accept my apology.

    Here's how to get to the terminal of jeepneys that you need to ride from MRT Ayala Station to the buildings along and near Ayala Ave.

    Take a look at first map below. As you can see all you need to do is to exit MRT-3 Ayala Station via North Exit or the exit that goes down to the northbound lane of EDSA where buses are headed to Monumento, Fairview, Cubao, Novaliches, etc. Follow the red arrow in the map and walk towards the corner of McKinley Rd which is the opposite road of Ayala Avenue. Cross the road and go straight to the back of Shell Station which is located at the other corner of EDSA and McKinley.

    There you will see two terminals of jeepneys - the first is for jeepneys bound for Market Market and next to it are the jeepneys with "Ayala-Washington" sign. Get there and board the jeep (Ayala-Washington) being filled with passengers which is the one you need to ride to get to the buildings discussed in our series of posts entitled "How To Get To Buildings Along & Near Ayala Avenue From MRT" with their links listed below next to this map:

    Part 1 - How To Get To Buildings Along & Near Ayala Avenue From MRT
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    Part 9 - How To Get To Buildings Along & Near Ayala Avenue From MRT IX
    Part 10 - How To Get To Buildings Along & Near Ayala Avenue From MRT X

    Loading Only & Unloading Only areas along Ayala Ave

    In our second map, below are the Loading & Unloading Bay locations along Ayala Ave from EDSA. You need to move the map to see the whole stretch of Ayala Ave. To do that, left-click your mouse and hold (press left button of mouse and hold), then drag the map to desired direction, in this case, towards southeast for you to see the loading and unloading signs along Ayala Ave. You should see little hand icon while moving the map. Please click each icon to make sure what it is meant.

    How To Return To MRT Ayala Station From Any Building Along Ayala Avenue

    Just go to the Loading Zones (refer to the second map) nearer to you via walkways and underpasses, wait for the same jeepney - the one with "Ayala-Washington" signs on both sides and "Ayala MRT EDSA" in its front.

    This guide is to be used in conjunction with the directions to the buildings along Ayala Ave from MRT. So, if you don't know the nearest loading or unloading area to your building destination, please read the articles on how to get to buildings in Ayala Ave from MRT. Just click the links I mentioned above (below the first map).


    1. Thank you to this blog...it helps me find my route in going to yuchengco tower! More power and God bless!

    2. @ dorelie francisco. You are welcome. I am happy that this direction has helped you. Thank you for wishes.

    3. The loading and unloading zones, they are anywhere between the roads specified right? or are there specific sheds or areas where you are supposed to go ride or go down the bus or jeep?

    4. @ Bryan Dexter Delmendo. Loading and unloading zones in Ayala Ave are alternately situated along Ayala Ave, e.g., from EDSA first zone (opposite Glorietta) is unloading only, second zone (between Makati Ave and Paseo de Roxas) is loading only. It's always best to ask the driver if you can alight legally on certain spot.

    5. Hello! I would like to know how to get back to MRT Ayala station from Trade and Financial Tower 7th ave cor. 32nd the fort. I know how to go to TFT by bus from MRT Ayala, but I do not know how to get back there. Thank you.

    6. @ Rasha Joie. Walk along 32nd St westward. Cross 5th Ave, turn left on 4th Ave, turn right on 31st St. Finally, turn left on 3rd Ave. You get to see the Bus Stop there. Don't ride a bus without making sure that it's headed to MRT Ayala, you might end up in Market Market. Ask the conductor or driver if it's headed to EDSA/MRT Ayala. You can use this map here. Just click it.

    7. minimum fare din ba mga jeep ayala ave route?

    8. hi po. itatanong ko po sana kung anong sign board ng jeepney sa loading station sa may shell yung sasakyan ko kung pupunta po ako ng Philippine Daily Inquirer sa Chino Roces Ave.,? Salamat po.

    9. @ gabrielle Marie Consuelo Binaday. Ayala-Washington po ang sign ng sasakyan nyo. Baba po kyo sa Pasong Tamo aka Chino Roces. Sakay po uli ng jeep na PRC naman ang sign at sabihin sa driver na ibaba kyo sa Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    10. Hi there. Can I ask if that same jeepney from Ayala to Washington also passes by the King's Court Bldg in Chino Roces Ave? Thank you!

    11. @ Dalisay. Yes po, just ask the driver to drop you off at the corner where you can walk your way to its exact location. Hope this direction helps you.

    12. Hi guys, I just wanna ask how to go to Market Market from MRT Ayala? I mean the step by step guide..... PLS...is it bus or jeepney? or if ever bus ibbaba ba mismo ako sa market market? i'm so confused, I'm from cavite pa kc e....so pls help me guys...I will appreciate your help... thanks :))

    13. @ Lim Ubaldo. Use BGC Bus, its last stop is at Market Market po. For details, pls go to Commute Guide To Buildings & Attractions Inside BGC From MRT Ayala Station.

    14. @Lag alag thank you thank you brad... a huge thanks tlga...

    15. @ Lim Ubaldo. You are very much welcome po.

    16. I really found ur Blog . I too have a question.

      Please help me po. Same lng din po ba ang jeepney route if i am from MRT-Ayala and my destination is at Cityland Tower Ayala Ave corner Salcedo???

      Hope u can help me...

    17. @ Mark Leo Gante. Yes, definitely yes.

    18. Hi, do you know if I'd be able to get to SM Aura if I came from MRT Ayala station?

    19. @ Abby Aquitania. Type 'sm aura' inside search box above, hit 'Search.'

    20. Hi there! how can I get to Paseo de Roxas if I am from Buendia Station (PNR). I would like to know if there is a nearby jeepney terminal going to paseo de roxas. thank you! :)

    21. @ Marck Dave Marquez. Walk a little bit to Washington St and take "Ayala-Washington" jeepney. That's their terminal right there.

    22. hi.. kung nsa ayala-washington jeep na po, san yung unloading nya para mkapunta sa paseo de roxas?

    23. @ ren benavidez. To get to Paseo de Roxas by Ayala-Washington jeepney, alight between Herrera aka Rufino St and Paseo de Roxas.St.

    24. Hello! Tanong ko lng po Kung magjeep po na ako ng mrt ayala from chartered ttwid po b un ng edsa para Hindi nko ppunta ng sm makati to pass going to mrt station?

    25. Hi! Tanong ko lang,kung galing ako ng Ayala Station pagbaba ko ba dun makikita ko na agad jeepney na may sign na "Ayala-Washington" going to Security Bank Centre? Thanks!

      1. Use northbound stair and walk forward to McKinley. The jeepney terminal is located at the back of Shell Station.

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